Sunday, February 28, 2010

Respecting Our Veterans!

One of the things I like to cover is Veterans Events at the Statehouse. This day I was mortified to find the gateway to the event was the Bouden Street entrance where two Security Guards scan in my gear. This day one of the Guards was especially rude. The comment to me was "Where are you going? To the event for Veterans on second floor. Well I think that is all over , what I answer?? Just at that minute the music was heard on the entrance floor from the upstairs . I said, I think there is a few minutes left. The following videos are what I got. So you never know who will insult you or the Veterans in the Statehouse on the Hill. It never fails to amaze me how that goes. Who are these people that think they can harrass a mother of two veterans and a senior and a disabled senior who dedicates her time to taping the public record for free. I wanna tell you.

Veterans Event Statehouse

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Taps at the Statehouse

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2009 Boston Pride Boston Common

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

February 25 2010 Pitt Bull on Beacon Hill

Please visit my, and find the latest Beacon Hill Coverage by Catch of the Day, Video News, Freelance Reporting!

Better keep an eye on things!, a Reporters Blotter for what's up on Beacon Hill. You can find a meeting, join the Registry, donate to the Coalition to Preserve the Public Record, all on the website through pay pal.

We need interns as well. Please consider becoming Constitutionally literate! Hang out with Aldrich on Beacon Hill! 978 388 2457 to find where she is taping!

ProLifeMarchonDC-24hour BusTrip

Father Bill Sends Photo's of Pro Life March on DC
Father Bill,Cambridge Catholic Church, Harvard Square, sponsored a Bus to go to the March For Life DC.I found out about it the night before it left. I was calling all morning to tell others. I was on the Bus at 8PM almost missing it because somehow, a Homeland Security Check happened in the RedLine T. Still Huffing and Puffing from attending Scott Brown's win, I had to run again to theChurch to get on. Then sit for another 6 hours , and walk for 8 then sit again for another 6.When I finally got home I had footage and wonderful experiences but wondered where I thought my energy was coming from???? I am not 16 32 or even 48 I am almost 67.That is the link for the photo's. I also have some up on my blip account at, Please check it out. January 22, 2010 is the date of the event.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

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Sunday the First Day of the Rest of My Life

  • Well, let me introduce myself to the Blogging World. I have just redefined myself and learned a new task. I am able to upload Photo's. Thus far I have not been able to do that.

  • I started on the technology journey in the late 90's. I was given my son's hand me down computer and told you can do it. I was shocked. But rethinking the statement. I had said the same thing to that child his whole life. I wanted him to grow up independent and self actuating. Now he was giving me my first sample of the same treatment.

  • So I spent around a year crying on the computer. It was a miracle I did not electrocute myself.

  • I actually worked on a poetry novel. A compilation of 50 poems that seemed to pour out of me during my divorce. Better the pen than the loaded gun. But which is more damaging who knows.

  • Now Google is very touchy so my footage will be uploaded gingerly. I have been photo journaling for 7 years now and some of the subjects are going to be politically incorrect. So if you like my stuff you better save to a disk in case it gets put out to pasture.

  • I intend to be focused on First Amendment Issues and the Press. I am concerned like many of you that the Press has let the public down. Years ago I attempted to become a Reporter. It was a wake up call to the perilous law suit valley of decision a Reporter makes daily. So the Daily Catch by Catch of the Day, Video News, Freelance Reporting will be scrutinized to ad nauseam.

This was written in 2009 and published in 2011. I did not know what happened to this post.