Friday, April 22, 2011


2011 and we are alive and well on planet earth.

However, America is suffering a debt ceiling that is going to hit us in the head like a brick soon. What will suffer the most are the non profits. The very organizations that keep you free to cut your grass, attend school functions for your kids, and ignore the news. You just plug in to your favorite organization and forget about it.

This year however, we have a crisis. From the gas to the food item on the shelf you are going to see increases. Then the magnitude of the Japan crisis makes us all creepy to think we can also be hit with some of nature that we don't expect. This week alone 250 homes were wiped out in a fire in Texas. Not to mention all the past disasters we have watched and forgotten this past 12 months. The mind is a comfort to forgetfulness but truth is we are on a time clock and what do we do?

Do we just keep on doing the same things as the people of Noah's time did and watched him sail away while they drowned? Do we take this personally as a conviction of the soul? Do we act somehow and make an attempt to stop the madness?

I say, we must be alert and aware on all levels now more than ever. The fight to stop abortion was 5 votes from happening. Is the balance tipping to the left in the nation? Because America is right of center what will it take to tip the whole scale to the left? That is scarry if you ask me.

If you feel as I do and want to help but put things off because your involved to your neck and don't think you should pour out a money sacrifice to save the nation for the values we hold dear, then please think about a money bomb. A MAY DAY MONEY BOMB TO YOUR FAVORITE CHARITY WILL HELP SO MUCH TO SAVE THE DAY. WE ALL DO NOT NEED FEES AND INTEREST. SO PLEASE MAKE IT A CASH MONEY BOMB OF $$ YOU CAN LET GO OF. EVEN A $50.00 CASH CHECK WILL BE THE THING THAT COULD SAVE A TOTTERING ORGANIZATION FROM GOING FOR BROKE THIS YEAR WHEN THE NEED TO HELP IS GREATEST.


Good Friday 2011 Hamilton

Last night was Holy Thursday. On that day the Catholic Church near my place held a long service. This is the foot washing service and is the Gentile Passover meal established in Christendom that replaces traditional Jewish Passover. I however, have been a day late all week so I discovered it was Thursday about 735pm. I was ready to go to the Repub meeting which was Wed night. I then said to myself, well I am missing the Service so I will just go late and catch what ever I can.

I entered sat down and scimmed through the book to see where the service was at. The incense was filling the Church as the Priest had just annointed the alter as one would do for a funeral to a casket. As I looked forward I saw the lights flashing and thought someone was taking a picture which was strange in the Catholic Church. Then the fire alarms went off. It was funny and strange at the same time. Why this night? I had never known of any fire alarms for the incense before going off. It seemed to be an ironical occurance as the Church was really scant of people.

Whoever was there, was up front in the three sections. I was shocked to say the least. It was really upsetting to me actually to see so few but I left and then the story started to seep in to my spiritual consciousness on my own spiritual level which I love and cultivate.

I celebrated a real Passover Meal on Monday. It was a joy and a reflection that seemed imminent in my reaction to the above. The Catholic Church has suffered a terminal blow to the head. In the rebellion of the Priests to be responsible with the children and keep them safe, the people have given up the ghost so to speak. They are simply disengaged. Like the husband who beats his wife the ceremonial dance that used to be loving is now distant and cold. Returning to the Church seems to not be celebrated in Hamilton. Not on Holy Thursday anyway. Catholics come home did not apply on that night. Why? Why is this night different than any other night not celebrated by Catholics? Why is this night a ceremony of Passover not referenced to the Eternal command by God to the Israelites to celebrate Passover not a connect in Catholicism?

A few years back I returned to the Church after a 20plus gap skipping over the line to the Protestant Churches. I when cut loose decided that this lamb skipping fences would explore to oblivion the other pastures and Pastors to understand for myself why the problem of nurturing in the Catholic Church did not exist and why the Celebration of Marriage and Singleness was imploding. I did attend the Easter Services however in Catholicism and all the liturgical calendar that was ingrained in me in Catholic Schools. However, I met a lot of Messianic Jews and followed that pack also to understand and see what was happening there.

I joined music ministries, taught in sunday school programs, went door to door with leaflets for events and jumped in the pool of Baptism several times. I did receive the Baptism of the Holy Spirit but not fully realized until the Pentecostal Church made it's impact and sealed me in the experience for good. It has been scarry and wonderful at all times to follow the Lamb, a lamb and listen for the still small voice that keeps us in the line.

Even in these places the connection to Passover as the key to Christendom is not understood completely. There are the voices that scorn the return to Judiasm by some Preachers and the disconnect by the Disciples to Judiasm and to preach to the Gentiles not encombering them with so many Jewish commands yet somehow in the passage of the first days this gap in the links has caused the entire Christian Community to misrepresent Judiasm in my view.

In fact recently, I purchased the book Mitzpah and was shocked to find the 195 commands to be unoffensive. Why, after 35 years I never read that book is beyond me. That book and the Bible should be handed to every sinner that comes home in the Catholic Church and so many Protestant places. However, Protestantdom is a weakening of the lineage to Christianity on some points and a strengthening in others. I love my experience touring the camp. I love my faith building God that has empowered me by my experience. I am not finished. I am not perfect but my understanding is a living experience. I am still growing at 68 and my faith is a wonder and a walk. I encourage you people to come home. Coming home to the Bible, the Mitzpah, the truth is your personal journey. Come home to the still small voice in your soul weaping over the damage the world has caused you. Parents are not perfect. When they are these leaves will remain. Like the poem by Graves, the dead leaves drop off in time and you are left with the truth you find. If you live the life and have no living words on your tree you are in trouble.

Passover is a good way to start. Have a celebration of Passover. Get the book on a childs level. Leave pride somewhere else. Admit your foolishness and the feeling of foolishness to try this. Fix the whole meal. Share it with your family. 34 years I have done this. I have never been sorry ever. God is very personal. He get's into the family when you open Elijah's door. Tell Him to come in and you will Come Home! Not to Judiasm which was Jesus Religion but to the core of the Crucifixion a bloody God on a bloody tree that saved your soul from ignorance on every level of a loving God. Jesus was Jewish I beg you start there. Understand the full delemna the Jewish Disciples found themselves in when He died and left them to spread His Word, He calls Himself the Word the Truth and the Life. Imagine the true feeling they felt when the stone was rolled back and He actually ascended. Then see yourself in the upper room when He came back and was seen by all. This is not a liturgical act. This is Gods way of entering your life on the human level and seeding His new world if you believe.

Happy Easter, Sweet Passover, Sweet Pesach, God is and I found Him