Monday, December 13, 2010

Too Much to Upload!

I attended yesterday, the Tea Party Event at Fanuel Hall. The bottom floor was filled to the walls. The second floor was partially used. The entry was packed non stop. The tables of participants had books and materials and T Shirts to commemorate the Tea Party.

It was a lot of fun. I started on the second floor balcony. I can never find plugs in this place. I used up my battery and decided to go to the first floor during an intermission. In all I taped 5 hours. A lot of time to upload. 10 minutes uploading is 1 hour. You do the math.

I also covered the past month Chanuka at the Statehouse. The Judicial pick Committee Governors Council which was also 5 hours. I did a private video for a vocalist and all that and more is keeping be busy.

I also had a crash to the computer, a phone address book and yesterday I was watching the tube, and suddenly my TV went dead. I clicked back on and later realized my phone was dead. So I could not make some important calls. This morning same thing. I replugged the wi fi box and the phone came back on. We have so many power outages and now this. Comcast shot my phone is all I can say. No other electrical stuff went out. What would you think?

You can order any of the above on a dvd by sending a donation of 20.00 that would include postage.

thanks ja

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Shopping for Stories!

Yesterday, I spoke with a gentleman, that had gone shopping at Walmart. He shops Seabrook, NH and Portsmouth, all the time. He said two things. First, the two stores price the same object with different prices. So, beware if you return an item and the price is lower. Return to the store you purchased it from.
Second, he was shopping in the mens department. They had a display for Christmas. According to his statement, the display was a reindeer with a red nose in the shape of a penis. Did you see that?
I say let's all do ourselves a favor. Take a camera. Use your phone cameras. You can snap a picture anywhere the public goes. Yes, in a store it is ok. In this case no permission needed it is a display. In case, you offend someone, be careful.
I am on the look-out all the time. I watch everything. Get used to looking for stuff, when your out. Not that we are not being programmed by the MBTA or anything. But this is a quick story, the TV news would love to see.

Surfing the Web for Media

I just got stuck surfing and found this great site., This site will give you free information on lots of media terms. Includes a link to compare phones. I think this is a must have.. JAldrich web news must read

I love, and some of my readers think I am nuts. However, here is a sample of the work this group does to educate YOU to your rights being taken away, by well meaning people. Get over it. Support Net Neutrality dummies!

Will Genachowski Get Needed Net Neutrality Votes?
With the FCC set to vote on Chairman Julius Genachowski's potentially painfully underwhelming new Net Neutrality rules, lobbyists are out in force in D.C. -- working overtime to get commissioners aligned with their thinking. With the agency's Republicans set to likely vote against the rules, all lobbying effort has focused on Commissioners Mignon Clyburn and Michael Copps.
Karl Bode, Broadband Reports
Stakeholders Target Copps on Net Neutrality Lobbying Efforts
In the wake of the FCC's announcement about a December vote on a Net Neutrality order, the bulk of lobbying on the matter has been directed to FCC Commissioner Michael Copps, a review of disclosure documents found.
Eliza Krigman, National Journal
AT&T's Perversion of Free Speech to Control the Internet
Poor AT&T. First, we get the official word courtesy of Consumer Reports that Ma Bell is the planet's worst major wireless carrier. Now we hear the embattled giant is worried its First Amendment rights are about to be violated by those meanies at the FCC.
Bill Snyder, InfoWorld
FCC: Two-Thirds of Net Sub's Connections Aren't Up to Speed
The FCC released its latest Internet Access Report and it concludes that more than two-thirds of the reported Internet access connections were too slow in one or both downstream and upstream measures to qualify as high-speed according to the FCC's benchmark in the FCC's Sixth Broadband Deployment Report.
John Eggerton, Broadcasting & Cable
FCC Ponders Ways to Avoid Cable Blackouts
Seeking to end the brinksmanship that left many cable television customers in the Northeast without access to the first two games of the World Series this year, the FCC will consider changes to the rules governing negotiations between cable providers and broadcast networks.
Edward Wyatt, New York Times
Retrans Reform Fans Call FCC NPRM 'First Step'
Early reaction was generally positive to the news that the FCC would be issuing a rulemaking on retransmission consent, likely within the first quarter of 2011, though fans of reform were calling it a first step and suggesting more work needs to be done.
John Eggerton, Multichannel News
FCC Proposal Draws GOP Fire
FCC Commissioner Michael Copps wants to hold TV broadcasters to higher standards by requiring local programming to pass a test every four years to keep operating on the nation's airwaves. The proposal, has put the media industry on the defensive and caught the eye of Republican lawmakers, who worry that the FCC wants to dictate the content of over-the-air TV programming.
Kim Hart, Politico
Verizon Took $1.5 Billion in Bailout Money
According to new government disclosures reported, Verizon took $1.5 billion in government money during the financial crisis. Verizon's certainly not alone, the government provided help to a large number of companies. But it is interesting in Verizon's case that it has seen billions in tax cuts and various subsidies for obligations they've been able to wiggle around and under.
Karl Bode, Broadband Reports
Fox News Channel Seeking Higher Fees
News Corp. is looking to increase subscriber fees for Fox News Channel in a new round of negotiations with distributors.
Jon Lafayette, Mutlichannel News

Reporting for the Courts

Last Week the Globe had an article that the SJC was going to allow Cameras, and New Media to enter the Supreme Judicial Court arena. Rule 1:19 is where to find the details of the Amendment they made to the rule. I am thrilled with this. It might not be perfect but it establishes a request process and it establishes a form of Identifying Press in the Commonwealth and beyond. Hopefully, it will place a stampede to the seat for the Press. And that the contents will be accessible by the public somehow. And that the contents will be accessible by Litigants as well.

As a ground breaker in the process, I have taken the liberty I possess by Constitutional rights and have been speaking daily with the Powers that be that control this arena. I had a meeting in the spring with the information office of the Supreme Court. I dumped a pile of information off for them to consider on my efforts to track and archive public works video records at the Legislative level. I wanted to be able to be a part of the media pool that was given access to the Courts and wanted them to evaluate my request. I specifically stated that Media had changed and as we experienced changes in our information world the Courts should address the matter collectively.

Several members of Comflm, are accessing Courts and have met difficulty but are pursuing this. I personally, as head of Comflm, wanted to see a process that my members could apprise themselves of to be respectful of the Courts but be able to access it. I did not support being aggressive with this matter. I believe my approach has worked to affect the Legislature slowly over time and to take the matter seriously enough to stay with it until accomplished.

I have been regarded as a side attraction not a serious contendor at most points. I have much to say on the oppositional experiences I have sustained in this battle. It is a battle none the less, and the extreme consequences that can happen are foreseeable. However, the effects of the conversations with the Supreme Court Information Office are amazing. I relinquish my demands for affirmations at this time, as the progress is the higher order of business.

I exhort every citizen of the Commonwealth to examine the Supreme Court Amendment and make a comment. Even if they are swamped with comments, the effort will be clear to them the public are invested in this discussion and need to be recognized by the Court they have allowed to be elected by a Commission they have hired defacto. It is also possible for the Court to be removed by the people at any point with prejudice.

When it comes to the law, it turns slowly, so let's not let this urgent moment go by to address the January 28 deadline for public comment.

Court Watching Week

This week I was in Court twice. I was in Newburyport District and Cambridge Probate.
Both cases were Pro Se. However, I was informed an Attorney was present at the second case, the Judge ruled the trial had to go forward, without 2 witnesses.

I will say, that both these women were amazing and held their composure with most high professionalism and high kudos from this Reporter. Both had troublesome Judges to deal with and were able to take them on with keen accuity. Both had the possession of true Litigators. I am amazed at their knowledge of the law pertaining to their cases. I also, know there are states that allow a person to become a Lawyer by shadowing and this state should look into this themselves.

As a Journalist Citizen Reporter, I will say both Courts were reluctant to have the cases Videotaped. I have a vision for this to be normal in the Court. Public Record Law needs to come up to the plate in many circumstances. People need to move on but as Atty Prociotto stated, to not be able to obtain public records without huge fees is ridiculous and a travesty. He paid as an Attorney 50,000 dollars to obtain his records from the Court of his own case. Certified copies.

I will say that when the Court wishes technicalities such as Certified copies can toss a case out. Not so in Fridays case in Cambridge. The Judge was emphatic to the Litigant that any copies of the trial before him was to be returned from the parties home. That information was to be impounded and was illegal to possess. "How did you get the copies"? Even though the case has been before the Court 10 years, the question remains imcomprehensible that the Litigant party, mother of a child confiscated by the Court system would be denied copies of her sons records.

This is a nightmare and that Court has asked that a gag order be applied to the case to squash any further investigations into the matter this mother Litigant is concerned with. It is apparant that this mother a disabled woman who was asked repeatedly to stand before the Court to express her case was treated this disparagingly by the officiating Judge. He is not aware of any disability rights and should be repremanded at least for this injustice.

This is just cause in my belief for a new effort to videotape a Court Hearing is urgent and should be implemented immediately when there is a legal disablilty in progress in a party affected in trial. These cases need monitoring for many reasons. Professional Therapists State DSS and others are called to give testimony. In this case it was not clear how the progression of disease had put a cloud of denial on the case before them. All parties were involved for years and the Litigant mother was clearly in a progressive ailment with great stress in pain and process to remain standing. That was defiantly disregarded with prejudice by the officiating Judge.

I was shocked and deeply troubled by this behavior by a member of the Judiciary.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cell Phones Go Public

In one week all Cell phones go public. This will open the door to get unsolicited calls. Please call 888 382 1222 from each phone you own to register that phone for 5 years protection. If you do not you will be charged by your phone company on some plans.

Happy New Year! from CRNews Team

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Membership Reminder Notes to COMFLM,Rsm

I have a Membership to Beverly Access TV. Comflm Registry News, has 5 memberships to offer new members. You take the class at Beverly Access for the first year. After that you get your own membership.

Please consider joining Comflm Registry News Team in Massachusetts. This is a huge endeavor. You are Independant Contractors and can control your own Coverage. You control the Copyrights and the Membership is a group of Independant Reporters. No one is controlled by Comflm, Registry. However, COMFLM can limit membership if you are unwilling to have a CORI Criminal Backround Check done and kept up.

By Joining Zipcar, they get the CORI done by the Registry of Motor Vehicles. You get a rental care membership to rent a car for 10.00 per hour all inclusive, and cover some stories you don't want someone to follow you home with. They notify me if you join as well under Comflm.

This gets confusing to manage at my end, but it is simple to follow if you join and keep up the membership with Zipcar and Comflm, Registry .

You will get a Press Pass and be part of a new Membership in a Media Group in Massachusetts. We can lobby for bills as a group or petition and keep up with Media Laws being denied under First Amendment Protections.

I am hoping we can purchase Insurance as a group at sometime as well. This is not a Union.
email to join

My Business Card Connect etc update finds

Sir Speedy, downtown Boston, is now my official Business Card Store. Although, small it is super warm and friendly and patient with your demands.

At Staples, when I enter the store I am greeted with spy sales. I feel like I am being scanned for stealing packages. I don't like that. I have a bag on wheels because of my disablility to lift. I think they imagine I am dumping stuff in my bag. I also have a metal plate in my wrist which can set off alarms falsely, at airports and the Ashburton Place Building even.

I also, get the same spy sales approach in CVS. I have stopped shopping in there because of it. I also get it in Hamilton at the Grocery Store. I think it is my redlined customer problem there. I am a Senior, who shops slowly, deliberately, and need to really see the jammed packed shelves to find good deals. This is the just cause to harrass me psycologically as I shop. Christmas is worse. So keep your eyes out for spy sales clerks who are scanning you for stealing signs of crook malware.

Staples Government Center is the best, but they must have a protocol they teach sales clerks so they are not good customer service clerks. Kind of like the Nursing home approach to Medical Staff that you don't get too close to patients it is not good practice. As a super friendly person who loves people I hate that wherever I find it. It smells of cold to me. I like warm approachable people.

I am setting up the plans to have Sir Speedy officially do cards for members, and all Business Attraction PR Materials and the Press Pass.

They can offer deals, when the demand is greater and I want to give this local business my business. I like personal interactions with Businesses. Please stop by and check them out.
They are on Milk Street near Borders.

FedexKinkos is not Kinkos. They silently smothered the customer service of Kinkos. I do not ship much and liked the open 24hour feature of Kinkos and their special paper promotion if you do it yourself. They were so helpful to everyone all the time. I am sorry they were deleted. Thank you Kinkos for your superb interactions. We all miss you very much. Hello, Sir Speedy!

I have found some great Restaurants (Borders, Brueggers, Downtown) to start the meetups. I just need to get a better sense on my own committment to locations and timing to push this. Two weeks of late just doesn't cut it.

I had my address book in Blackberry white out this week. I had more than 300 addresses in there. I used it as my address book. I have found a new address book download on the web for free. I am planning to use that from now on. I can then download it to a flash drive to carry with me.

I stopped by T Mobile my favorite phone company and a customer explained the ebook device to me. I now can compute that it is a computer. I don't like the fact you do all on the screen. I would want a key pad to use. I have a lot of questions still. T Mobile has a small laptop and will be getting a larger one soon. Large is not my thing. I like the ebook size and down. I am not happy with the blackberry bold, it is too small. The screen is smaller than my old blackberry.

I ordered a second one to replace my first one because I was afraid I would not like the next designs. I was right. I just need web connect to get the wi fi feature. I ordered that and that is now my T Mobile web connect stick to use on the road or if someone has a laptop with me, we can use it to access the web and upload my footage.

I really like the TMobile G2 which is like a computer and a phone mini. That is awesome. It is also heavy so that I will not drop it. With my arthritis I can have sudden jerks in my fingers so that it can mis send delete whatever and I am furious.

Thank your T Mobile Customer Service Person today. They spend a lot of time servicing the clients and making you understand. Even the stores are super helpful and will work with you to fix a situation. Some stores are more helpful. But mostly, if you find a store that will help you, stick with them, and you will find that they get used to you and bend over backward to help you.

If you do T Mobile, you can call other T Mobile customers and you will not be charged. I hope to encourage many Reporters to get on board with Comflm and T Mobile and Zipcar and make this a happening.

Don't forget to put Doyle's Cafe Jamaica Plain on your Calendar for December. The meetup is at 10AM and is a great feed and a great Media experience., a new media online happening. You can work for money if you give your soul to the company store. So check it out and make your choice carefully.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Meeting Updates for November

Monday, November 22, 2010 I went to Boston. I could not move at 6AM, at 7AM, at 830AM, and finally at 1030AM I could get up. 8AM Mondays is going to be hard to do. Please get back to me if you can do later on Mondays for a Meetup.

I spent the weekend in my files. I need to do year end stuff. Like post the last years coverage on my website. I was not as energetic on Monday. I got news of the meeting at Suffolk Law late Sunday night. I posted it on my site. I went. I was not able to videograph the meeting. Suffolk Law was not videographing the meeting. However, I spoke to some people in charge, who now know what I do, and hopefully, they will ask me to cover next time.

I attended the Suffolk debate for State Treasurer. That was awesome. Lot's of cameras were there but I did not set up. I decided to just listen and take notes. Suffolk was taping on that one and it is on their site if you want to hunt it down. The Rappaport Center is part of Suffolk and I did not know that. I am going to speak to them soon about the CPPR Archive Project. It was a very important connect.

I attended the Bar Association vs DA offices. I was given Press Materials for them. I would love to attend Suffolk Law School. Of course that will not happen. I would love to attend Emerson as well. But maybe I can have some Students help. That would be a great happening if you ask me.

I have spent many years in school attending classes with no degrees. That is heartbreaking but reality. I just had too many obstacles get in the way. If they have a PSAT to pass a test, I might be able to do that and get a degree, but who knows. I don't know, but have been told, I am pretty smart as some Doctors. Hearsay is like perfume sometimes. I am not allergic to that kind of perfume yet.

Anyway, the meeting notes will come up on my website. I took lots of notes and an audio but my audio is only good for a cd not publishing. I will be checking on that sometime soon. It was awesome. The room at Suffolk on Tremont Street was packed. It had at least 250 Lawyers and some. Justice Greanery Moderated. He was great. I had not heard him before yesterday.
It was a heated exchange of accusatory rhetoric with explanations of why the Bar Association monies was not doing as much as the DA office vice versa. No Press attended that I saw other than reporters with pens I did not see. No interviews were held after.

I had just gotten my news business cards and so could pass a few out.

Please stay tuned for more description of this event on

Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekly Meetups

I have found a new site to meetup in Boston. Bruegger's on Summer St. Right after Wendy's and Staples. Monday mornings between 8am and 9am I am planning to be there. I will go over the schedule at the Statehouse for the week. It will also be posted on the website.

Membership is the first item on the adgenda. Sir Speedy, around the corner is doing my business cards. I will be inquiring on having them do Press Passes. I will be able to connect new members at that time. Please come and bring Media to sign up with COMFLM for the new Legislative Session in January. We needs lot's of boots on the ground in Massachusetts.

I bought a machine to do the passes but technology is not my friend and so a year and I still can't use it. I give up. It will become a weekly meeting to inform and gather helpers for jobs. Hopefully, it will give some people real gigs to get paid on.

I will be posting the footage for Doyles Cafe, it froze when I tried to post it. I will do that today. We will not be like Doyles for awhile, but Brueggers has a great upstairs seating area that should be great to gather. See you soon! 978 388 2457 to call me for details.


As I sit here in my home/office I am beseiged with complications. My yahoo has been compromised. My Google was also but it is fixed. I am in the process of trying to get Comcast to work sufficiently, my phone is being upgraded and I am suffering from Technical eye strain.

I was restricted from posting to Blip from June until last week. My camera suddenly absorbed 30 gigs of footage. My hard drive went blank, and three notable techies could not fix it. Then suddenly a Geek Desk at Best Buy in Worcester Geeky guy found my data and explained I may have a faulty cord. Oh well, 6 months of freeze my brain cells and I am back in business.

A shot of cortisone to my shoulder three weeks of R&R and my left arm is back like old days. 6 months of slumbering agony past, fears of home health aides messing up my place while recovery took place which would have been on many levels one ptsd of them gone like the morning mist and I am tired but eager to swing back into my media madness and post away.

My battle with cyber creeps continues and my job which I manufactured is before me like a mighty tundra of swallowing beasts. No I am not bored, just broke, using all my meager mentalities to stretch my supplies and genious to make something out of nothing happen. Not withstanding the 600 films on Blip now and the 13,000 views or the 3000 per month accumulating visitors to my comflm site and the poetry book that excites me with realities I lived. I press on and in and make press a story that has to be written on this TGIF in November.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Yom Kippur Repent

Labor Day 2010

Today I am catching up on work not completed. I will be attending Michael Graham in Andover on the 9th Thursday night which I am excited about. I found out about this at the last Merrimac Tea Party Candidates meeting. I taped a ton of Candidates for your use. You can find them on August 25 2010 on my blip site., Hope to see you all there. That is also Rosh Ashana so maybe some will be missing.. sweet New Year to you!

On Sunday September 5 2010 at Doyles Cafe in Jamaica Plain, there was the monthly Media meeting. You can order a huge breakfast for 7.00 free coffee and enjoy a ton of folks talking about their work in Media. I guess I will be a 4 times a year person max. I find the meeting fun exhilarating and a good way to just relax with like minded people. I actually taped some of the meeting. You will find that up at some point on Blip as well. I got to mention the open meeting situation of which after a gent stated he would like every word taped the elected officials speak.
Thinking that a little much I laughed and mentioned what I was talking of was public meetings.
Public is where the public is invited to join in, attend and given notice of.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Letter to Editor Valley Patriot

I was asked to write a statement on the open meeting public record law pertaining to the Legislative Branch in Massachusetts.

For the past 6 years I personally as Catch of the Day, Video News, Freelance Reporting, have been doing investigative research taping and documenting Public Hearings, Press Conferences, and Events at the Statehouse. I was motivated to do this study when I was told the Public Hearings are not recorded, in audio by steno or by video-archive methods.
I was given the reason they are simply not required to keep this record. In fact, they could somehow prevent me from doing the above and prevent anyone from taping a public meeting. This is against public policy under open meeting law but they made the statement many times to this Reporter. When I would point this out to other Press, they simply stated they are not under the open meeting law. That was not acceptable to me in any way or fashion. So I decided to keep the pressure on and keep taping.

I have now accumulated over 450 public meetings at the Statehouse. But this spring I had an experience that changed everything, at least for me. Each request to tape was reciprocated with a pro bono copy of the Hearing for the Committee. Over time the Legislative Members of the General Court have complimented my efforts and dogged persistence to continue. I have met resistance as well. But when they are pressed to the wall as with my Bill Senate 1458 they are not eager to change the status quo.

What brought this entire picture to a new level was a visit to the Senate Clerks office to check on coming meetings. The window outside the Clerks office is very dark. The House Clerks window at least has a light over it. I use my camera to scan the meetings. This day the window would not show up. Ticked off I decided to visit Secretary Galvins office. When entering I explained the window was so dark I could hardly capture it with my lighted camera. The person smiled and stated , well they don’t even have to post a notice. I could not believe my ears. What I exclaimed?? You mean they do not even have to post a meeting?? No they don’t she continued. So I said, please ask an Attorney to speak to me. There are Attorneys in the office at all times. Not only one but two came out. No, they don’t have to even post a meeting or let the public know if they have one.
Shock and Awe on Beacon Hill. It took me a few hours to recover I must say.

I have been personally schlepping all over the place for 6 years, room after room, Committee after Committee to get the meeting dates. Some have volunteered to give me a schedule. Others arrogantly tell me to check with Statehouse News. Which by the way, a subscription is around 300.00 dollars a month. That is hardly a public Press entity.

That is when I decided to just back off awhile, I made up a Petition and put it on my website. I plan to place one in every mailbox on Beacon Hill. You need to think this through. What does this mean to every red blooded Massachusetts Citizen?? It means the Statehouse is exempt from law as the City is. They took themselves off public record law in the 80’s. I don’t care what the reason was, they were wrong then and are moreso now.

This is tyranny at its peak. Demand they be under open meeting law immediately. Any Candidate running this year 2010 should have one mantra if they want your vote. Yes, I will be under open meeting law! I will help to make this possible and not subvert the judgement of law by interjecting a loophole.

When under the law the public meetings held will have 48 hour notice, be video-archived, and be accessible when occurring and later to the citizenry. For 60 years we have had access to computers and video. Why has this not taken place?? It is all about arrogance. Do you want to see the Government open and transparant. This is the answer.

Do you think our public records should be a heap in the file or a true record with legal standing in Court. A video record is standing in Court. Even the Attorney General has used my film. Please do not let this fall to the ground. This is the most urgent message to both sides of the issues. We need this transparency to begin.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tea Party Sunday August 22 2010

On Sunday in South Boston at noon the Tea Party will hold a rally inside Castle Island Fort.

The event is to last from 1-3pm. Please come, bring a sign, and expect to have fun. This will be the last event before the rush to start school, that we will have to just hang out. I am going, and plan to tape. Please come and get interviewed. Let the whole world know you are upset with the present state of affairs.

Tea Party Candidates

Today, Saturday, August 21 in Salisbury, I attended and videotaped the T Party Rally on Elm and Route 1. Around 50 people showed up and held signs and listened to several speakers.

It was the first day back on the job since July as I have been traveling all summer. I found the event stimulating. I plan only to cover T Party events from now on. I simply do not have the patience with the party lines. I want to see new blood and new comments. If your out there and you do not like the reputation of being with the T Party and what they are about you should just stay away. I will capture you and put you on the net. If it is public and your there and I am there you will be videotaped. Get used to it.

I am not playing around anymore. We need people who have guts not washouts everytime there is a rain storm. I need people to work with me until elections. You can drive help with set ups and videotape monitor a camera. All sorts of help needed. Please apply. No pay intended.
Just raw guts and patriot preservation.

978 388 2457

Friday, June 11, 2010

Scooter News story number one!

On June 10 2010 Catch of the Day, on wheels was at two events which will post on the Comflm News site: , this story is the Macys Fashion Show for Pride Week 2010 and all the models are a part of the GBLT Gay Bi Sexual Lesbian Transgender group.
this story is a group of kids were protesting the MBTA for the rates which they abhore.
The story is approx 3 minutes and was captured on a Sony DVD Camcorder..

Both stories were captured on the Scooter.. keep watching for more Scooter News, One Senior on Three Wheels.. and no she does not like green eggs or ham..

June 10 2010 Scooter News, one Senior on Three Wheels!

J Aldrich, Catch of the Day, Video News, Freelance Reporting, Comflm Registry News, President, Reporter, Videographer, has a new Scooter.. Let's call it Citizen Journalism Scooter News!

From now on when there is some notice and planning the Scooter will assist J Aldrich capture events about town. She will be able to get to Town Meetings as well maybe in Hamilton along with food shopping and personal stuff like picking up heavy supplies at Staples.

J Aldrich has up to now been on foot using a pull bag on wheels. However, the seriousness of the osteo problem has been a great deficit in predicting whether she can physically operate on any given day.

On Thursday, she took a subway to Braintree to check out a Craigs list post for a scooter. YES! that will do fine, and was transported with scooter in truck to the Braintree T stop to take it home. Yes, it got her home all the way to Hamilton.

Yes, she scared a few people with the new driving, and herself, getting used to the thing. Pretty much the worst scarry thing I have done since the day of my wedding.. but much better outcome for sure. This morning a friend called worried sick that I was the one who had been injured on the trains tipping into the track. No it was not me, but I will be venturing out today to cover a story on the common and so please do not worry. I am very happy I made that choice to pick the thing up and get it home. I have been charging it all night and today after a quick jaunt to the store for coffee. This is a great surprise and welcome addition to my day.

I do not plan to use it every minute. I want to see how it operates as it is used and could have a major problem I have not seen. Safety is the issue here. But I love my new adventure a senior on three wheels.. Have a great day!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

National Pride?? Month

Did you know President Obama has made June National Pride Month? That is a reference to the Gay Lesbian Straight Alliance, Don't Ask Don't Tell, Defense of Marriage Act DOMA Repeal he wants to take place, Youth Pride Week Boston this week. Parades are taking place this weekend on Saturday at noon. There is a schedule you can find on, June events to cover for exact times. Mostly, the Pride Brigade is a flaunting misrepresentation of the dislexic definition of pride versus shame. At one time in our history, this representation of pride was considered shameless behavior. So if you say shame less then they get it right.. but pride??

American pride is a long long long word. It is attained by the red streak through history. It is proclaimed on every Memorial Day, by thousands who visit graves and place a flag on a soldiers grave who died and added his blood to the long red streak through history. God Bless them for the pride they know and I believe in. They are our pride and joy, our true citizens of a higher order. The true politicians of Heavenly global surveilance and peace . They put their necks on the line for our great safety. Our borders protected by the great sea and the Sailors who spend their days defending our necks. They are our pride and joy. But Obama wants to replace the red white and blue with the Rainbow colored flag. He has to get unamimous consent of the army the navy and the airforce. And he thinks he can bypass that unity. I don't think so President Obama. You have got to be kidding.

Besides the Rainbow is a reference point to the wrath of God on a people that were messed up and gave no respect to the Jewish Noah. For a year he reminded them to come aboard and not be stubborn hearted and respect his personal faith and the messenger. They of course did not do that and we have the remarkable story of Noah and the remnant of the great boat on Mt Arafat to prove the truth. What was God mad at??

God decided he would not flood the world again. However, in Hebrews 12 of the New Testament there is a reference to the next rebuke. It will be a fire. So the wrath of God is real and the temptation to test Him is a foolish desire of the fool. Do not tempt the Lord of Hosts to rebuke you with a firey trial.

Sodom and Ghomorrah was burned, by the fire from heaven.. Lots wife turned to salt we still can visit. For the sins of Pride they were killed in a day. Do not tempt the Lord with this defiant ignorant flaunting of the very symbol of God resting from his anger .. and stir Him up. This is a great mockery of history. History wins. History always wins.

We the people do not support this mockery of morality and innocence. We do not respect the dyslexic defiance of double talk. We protect children we do not expose them to error confusion and lies. We put the Blood of the Lamb on our hearts and the angel of Death will pass by us. Will he pass by you?? That is the question. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God. For our God is a Consuming Fire.

Back from the Future!

I am back up and running and have sorted out some computer problems that have messed with me for a month.

Comflm Registry News, was at the Democratic Convention. I was able to get Chris Noonan Funnell to come again. She has her own blog and will be working on her posts. I am the videographer and so my efforts were to post video. Please visit, for my updates.

I will say my observation was correct to wish I had been able to cover the Republican Convention as Press. I did learn the ropes of what goes on first hand, and to my conclusion I operate better as a Press Vehicle.

I can just ramble on the experience as my mind is on overload on the whole thing. I want to convey some things however as the delay from attending and reporting is excruciating wait time. People just want the facts and nothing but the facts. That is what I want to convey.

So if I start at the beginning I can talk about the wall of traffic on that Friday afternoon. We started at 4pm and hit the pike. At 5pm we were at the Waltham 128 exit. We still had time to get there before the Press doors closed at 7pm so we thought. We made one pit stop for a coffee and kept going. At 640pm we were finally, in front of the DCU Worcester. I went in and made the connect. Of course there was an emergency at that moment and so I had my friend Chris with me to enter the building. She had time to park and come while waiting for the phones to clear.

Chris went to the Press Box upstairs and I decided to sit on the platform. There were only two other reporters there. One the DCU Videographer, and one a Fox News Videographer. I was sitting on the platform on the step portion. I taped with my Sony DVD camcorder thinking the next day would be better on the JVC Harddrive camera in case it went long that one tapes 5 hours. The coloring was off however on the Sony. I need to get that corrected somehow. The JVC usually over colors and so the two are something to be reckoned with in the split second of capture. I had an over zealous person reminding me not to go up and down on the platform once the Convention began so I used the monopod and had some destabilizing to deal with. Overall, it was great on the platform.

Day two we both decided to go to the Press Box. I assumed the staff would not appreciate my cameras as they are not the big heavy cameras. I have disability issues and so that is not a good fix for me. I use the small cameras. I am not TV ready. I am just reporting for record.
I brought my dubbing machine and proceeded to set up an area in the seating area. We got two seats near the end. I had a plug under the chair, my own shock absorb plug, and we were set to go. I fastened my JVC to the chair in the cup hole on a monopod. That way I could use the small tripod to stabelize my wandering captures. It was great however, being on the end, allowed some to decide to stand and sit on the cords which can back fire the cameras and kill them. I caught them and spoke to them but they still wanted to do it. I could have hooked the camera on the next seat as well. Learning experiences are really tedious tense trouble. And of course some decided to use the camera as a hold on to exit the step and that moved my focus while I was out and off the object taping. I had taped some tape to the pole but needed some flexion to turn it at times. That flexion was the area they could mess with my shoot. Oh well, the sound was the best ever for one of my camcorders.

Sound was over loud in the DCU back of the camera podium. In front the people could not hear. I decided to only wander behind and up to the front of the podium to keep my sound accurate.

As for plugs there were plenty of outlets. As for internet ?? no plugs wifi.. was problematic and had to be assisted to get on. No sound box in the downstairs Press Room. Anyone like WGBH had to be near the Press first floor area to get a boom box.

When I encountered the above problems I decided to keep my wandering to a minimum. I lost my packet three times and so missed the entire Press Conferences all day. That was one of my biggest things. But my coverage was great. I wanted Candidate coverage. Will have to rely on big media for that one.

Overall, the experience was awesome. The DCU had awesome food for the Press. In spite of the comments from the speakers, we were wined and dined to not care. I took a shot of the table of food. I was impressed. No chips to be found. Just good wholesome food and of course soda.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Watchman . Org, Israel News on site..

Extra Prayer Alert, June 1

The Seizure of the Gaza Flotilla
By now everyone knows of Israel’ situation with the “peace activist” ships that wanted to brake the blockade of Ghaza. We want you to have the live footage of what really happened, so that when media and the governments of the world cry “murderers”, you can know the truth. In this video clip you will be able to see what happened as the soldiers arrived on the ship via a rope from a helicopter. They expected that they might be met with some shoving and a few punches, after all the ships’ organizers had repeatedly said that they came in peace! But instead, as the Israeli naval personnel boarded a flotilla of six vessels attempting to violate the maritime blockage on Gaza, militants onboard the Mavi Marmara attacked Israeli naval personnel with live fire and weaponry including guns, knives, metal pipes, and clubs.
After some soldiers were beaten, stabbed, thrown over and almost lynched, they had no choice but to use force. The Israeli soldiers came armed with pistols (for self defence) and paint ball rifles!!
Gaza flotilla participants had created a war atmosphere before confronting Israel. Participants chanted Islamic battle cry invoking killing of Jews and called for Martyrdom. The website of Al-Jazeera reported Saturday that flotilla participants “have announced their determination to use resistance to any attempt at piracy by the Israeli occupation." Meantime, the same Arabic news channel aired footage on

Sunday of Muslim passengers aboard the Mavi Marmara chanting the chilling Islamic battle cry: "[Remember] Khaibar, Khaibar, oh Jews! The army of Muhammad will return!" Khaibar is the name of last Jewish village defeated by Muhammad's army, marking the end of the Jewish presence in Arabia in 628.
See the clip:
Summary by Intercessors Network:
“Overnight (30-31 May), Israeli naval personnel boarded a flotilla of six vessels attempting to violate the maritime blockage on Gaza. Militants onboard the Mavi Marmara attacked Israeli naval personnel with live fire and light weaponry including guns, knives and clubs. Numerous Israeli soldiers were injured as a result of the extremely violent ambush, two of them seriously while three are in moderate condition. The final number of militant fatalities has yet to be released, but initial reports place it at nine. Those vessels that reacted peacefully to the operation were escorted unharmed to Israel, as had happened with previous vessels that tried to violate the maritime blockade.
Although this is still an ongoing event, several facts are already clear:
The intent of the militants was violent, the methods they employed were violent, and unfortunately, the result was violent.
The attack on the Israeli soldiers was premeditated. The weapons used had been prepared in advance. Huwaida Arraf, a flotilla organizer, foreshadowed the violence with her statement that: “They [the Israelis] are going to have to forcefully stop us.” Bulent Yildirim, the leader of the IHH, one of the primary organizers of the flotilla, announced just prior to boarding: “We are going to resist and resistance will win.” The militants whipped up the boarding crowd by chanting “Intifada, intifada, intifada!”
It should be noted that the Turkish organizing group, IHH, has a radical anti-Western orientation. Alongside its legitimate humanitarian activities, it supports radical Islamic networks such as Hamas, and at least in the past has supported global jihad elements, such as al-Qaeda.
Israel was justified under international law in acting against the flotilla. A state of armed conflict exists between Israel and the Hamas regime that controls Gaza. Hamas has launched 10,000 rockets against Israeli civilians. At present, it is engaged in smuggling arms and military supplies into Gaza, by land and sea, in order to fortify its positions and continue its attacks.
Under international law, Israel has the right to protect the lives of its civilians from Hamas attacks. Consequently, it has undertaken measures to defend itself, including the imposition of a maritime blockade to curb Hamas rearmament. Israel cannot allow a sea-corridor to open to Gaza, a corridor which would allow weapons and terrorists to freely enter the Strip.
The flotilla organizers made clear that their primary goal was to target the maritime blockage. Greta Berlin, a flotilla spokesperson, told AFT news-agency on 27 May that “this mission is not about delivering humanitarian supplies, it’s about breaking Israel’s siege.” This fact is demonstrated not only by their words, but by their actions. Flotilla organizers turned down repeated Israeli offers to land the vessels in the Israeli port of Ashdod, and to transfer their aid through the existing land crossings, in accordance with established procedures.
Moreover, while the organizers claim to have humanitarian concern for the residents of Gaza they did not have similar concerns for the fate of the abducted Israeli soldier Gilad Shalit, and when asked, refused to make a public call to allow him to be visited in Gaza by the Red Cross.
The organizers were aware that their actions were illegal. Under international maritime law, when a maritime blockade is in effect, no vessels - either civilian or enemy - can enter the blockaded area. In line with Israel’s obligations under international law, the ships participating in the protest flotilla were warned time and again that a maritime blockade is in effect off the coast of Gaza.
When it became clear that the protest flotilla intended to violate the blockade despite the repeated warnings, Israeli naval personnel boarded the vessels of the flotilla, and redirected them to Ashdod. Due to the desire to avoid casualties and operational needs, including the large number of vessels participating in the flotilla, it was necessary to undertake measures to enforce the blockade a certain distance from the area of the blockade.
The soldiers who boarded the vessels did not carry arms openly, but were met with a violent ambush. Two soldiers were shot, one was stabbed and others were injured as they were set upon with clubs, knives, axes and heavy objects. They were in mortal danger and had to act accordingly in self-defense.
In Ashdod, the flotilla’s cargo will be off-loaded and the humanitarian items will be transferred overland to Gaza in accordance with standard operating procedures. The participants of the flotilla who need assistance are being treated in Israeli medical facilities. The rest will be subjected to immigration procedures applicable in cases of attempted illegal entry.”
Gaza flotilla: Statement by PM Netanyahu:
“Last night a regrettable incident occurred, during which people were killed and others were injured. IDF soldiers who were compelled to defend their lives were also injured. This incident was the result of an intentional provocation of forces which support Iran and its terrorist enclave, Hamas, in the Gaza Strip. This enclave, Hamas, has fired thousands of missiles at the State of Israel, and it is amassing thousands more.
This is a clear case of self-defense. Israel cannot allow the free flow of weapons, of and rockets and missiles to the terrorist base of Hamas in Gaza. It’s a terrorist base supported by Iran; it’s already fired thousands of rockets at Israeli cities; it seeks to smuggle in thousands of more, and this is why Israel must inspect the goods that come into Gaza. It’s also a clear cut of self-defense because as our soldiers were inspecting these ships, they were attacked - they were almost lynched. They were attacked with clubs, with knives, perhaps with live gunfire, and they had to defend themselves - they were going to be killed. Israel would not allow its soldiers to be lynched and neither would any other self-respecting country.
Our policy is simple. We say: any goods, any humanitarian aid to Gaza, can enter. What we want to prevent is their ability to bring in war materiel - missiles, rockets, the means for constructing casing for missiles and rockets. This has been our policy and yesterday we told the flotilla - which was not a simple, innocent flotilla - to bring their goods into Ashdod. We told them that we would examine their cargo and allow those goods that could not be used as weapons or shielding materials for Hamas into Gaza.

Five of the six ships accepted these terms without violence. Apparently, the sixth ship, the largest, which had on board hundreds of people, had a premeditated plan to harm IDF soldiers. When the first soldiers dropped down onto the deck of the ship, they were attacked by a violent mob and were compelled to defend their lives. That is when the unfortunate events took place.
We have a simple policy, which will continue. That policy is: we have no argument or fight with the population of Gaza. We are interested in allowing them to continue their regular routines. We want to prevent any humanitarian crisis in Gaza, but we are fighting the Hamas organization, which threatens the citizens of Israel and fires missiles at Israeli cities. It is our duty to defend the citizens of Israel, protect Israel’s cities and ensure the security of the State of Israel - and we will continue to do so.” End quote.
Israel is currently being targeted in a media war that is unprecedented in scope and intensity.
This is not a battle about Gaza. This is a battle between fanatical Islam agenda to conquer the democracies of the West with Israel first in line.
PRAY that the truth will come out!
PRAY that the lies will be exposed!
PRAY that the carefully planned provocation spearheaded by Turkey in corporation with Iran, will fail!
God bless you as you pray,
Lars and Harriet Enarson

Democratic Convention June 4,5 Worcester 2010

Please email a copy of your Press Pass, and on email stationary with your Press Role at Convention if you would like to be included as Comflm Press.

Please Email cc to any correspondence for Convention to Democratic sign up if you enter as Comflm Press for the record of those attending.



978 388 2457 cell

Exhibitor at Convention Rates

50 Foster Street - Exhibitor Services
Worcester, MA 01608
P: (508) 929-0517 - F: (508) 929-0787 -
Mail/Fax/E-mail available up until 2 days before first move in day
All other orders must be hand delivered to the service desk on-site
Telephone Service Order Form
Event Name & Date Booth #
Firm Name Contact
Address Phone #
City, State Zip Email
Payment Notice - Advance Rates apply only to orders paid in full and received 15 days prior to the first scheduled move-in day. Standard Rates must be
paid on orders received less than 15 days prior to the first scheduled move-in day. Only credit cards, cashier checks, or certified checks will be accepted
with mail-in standard orders. Cash or credit card accepted with standard move-in orders. Make checks payable to: DCU Center
Payment Info - Payment must be in U.S. Funds (Please Check One)
Cash/Check # Visa MC Discover Amex
Credit / Debit Card # Exp. Date
Name on Card V-Code
Cardholder Billing Address
Authorized Signature
Locations and special instructions: (attach layout drawing if necessary):
Description Qty.
MA Sales
Tax 6.25%
Rate Total Qty.
MA Sales
Tax 6.25%
Rate Total Subtotal
A) Telephone Service
Dial 9 for outside service is in effect, including credit card service
Single Line Service $155.29 $9.71 $165.00 $186.35 $11.65 $198.00 $ -
Multi Line Service $155.29 $9.71 $165.00 $186.35 $11.65 $198.00 $ -
Single Line with Speakerphone $175.06 $10.94 $186.00 $203.29 $12.71 $216.00 $ - A) $ -
B) Telephone Rental
Telephone sets must be picked up at Service Desk.
Telephone Set Rental $23.53 $1.47 $25.00 $23.53 $1.47 $25.00 $ - B) $ -
C) Special Telephone Line Services
For installation charges of special lines, such as ISDN or other data lines, please contact Exhibitor Services for availability and charges. Rate
$ - C) $ -
D) Telephone Technician Labor - Above prices include bringing lines to the booth in the most convenient manner,
for wiring repairs, special cable runs, etc., please contact Exhibitor Services for labor charges and availability. Rate
$ - D) $ -
Revised August 2009
Please read attached important conditions and regulations.
Service Provided
Service Provided
Long Distance Service:
50 Foster Street, Worcester, MA 01608
1. ADVANCE ORDERS: To receive advance rate, orders must be received a minimum of 15 days prior to first scheduled move-in day.
d. No service will be installed until full payment is received.
a. Payment IN FULL, IN U.S. FUNDS must accompany service order form.
b. Date payment is received by the DCU Center will determine applicable rate.
c. All order form information must be completed in full for order to be processed. Incomplete order forms could result in processing
delay resulting in slow service installation.
(4) Standard connection is RJ-11C plug. (5) Dial 9 For Outside Service is in effect, including credit card service.
2. Single Line - Basic service includes one touch tone line installed in booth. Unlimited local calls within area calling zone are included.
3. Multi-Line Telephone Requirements - A multi-button, touch tone telephone set provides up to two individual lines. Individual line rates apply.
4. Specialized Data Services - If you require special conditioning, data jacks, (i.e., RJ 45S), or high speed dedicated circuits, you must contact Exhibitor
Services 15 days prior to installation date.
4. The exhibitor is responsible for all telephone equipment while in his/her possession. Equipment not returned or returned damaged will result in
forfeiture of deposit and/or increased charges to exhibitor.
Type of Service:
1. Please Note: (1) Telephone services PBX based. Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, and Speed Dialing are not available.
(2) Lines are suitable for dial up data transmission (3) We do not guarantee higher transmission speeds.
Service Installation And Equipment Use
2. Deposits for telephone sets and long distance service must be paid prior to issuance of telephone and activation of long distance service. Deposits for
telephone sets may be included with order but a completely processed and signed credit card form is required for long distance service.
3. The exhibitor is responsible for all telephone calls charged to their line.
e. Cancellations: Refunds will be computed as follows:
1. After service- NO REFUND
2. Before installation, but 6 days or less prior to first scheduled move-in day - 85% REFUND
3. Before installation and more than 6 days prior to first scheduled move-in day - FULL REFUND
3. 'Rates quoted for all connections cover only bringing of service to the booth in the most convenient manner as determined by the DCU Center and DO
NOT include connecting equipment to provided services. Special placement or relocation of service will result in a labor charge. Payment IN FULL
must be rendered for such services before the opening of event day.
Telephone Sets Supplied By Exhibitors Must be Touch Tone and meet FCC Regualtions.
2. Payment for Long Distance calls will be subtracted from credit card deposit. If additional money is owed, it must be paid prior to show close.
3. Exhibitors are responsible for all calls made on their assigned lines.
1. Direct Dial Long Distance calls billed on a per minute basis.
4. Long Distance calls and other services will be billed at the prevailing rate.
5. Phones are restricted from all 900 exchange calling.
5. All materials and equipment furnished by the DCU Center for this service order shall remain the property of the DCU Center and shall not be removed
from the DCU Center.
6. Claims will not be considered unless filed in writing by exhibitor prior to close of show.
7. Under no circumstances shall anyone other than DCU Center Technical Personnel make service connections.
8. Unless otherwise directed, DCU Center Technical Personnel are authorized to cut floor coverings to permit installation of service.
9. A labor charge will be assessed for relocating service after initial installation has been completed.

DCU charges for WIFI at Convention



Internet Service $150.95 Single Day (need Password for uninterrupted service)
$200.95 2 Days (need Password for uninterrupted service)

$249.95 3 Days (need Password for uninterrupted service)


Category 5 Cable $150.00.00
RJ45 male connection

Wireless Bridge $25/day +
For notebooks or $200 credit card
PC w/o wireless card deposit.

Total Cost for service(s) $__________________________

Company Name________________________________________

Booth Number/Location_________________________________________


Card #_______________________________________________

V-Code ______________________________________________

Name on Card _________________________________________

Expiration Date ________________________________________

Card Holder Billing Address _________________________________


Signature _____________________________________________________

May 27, 2010

Contact: Larry Carpman
Lauren Malone

Massachusetts Democratic Party State Convention 2010
Press Information

The Massachusetts Democratic Party will host its annual convention on Friday, June 4th through Saturday, June 5th in Worcester.

The following is an outline of the schedule. More details will follow.


Pre-registration is required to receive media credentials. Requests should be sent to:
Anne Roach ( by Wednesday, June 2nd at 11am. Requests should include name and outlet for each credential.

Members of the press will not be admitted without credentials.

Media Check-in

Friday, June 4th- Doors open at 5pm
Convention convenes at 7pm
Press check-in opens at 5pm
closes at 7pm

Saturday, June 5th- Doors open at 8am
Convention convenes at 10am
Press check-in opens at 7:30am
closes at noon

Press entrance is located at Door 28 on Martin Luther King Boulevard.

Press Locations
Inside Arena
A press riser will be located on the floor of arena. The throw to the stage is 90 feet.
An audio feed of the productions will be available.
Area above section 122 is available for cutaways.
Cameras may also roam the floor within the arena.

Press Box
Press will have access to the luxury box located above section 122. There will be tables set up in section 231 to accommodate radio and lap tops. Wi-fi and video feed of the convention will be provided. A hard internet line may be purchased from the DCU Center. Light refreshments will be available.

Candidate Availability
Candidates will be available at scheduled times in Room F.

The press room will have wi-fi and a video feed. A hard internet line may be purchased from the DCU Center.

No backstage access will be allowed.

Internet and Other Operations
All electrical, internet and production needs must be submitted to George Sedares, DCU Center’s Director of Operations at Required forms are attached.

-- Anne RoachCoordinated Campaign ManagerMassachusetts Democratic Party56 Roland Street, Suite 203Charlestown, MA 02129Phone: 617-776-2676Fax: 617-776-2579

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Is America a Christian Nation?

A poem to call the Politicians to Prayer..

Prophetic Political Poetic Word to Massachusetts! 2007 JC-SAldrich

Arise oh mighty warriors,
assemble at the bench.
the Lord is coming soon,
to judge the wicked.

Oh, won’t you make your mind up,
Saddle up the horses,
Gird your loins,
and join the forces.

Arm yourselves in prayer,
weapons for our warfare.
Make your choices,
see the vision is nearer than the voices.

Pestilence hearses, carrying the wounded,
fallen from deaths arrows.
It’s time to pick our places,
saving souls, familiar faces.

Have we fallen in paralysis?
Wake up, it is not the time to stricture Graces.

Prayer warriors, Levites, lean on His Mercy Gates.
Politicians heed the Prophet,
Bend in submission, to the
eternal mandates.

God save the Commonwealth of Massachusetts!

Want to Cover the Memorial Day Events? Democratic Convention?


SUNDAY, MAY 30, 2010
Hamilton Churches attended by Veterans and Town Government Officials.

Services at the Graveyard on monday starting at 9am..

the following came from Statehouse News..

MEMORIAL DAY: Senior Patrick administration officials will be spreading out across Massachusetts to commemorate fallen Massachusetts servicemen and women. On Sunday, Lt. Gov. Tim Murray marches in a Melrose Memorial Day Parade that begins at the city’s Memorial Hall at 1 p.m. At 2:30 p.m., Murray will deliver remarks at a ceremony at Melrose’s Civil War Memorial and Veterans Lot. At 2 p.m., Veterans’ Services Secretary Tom Kelley speaks in Orange at the town’s Memorial Park. (Sunday)

MONDAY, MAY 31, 2010

MEMORIAL DAY: Monday is Memorial Day.

NAUGHTON AND MSLF FOUNDER ON TODAY SHOW: House Veteran and Federal Affairs Chairman Harold Naughton (D-Clinton) and Soldiers Legacy Fund founder Peter Trovato will appear in a segment about the fund on NBC's TODAY Show. NBC crews filmed portions of the segment, which includes footage of meetings in Naughton's office and a meeting with House Speaker Robert DeLeo, last month. The fund provides education grants for family members of Massachusetts servicemen and woman killed in Iraq. (Monday, during the 8 a.m. hour, NBC)

SENATE PREZ IN PLYMOUTH PARADE: Senate President Therese Murray partakes in the Plymouth Memorial Day Parade. (Monday, 9 a.m., Plymouth)

MEMORIAL DAY – WORCESTER: Undersecretary of Veterans’ Services Coleman Nee and Veterans’ Services Director of Outreach Cheryl Poppe speak at a “remembrance ceremony” for Massachusetts veterans. (Monday, 9 a.m., 119 Webster St., Worcester)

MEMORIAL DAY – WINCHENDON: Lt. Gov. Tim Murray attends a Memorial Day ceremony. (Monday, 9 a.m., 111 Glenallen Street, Winchendon)

MEMORIAL DAY – WORCESTER: Lt. Gov. Tim Murray is the featured speaker at a wreath-laying ceremony. (Monday, 11 a.m., Skyline Drive, Green Hill Park, Worcester.)

MEMORIAL DAY – COHASSET: Secretary of Veterans’ Services Tom Kelley delivers an address at a Memorial Day ceremony. (Monday, 12 p.m., Veterans’ Memorial Park, Cohasset)

MEMORIAL DAY – AGAWAM: Gov. Deval Patrick and Undersecretary of Veterans’ Services Coleman Nee offer remarks at a Memorial Day ceremony. (Monday, 1 p.m., 1390 Main St., Agawam)

DEM CONVENTION DEADLINE: Organizers of the June 5 Democratic Party state convention say members of the press will not be admitted without credentials. Pre-registration is required to receive credentials and the party has asked that requests for credentials be made by Wednesday at 11 a.m. to Anne Roach at

FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 2010
DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION: The media check-in starts at 5 p.m. Friday for the Democratic Party convention in Worcester. Friday evening’s convention starts at 7 p.m., features a tribute to Auditor Joseph DeNucci and balloting for uncontested offices, which means Secretary of State William Galvin and Attorney General Martha Coakley will address the convention, which is expected to finish by 9 p.m.

DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION: Doors open at 8 a.m. at the DCU Center and the Democratic Party’s nominating convention starts at 10 a.m with welcoming ceremonies followed by an 11 a.m. quorum call. There are 5,500 eligible delegates and 3,700 had paid as of Friday. Gov. Deval Patrick and Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray will make presentations shortly after the quorum call. After that, presentations are planned from Stephen Murphy and Steven Grossman, the Democratic candidates for treasurer, and Suzanne Bump, Guy Glodis and Michael Lake, the candidates for auditor. While the ballots are being counted to determine party nominees in those races, convention organizers plan to start up a tribute to the late Sen. Edward Kennedy with remarks from his widow, Vicki Kennedy, and roles for Senate President Therese Murray, Housing Speaker Robert DeLeo and former Sen. Paul Kirk.

The press check-in entrance is at Door 28 on Martin Luther King Boulevard. Organizers say the throw between the stage and the press riser is 90 feet, an audio feed of the productions will be available, an area above section 122 will be available for cutaways, and cameras may roam the floor. Tables will be set up in section 231 to accommodate radio and laptops. A wi-fi and video feed of the convention will be provided.

Hard Internet lines may be purchased from the DCU Center. Candidates will be available at scheduled times in Room F.

Hack Attacks a Month Already

Every year, I sustain relentless attacks on my computer. I have been getting better at the offense and so this year it was a little more than I could stand when it started. First the Hard Drive an external drive, then the web site, then the email and it is still going on but I am almost there. It is just never ending.

I hope you understand if you are called to be a reporter like me you will be attacked. Never think for a moment you are safe. If you are relentless at reporting the hackers will be relentless with you. Thank God has been safe. But the hackers have found a way to get into the site to prevent me from posting.

Are you getting emails that are from Yahoo?? saying you need to give them your birth date??
Well, that is a hack attack.

In fact a hack attack is like a case of cyber hiccups when it starts. Please email your remedys to the problem and we can share off line and build a network arsenal to take em down.


Pro Se Litigant Citizen

Why Bother! Why Enter! Why Cry at All! Why!

Speak out. Free speech is very important to the American System for without it we cannot conduct business affairs.

Of course it is up to man to watch itself, to police itself but when free speech dies,
America will have finally numbed itself into powerlessness. This is so important to society at large that on a miniscule scale, acting out is the result of suppression of free speech. The active suppression of truth in unrighteousness scripture defines it. Discerned and defined by the world experts as suppression and passive aggressive behavior.

How to defend, is the issue here. Defend your point! your child! your job! How to
defend? In matters of Judicial and Political consequences, Economic and Psycological consequences with free speech in place while understanding all implications free speech entails is of utmost necessity.

When anything is allowed, it is hard to speak into ones understanding absolutes. Liberal philosophies simply reject consequential rigidity and absolutes. Yet, how patient is truth. I believe the true patience of truth is endless persuasion and relentless ultimate passion, Fixated on itself, truth needs no defense, has no conditions, no pleading, it remembers fact, and factual conclusion. A meditation on truth is well deserved and preliminary to any wise practice.

One Country under God, means fear God and enter Wisdom. The fool hath said in his heart there is no God. A foolish person, a foolish process, a foolish country, a foolish nation, is a nation that says in it’s heart, there is no God. No God, no Wisdom, no Righteous leaders and NO BLESSING!


That my friends, is consequential persuasion!

How many years will it take to reveal that too many people have died? Too many mouths have been shut? Too many dreams have been crushed? Too many hopes have been lost??

Oh man, remember thy Creator and open thy mouth and acknowledge the True Benefactor and FEAR GOD! not man, and truth will emerge again, little by little, relentless truth will emerge as the Blade of Grass.

Be not afraid of man who fades as the grass, Fear Him, who made Heaven and Earth and has the power to grant eternal life. Faith is the ultimate consequence of achieving truth. For the Truth shall make you Free, for without Truth freedom is suppressed and no government is really governable. The consequence of this suppression causes deep seeds of anarchy to emerge in order to allow the relentless Blade of Grass to fulfill itself and conquer.

May God cause Truth to undermine the workers of iniquity that continually work in every generation to enslave mankind in darkness and pain. May He empower His Righteous brood to defeat this present danger now. May He begin His great beginning, and conquer! Come quickly Holy Peace! Please Come Reclaim Your Land! Please God!

written in 1991, by JC-SAldrich Wellesley Square

Pro Se Litigant Citizen!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Connecting the Dots

What do you think about the New York plot?

I am going to tell you that I have been watching on many fronts. I search the internet for stories, watch the tube, and always have my eyes and ears open for the story within the story.

I get emails from a Reporter in Jerusalem. I will say that I believe him but have seen the truth that he is not regarded with any certainty as other Conservative Reporters are. He stated in January that the Terrorists are planning a lot of activity in the USA this spring. I think it has been happening. From the Army attack in Texas to the incident in New York, the clock is ticking on the wall. We are asleep. We have been protected in some respect but we must wake up to the reality this is happening. They have nothing to loose. We are the loosers.

I posted his reports and who knows if any of these reports got to the right people. I noticed that same morning there was a building blown up in Philadelphia. I think that was part of this. I don't know it for sure but it seems like a tactic that could have been used to distract people from a New York incident the same day. No one was caught and the details were not released.

Today another plane incident in Texas was reported as well. Wake up America! Wake up!, I have posted links to the story front page.

The Power of One

I am frustrated today. I have a hard drive problem. I was feeling very bogged down in this project and the thought came to me around 3pm. The power of one. I started to think about people who were alone but successful in some goal. I guess I got off the pity pot and back on track. I started to think about the times I walk into a meeting and the place stops a minute.
The security check glances tick away. The ones in charge want to know what I am up to.
That is the power of one. This reflection gave me new strength. I got back my zeal. I am a power to reckon with. Whether I am breaking the norm or just blogging online. I am the difference. I am a wave maker. This is not some trumpt up speech it is real.

We must feel the power of one. In this day and age the norm is to blackmail you to be the same.
You are ridiculed for an oppinion and you put yourself in great danger of being radicalized.
What I am going to concentrate on is the individual dream that must be expressed. We may have the answer to some great problem. If we can be neutered or homogenized we can be destroyed as well. America is a populace of individual genious. We must take our ideas seriously and demand the possibility of one voice for sanity. Be what you dream you are and do not let detractors have their day. I stand in opposition to the insanity of control and regulatory power and break through the facade to shine a spotlight into the issues where the power of one will change the outcome.

Will you join me on the battlefield. Day by day bringing change to the meeting room? Will you join me in the battle for truth and open government, and full disclosure? You can be doing what i am doing. Be media where you are. In the old days when I was in my twenties, you could become a reporter by submitting articles and if you got published you were on the road to recognition. Today the opportunity is immeasurable. You can invest in a camcorder, some supplies and start out, publish your works on a blog like this one, publish online video and wait for the media to find you. You can also pick a topic and selectively cover issues.

I am hoping by now you are getting the point. Take yourself seriously. You are a power to be reckoned with. Enter the battle. Be a Reporter, on the scene, in your town. Come to the Statehouse and take the ground one meeting at a time. Post the footage online on Blip and begin to see the full extent of the power that this can have.

If every time I enter the fray, I am harrassed doesn't that say something? I must be a power of one to be reckoned with. I am on the cutting edge of new media. You can be too. Please join us as we remake America in the digital age. Be the power you are and help.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Two more 48 hour notice failures.

On Wednesday April 21 2010 a public Legislative Hearing Jt. Consumer Protection Commitee was scheduled. On the list of bills was a bill on S2346 a bill on automotive wholesale distributor manufacturer legislation that would increase the cost to consumer. The chairman asked both sides to talk to each other for two weeks and come back with a decision. The hearing was videotaped by Catch of the Day, Video News Freelance Reporting.

What was interesting here is S2346 was a late file bill. This was an automotive 360 line item bill . The bill never got on the public website until 3pm due to the efforts of JAldrich who called the Senate Clerks office on the matter. Of course the public notice law does not apply here so the staff have no incentive to post the matter appropriately. That was a direct violation of the 48 hour notice of any public hearing content.

The two days prior I had called the Clerk to ask where the bill was. It was not on the public site. I called the Senate office of Pacheco also and got his aide. I explained I watch the hearings the bills on the list and decide each time if I can cover the hearing. I had been sick a month now and feeling a little better decided to just make the effort. However, the aide said he would pdf the copy to me. Then the pdf would not open. A second pdf came and I was not able to get to it til after 5pm. When I tried to open it and copy it to the website it would not copy. I printed it out for myself. I then decided I was going in when I realized it was 350 items. Since that time my entire F disk has failed. Did that happen trying to work with this new system documents??

When I got there I passed through the gal at the entrance who started in with me.. do you have permission?????? I stated I had been in communication with the Committee. I just went in and set up. Then the House Aide decided to ask again. By this time my plugs were in my pole up and the camera was on top. I was getting irked. I made some comments do not mess with me today. I am not going to be harrassed for permission. I have spoken with the Senate office and will not be stopped. This is a public meeting, the press can tape. You have messed with me for 6 years. I am a disabled senior and a member of the press and you need to stop or I will go to Federal Court and file a complaint. I intend to go the AG as well. The Court Officer starts to stroll over and says you don't have to get so upset about this..we... and I say isn't that the point?? to get me upset or nervous. I want the disabled to have this information and this is a violation of my rights. I am recording you. Don't mess with me.

The members came in and I recorded. I told Pacheco about the harrassment. I also told Polito about the harrassment. The next day I went to the AG office as the hearing ended early and I had time and submitted a tape for their inspection. The intake person was very nice.

You have to understand that this harrassment has gone along for 6 years and has been relentless. This is a direct assault on my person for my right to access and record a public meeting. This was not closed to press. No notice was on the door closed to press.

They use public funds and this is a public meeting. I can go to Federal Court with this and will win. When is the question. When.

On Thursday Revenue Committee had a Public Hearing. The notice showed up on the public website on Wednesday. One of the bills was on the initiative petition process for alcolohic sales tax. I wanted to document the disparity of the issues as I have taped many other petition hearings where the Committee grilled the participants . This group stated they had collected many signatures. I did not see any pile of papers in the meeting.

This was postponed from the week before. The parties could not all make it. One had a prior committment. I have no idea how many that impacted in coming. The numbers were extremely small for Gardner Auditorium and should have filled the room. The house Chair was shocked.
This was also videotaped by Catch of the Day VideoNews.

Rino Dino Divide and Conquer still stands

Last Weekend I was a delagate in the Republican Convention. I was one of a few who represented Hamilton. I did not want to be a Delagate. I decided to oblige as it would be good to see what it felt like to be a Delagate in 2010. That meant I could not be press at least at the Voting day.

I asked for help with Comflm Registry News, and put out a call for coverage. After a week I had one response. A blogger who does freelance reporting. I was not going to cover the story.

I did bring my camera thinking I would cover the pre parties. But I was exhausted from the planning and travel and sat in the Hilton Garden lobby looking for some helpers to show up. After about 2 hours I realized there were shuttles and people were schlepping to each party spot and I should try. I got on a bus, loaded with cranky people steamy windows and sandwiched seating. I had a bag with my gear and it was a problem immediately. It did not fit down the isle someone said to me pick it up and hold it. I said I would not. It was raining buckets outside and my bag was soaked putting it on my lap would have drenched me.

I decided my gut feelings should lead me and got off. I went to a place called Citizens. It was loud with people and music I hated it. I said this is not going to happen. I headed out into the rain and decided to just find the Fifth Amendment. I had to walk about a block and there I was. I entered and pain ended. I found a musician on the first floor playing a Johnny Cash tune and I was hooked. It was up after that. I do not drink but after the whole thing ended I felt like I had been on a three day high the music was so great and I had so much good ole fun. Thanks Tea Party for that experience.

I later would find out to my demise the Republican Party had split into three parties. The Rinos the Assembly and the Log Cabins. I was not sure what was going on. But watching this I can say the Rinos are in charge. At least for the moment. I could feel the energy of the thing but could not discern it . I would have made my stand had I known prior to the whole charade.

I am a senior and a little slow. But so were a lot of other folk. No one knew really Senator Teisei was a Homosexual openly gay. I can tell you people are going to express this as election draws near. Necn expressed it quickly and asked Charlie Baker about his position which Charlie answered "I have never been know as a social conservative." I remember in the summer in West Newbury warning people they needed to be clear on social conscience issues and had I not heard him myself I would never have known because the word is mum.....mum...mum on these topics. It is a shunned topic at any gathering. You become the target of hate rhetoric and scorn to bring this up. Being able to identify yourself as a Republican Assembly member is a good way to avoid the problem. I am sure the elderly do not know this is the case and will be shocked to learn this over the summer. It will be a great stressor to see the Republicans have to admit they are loosing the way and the war by putting this in the face of Republican voters in November.

So make your choice and be sure you know where the person is on the other side of the Republican table. The first battle will be to gain the Republicans back to the center again and that is a very painful battle indeed.

Military Watch

This link will take you to the story of a loss we suffered in Massachsuetts of a 20 year old National Guard Member by a suicide bomb inside a base in Afganistan. This troop just left in January and we have a first hit.

This link will take you to a Ft Cambell story of rising suicides in Military

What we have here is a strong argument to stop the recycling of troops and to send fresh recruits. We will have a mess on our hands if we don't and those suicides are on our hands for not implementing change when we see trouble brewing. Our best are only human. They cannot just become hired hitmen and women. They are living breathing Americans who know what it means to live in freedom and see the impoverishment of undemocracised nations. Socialism in modern terms and poverty of the people are inseparable monsters that are only addressed in a capitalistic government. So we just have to keep addressing this in this way and cause our young people to see this as just and we will stop the bashing of our military.

The case in point of a military dad who lost his son, teaching in a school where a creep kid decides to not pay homage to the American flag should be sent back to the country they came from. Sorry that is not unamerican it is american. Please do not politicize patriotism to death and make criminals of our soldier citizens who demand respect. Trash to that Connecticut Superintendant of schools. It is important to put Americans in these positions or suffer the consequence of sedition becoming law. This is treason at its best.

God bless our troops and those who on the homeland dare to speak up for our country.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cambridge Middlesex Probate Court Rm3 4th Floor

On April 7 2010 I traveled to Boston on the Hamilton Rail, and arrived at Middlesex Probate Court with my Media gear but had no intention of taping. I had planned to tape on Beacon Hill at noon.

When I arrived I had to leave my gear with the Guard at the Scanning machine. I went to the information booth gave the number of my case to watch and was told the case was going to be heard on the 4th floor Courtroom 3. I did not know the woman I was going to watch. I did not know the Judge either. I have not been Court Watching but wanted to see what the case was that Victor Montalvo was denied access to.

Two Court Officers were assigned to this room. There was a line of people speaking with the Clerk and registering in. Soon the line was stopped and we waited to see the Judge enter. I arrived at the Court building around 845am. I had gotten on the 650 train and taken the green line to Lechmere straight from North Station. I walked a short walk to the Court with my gear in the familiar bag on wheels.

I soon decided I thought I could recognize who was the person I wanted to meet. I asked if she was the woman and she stated back she was. I stood up and greeted her introducing myself as Catch of the Day, Video News, Freelance Reporting. I did not announce myself to the Guard. I wanted to just watch and report what I saw the whole morning. This was a Marital Hearng session. Many people had similiar issues on varying levels of entry. One case was a couple who sadly touched me the most. They had decided to part but had no animosity to each other. Both were Air Force Military personnel. It was heartbreaking to see them walk out. One child was invovled and both of them were attractive and peacable. What a road they just chose.

Another case was a couple that had a child but the child had reached court majority and the father had manipulated the child to live with him. The court ordered a GAL and that both pay. They agreed but the mother was deeply hurt and broken. I was really sorry for her . I have been there. That is not a pretty place to be. There is much pain on that path to come.

Then there was a case where the money was discussed for a GAL. 8 thousand dollars?
The Judge was disturbed by the amount but did not acquiesce to any fee limit. He just ordered the GAL to be paid no matter what the cost. This was going to be a financial nightmare in the making. No GAL no justice for this case. The Judge wanted evaluations in place before the next court date.

As the morning went by it became more obvious the woman I wanted to watch was being steered to a last call. At different points I went outside to stretch my legs and had some seconds to talk to her. I gathered she had been in an accident in 2002. She had extensive back injuries that altered her life. She presupposes she will become wheelchair bound at some point. She was walking but very uncomfortable in the hard benches everyone sat in. She also had a history of celiac disease. I don't know much about that one. I finally realized I was not going to be going to the statehouse at noon. I decided to just wait.

I had a call around 930 on my cell. I had it in my pocket and was able to feel it but not hear it somehow so I decided to leave it on. A friend was coming and would be giving me a lift home. I was going to give her my placard but the Court Officer walked in looked at me with my phone in had and yelled that he would take it from me because he simply had ordered that phones be off. I am press my phone was not disruptive and I needed to have it on to read emails of stories and to contact Hector at Suffolk Court covering the other case. I got up and left and ignored this ignorant person with power.

Having been in the company of many court officers on beacon hill and about town I am aware of the pit bull tactics they use to intimidate justice in the courtroom. They are not exempt from error believe me. In fact as the time passed the Judge ordered a 10 minute break. When we came back the ac was on. In fact about 3 cases were left. And the ac was loud, so loud you could not hear the cases being heard from the public seating area. I was ticked. Soon the ac was turned down but one of the Court Officers body language jerked to the other to turn it up so that it was louder.. and the minion complied. I moved 3 times nearer to hear but my own ear infection blocks and the sound prevented me from hearing. HOWEVER, I had instructed the woman to speak up as I saw the intention of these two court scoundrels as it was happening. She did. And each time she spoke clearly the Judge leaned toward her to speak more softly. Body language denied she continued to speak boldly. The Judge threatened her with jail 160 days and gave her an Attorney as she was PRO SE upon her request then gave her a GAL to help with this process of discovery for her majority age son now 16 .. who is the object of this nightmare for her.. which she will have to pay for. All said and done this process took all of 20 minutes. 145start time. She will be odering the audio transcript of this remarkable 20 minute saga.

We exited the Court and at the door I asked if I could do a Press Conference in the downstairs lobby and was told no.. cameras allowed. I could do it outside but not on Court property??

Please let's get this straight. Is this public money that pays that place their wages and the Judges?? I think we have a problem ..

So out we went and I was able to get the following video interview in place of only 10 minutes for you to digest. This is family court in the 2000's. We are looking at the downfall of the people one case at a time in family court feeding the legal system the Judicial Jurispreponderance and the Jail birds paradise .. but wait there's more.. the courts will now be watched by

Court Watch.. a group started by the above lady and you can get a pdf of a form to watch in your town. Please consider helping on this mammoth attempt to rectify a national epidemic of miscarriage of justice. Please help. This is monumental and can be so useful to people who want to know about the court marital saga.. we all enter when we decide to de vor ce (devour) one another.

will post the links as soon as I can get my hands on them.. JAldrich

case details on the above case 4 7 10

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Comflm Registry News on the Move

Tomorrow, Wednesday April 7 2010 Comflm Registry News is on the move. In Cambridge Court there is a case I will be attending and monotoring. But Hector Montalvo of Methuen has asked to tape but was denied. Hector is a member of Comflm, Registry. Hector is interested in watchdogging Family Probate Court. He has been on their case for a year and together we have been trying to get the Court to work with us. Hector has been given permission to ask permission to tape.

The Court has allowed a member of Comflm Registry to request to tape the Courts. This may seem a little much but what is going on is the Courts are stretching their limits and giving some credibility to Independant Media in Massachusetts. I have been taking hits for 6 years on my credibility at the Legislative level and now Hector is embarking on the Court setting.

What people do not understand is that there must be a way to Identify Press other than being a paid member of a Press outlet. Ben Franklin was a Newspaper Owner and the sole employee of his paper. We are a nation of Independant thinkers and shakers. We must remain that way.

So my efforts are not to see the Press Regulated but the opportunities that are American in nature preserved in their integrity. As long as someone is willing to be screened for safety precautions they should not be hindered from operating in a Professional manner. But the Id system is not up to the level it needs to be either. Some have an outdated seal from the State Police on their badges. Independant Media do not. This puts unnecessary unconstitutional barriers in place to impede Independant Media at entry. We are working on this to help develop a new way of Identification so that we can be treated respectfully as the Press we are.

So watch tomorrow for there are two cases .. one in Cambridge Probate and one in Suffolk that were requests by Hector Montalvo to the Magistrates. Only one was willing to be videotaped.

Please stand by for tomorrows post on this one. And come in and find us and watch the case.
978 388 2457 for details tomorrow on the location.

Back to Business

Well, today I attempted to get off to the Statehouse but things got busy and here I am. So I decided to just start by posting my latest Statehouse News on the Daily Catch.

Today, there is a Municipalities and Regional Government Public Hearing and also a Transportation Public Hearing going on. So I decided to check in on the Mass Gov Site and see if they had posted it. Nope! Well I usually go to the phone and start calling the Senate Clerk officed and the House Clerk office but today I am doing something different. I am posting the notice here as a record that the Clerks failed to post a 48 hour public hearing notice.

This was given to the Statehouse News a subscription only News Agency but not to the public.

At any point 3 citizens need to complain to the Attorney Generals office that this was not done and a violation process can be started of the public notice law .

I will investigate my role here but I did call Fox News Desk and tell them. I want every news outlet furious with the Statehouse. This is a violence against the public trust. The bill today is very controversial on texting while driving. If you ask the Clerks offices they will tell you there are no more public hearings but that is a lie. From now until November there will be public hearings on the bills that are still being evaluated.

Each week I watchdog the public hearings on Beacon Hill. I have tried to gingerly get the schedules out of the Committee hands and watch the two windows on Mondays and Fridays. What took place a few months back shocked me to the core. I decided to complain in Galvins office about the dark corner the Senate Clerks window is in. They stated the Committees do not have to post the notices. What ???????? Two attorneys came out and explained while my blood fell to my feet that they do not have to follow the 48 hour notice and do not even have to post a notice or let the public know anything. They can have meetings up the ying yang and no one has to know. So end of story. Stop the madness. Ask you Reps and Senators if they want to be reelected in Massachusetts. Tell them to put themselves under the public record law and open transparent public meeting law. They took themselves off of in the 80's. Stop the madness.

Were all cooked if we do not react to this information. Might as well put flowers on your head your one of the walking dead in my book. It has taken me 6 years of diligence and persistance to see the light on this matter. Questions gallore this is the fact nothing but the facts.