Sunday, May 30, 2010

Is America a Christian Nation?

A poem to call the Politicians to Prayer..

Prophetic Political Poetic Word to Massachusetts! 2007 JC-SAldrich

Arise oh mighty warriors,
assemble at the bench.
the Lord is coming soon,
to judge the wicked.

Oh, won’t you make your mind up,
Saddle up the horses,
Gird your loins,
and join the forces.

Arm yourselves in prayer,
weapons for our warfare.
Make your choices,
see the vision is nearer than the voices.

Pestilence hearses, carrying the wounded,
fallen from deaths arrows.
It’s time to pick our places,
saving souls, familiar faces.

Have we fallen in paralysis?
Wake up, it is not the time to stricture Graces.

Prayer warriors, Levites, lean on His Mercy Gates.
Politicians heed the Prophet,
Bend in submission, to the
eternal mandates.

God save the Commonwealth of Massachusetts!

Want to Cover the Memorial Day Events? Democratic Convention?


SUNDAY, MAY 30, 2010
Hamilton Churches attended by Veterans and Town Government Officials.

Services at the Graveyard on monday starting at 9am..

the following came from Statehouse News..

MEMORIAL DAY: Senior Patrick administration officials will be spreading out across Massachusetts to commemorate fallen Massachusetts servicemen and women. On Sunday, Lt. Gov. Tim Murray marches in a Melrose Memorial Day Parade that begins at the city’s Memorial Hall at 1 p.m. At 2:30 p.m., Murray will deliver remarks at a ceremony at Melrose’s Civil War Memorial and Veterans Lot. At 2 p.m., Veterans’ Services Secretary Tom Kelley speaks in Orange at the town’s Memorial Park. (Sunday)

MONDAY, MAY 31, 2010

MEMORIAL DAY: Monday is Memorial Day.

NAUGHTON AND MSLF FOUNDER ON TODAY SHOW: House Veteran and Federal Affairs Chairman Harold Naughton (D-Clinton) and Soldiers Legacy Fund founder Peter Trovato will appear in a segment about the fund on NBC's TODAY Show. NBC crews filmed portions of the segment, which includes footage of meetings in Naughton's office and a meeting with House Speaker Robert DeLeo, last month. The fund provides education grants for family members of Massachusetts servicemen and woman killed in Iraq. (Monday, during the 8 a.m. hour, NBC)

SENATE PREZ IN PLYMOUTH PARADE: Senate President Therese Murray partakes in the Plymouth Memorial Day Parade. (Monday, 9 a.m., Plymouth)

MEMORIAL DAY – WORCESTER: Undersecretary of Veterans’ Services Coleman Nee and Veterans’ Services Director of Outreach Cheryl Poppe speak at a “remembrance ceremony” for Massachusetts veterans. (Monday, 9 a.m., 119 Webster St., Worcester)

MEMORIAL DAY – WINCHENDON: Lt. Gov. Tim Murray attends a Memorial Day ceremony. (Monday, 9 a.m., 111 Glenallen Street, Winchendon)

MEMORIAL DAY – WORCESTER: Lt. Gov. Tim Murray is the featured speaker at a wreath-laying ceremony. (Monday, 11 a.m., Skyline Drive, Green Hill Park, Worcester.)

MEMORIAL DAY – COHASSET: Secretary of Veterans’ Services Tom Kelley delivers an address at a Memorial Day ceremony. (Monday, 12 p.m., Veterans’ Memorial Park, Cohasset)

MEMORIAL DAY – AGAWAM: Gov. Deval Patrick and Undersecretary of Veterans’ Services Coleman Nee offer remarks at a Memorial Day ceremony. (Monday, 1 p.m., 1390 Main St., Agawam)

DEM CONVENTION DEADLINE: Organizers of the June 5 Democratic Party state convention say members of the press will not be admitted without credentials. Pre-registration is required to receive credentials and the party has asked that requests for credentials be made by Wednesday at 11 a.m. to Anne Roach at

FRIDAY, JUNE 4, 2010
DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION: The media check-in starts at 5 p.m. Friday for the Democratic Party convention in Worcester. Friday evening’s convention starts at 7 p.m., features a tribute to Auditor Joseph DeNucci and balloting for uncontested offices, which means Secretary of State William Galvin and Attorney General Martha Coakley will address the convention, which is expected to finish by 9 p.m.

DEMOCRATIC CONVENTION: Doors open at 8 a.m. at the DCU Center and the Democratic Party’s nominating convention starts at 10 a.m with welcoming ceremonies followed by an 11 a.m. quorum call. There are 5,500 eligible delegates and 3,700 had paid as of Friday. Gov. Deval Patrick and Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray will make presentations shortly after the quorum call. After that, presentations are planned from Stephen Murphy and Steven Grossman, the Democratic candidates for treasurer, and Suzanne Bump, Guy Glodis and Michael Lake, the candidates for auditor. While the ballots are being counted to determine party nominees in those races, convention organizers plan to start up a tribute to the late Sen. Edward Kennedy with remarks from his widow, Vicki Kennedy, and roles for Senate President Therese Murray, Housing Speaker Robert DeLeo and former Sen. Paul Kirk.

The press check-in entrance is at Door 28 on Martin Luther King Boulevard. Organizers say the throw between the stage and the press riser is 90 feet, an audio feed of the productions will be available, an area above section 122 will be available for cutaways, and cameras may roam the floor. Tables will be set up in section 231 to accommodate radio and laptops. A wi-fi and video feed of the convention will be provided.

Hard Internet lines may be purchased from the DCU Center. Candidates will be available at scheduled times in Room F.

Hack Attacks a Month Already

Every year, I sustain relentless attacks on my computer. I have been getting better at the offense and so this year it was a little more than I could stand when it started. First the Hard Drive an external drive, then the web site, then the email and it is still going on but I am almost there. It is just never ending.

I hope you understand if you are called to be a reporter like me you will be attacked. Never think for a moment you are safe. If you are relentless at reporting the hackers will be relentless with you. Thank God has been safe. But the hackers have found a way to get into the site to prevent me from posting.

Are you getting emails that are from Yahoo?? saying you need to give them your birth date??
Well, that is a hack attack.

In fact a hack attack is like a case of cyber hiccups when it starts. Please email your remedys to the problem and we can share off line and build a network arsenal to take em down.


Pro Se Litigant Citizen

Why Bother! Why Enter! Why Cry at All! Why!

Speak out. Free speech is very important to the American System for without it we cannot conduct business affairs.

Of course it is up to man to watch itself, to police itself but when free speech dies,
America will have finally numbed itself into powerlessness. This is so important to society at large that on a miniscule scale, acting out is the result of suppression of free speech. The active suppression of truth in unrighteousness scripture defines it. Discerned and defined by the world experts as suppression and passive aggressive behavior.

How to defend, is the issue here. Defend your point! your child! your job! How to
defend? In matters of Judicial and Political consequences, Economic and Psycological consequences with free speech in place while understanding all implications free speech entails is of utmost necessity.

When anything is allowed, it is hard to speak into ones understanding absolutes. Liberal philosophies simply reject consequential rigidity and absolutes. Yet, how patient is truth. I believe the true patience of truth is endless persuasion and relentless ultimate passion, Fixated on itself, truth needs no defense, has no conditions, no pleading, it remembers fact, and factual conclusion. A meditation on truth is well deserved and preliminary to any wise practice.

One Country under God, means fear God and enter Wisdom. The fool hath said in his heart there is no God. A foolish person, a foolish process, a foolish country, a foolish nation, is a nation that says in it’s heart, there is no God. No God, no Wisdom, no Righteous leaders and NO BLESSING!


That my friends, is consequential persuasion!

How many years will it take to reveal that too many people have died? Too many mouths have been shut? Too many dreams have been crushed? Too many hopes have been lost??

Oh man, remember thy Creator and open thy mouth and acknowledge the True Benefactor and FEAR GOD! not man, and truth will emerge again, little by little, relentless truth will emerge as the Blade of Grass.

Be not afraid of man who fades as the grass, Fear Him, who made Heaven and Earth and has the power to grant eternal life. Faith is the ultimate consequence of achieving truth. For the Truth shall make you Free, for without Truth freedom is suppressed and no government is really governable. The consequence of this suppression causes deep seeds of anarchy to emerge in order to allow the relentless Blade of Grass to fulfill itself and conquer.

May God cause Truth to undermine the workers of iniquity that continually work in every generation to enslave mankind in darkness and pain. May He empower His Righteous brood to defeat this present danger now. May He begin His great beginning, and conquer! Come quickly Holy Peace! Please Come Reclaim Your Land! Please God!

written in 1991, by JC-SAldrich Wellesley Square

Pro Se Litigant Citizen!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Connecting the Dots

What do you think about the New York plot?

I am going to tell you that I have been watching on many fronts. I search the internet for stories, watch the tube, and always have my eyes and ears open for the story within the story.

I get emails from a Reporter in Jerusalem. I will say that I believe him but have seen the truth that he is not regarded with any certainty as other Conservative Reporters are. He stated in January that the Terrorists are planning a lot of activity in the USA this spring. I think it has been happening. From the Army attack in Texas to the incident in New York, the clock is ticking on the wall. We are asleep. We have been protected in some respect but we must wake up to the reality this is happening. They have nothing to loose. We are the loosers.

I posted his reports and who knows if any of these reports got to the right people. I noticed that same morning there was a building blown up in Philadelphia. I think that was part of this. I don't know it for sure but it seems like a tactic that could have been used to distract people from a New York incident the same day. No one was caught and the details were not released.

Today another plane incident in Texas was reported as well. Wake up America! Wake up!, I have posted links to the story front page.

The Power of One

I am frustrated today. I have a hard drive problem. I was feeling very bogged down in this project and the thought came to me around 3pm. The power of one. I started to think about people who were alone but successful in some goal. I guess I got off the pity pot and back on track. I started to think about the times I walk into a meeting and the place stops a minute.
The security check glances tick away. The ones in charge want to know what I am up to.
That is the power of one. This reflection gave me new strength. I got back my zeal. I am a power to reckon with. Whether I am breaking the norm or just blogging online. I am the difference. I am a wave maker. This is not some trumpt up speech it is real.

We must feel the power of one. In this day and age the norm is to blackmail you to be the same.
You are ridiculed for an oppinion and you put yourself in great danger of being radicalized.
What I am going to concentrate on is the individual dream that must be expressed. We may have the answer to some great problem. If we can be neutered or homogenized we can be destroyed as well. America is a populace of individual genious. We must take our ideas seriously and demand the possibility of one voice for sanity. Be what you dream you are and do not let detractors have their day. I stand in opposition to the insanity of control and regulatory power and break through the facade to shine a spotlight into the issues where the power of one will change the outcome.

Will you join me on the battlefield. Day by day bringing change to the meeting room? Will you join me in the battle for truth and open government, and full disclosure? You can be doing what i am doing. Be media where you are. In the old days when I was in my twenties, you could become a reporter by submitting articles and if you got published you were on the road to recognition. Today the opportunity is immeasurable. You can invest in a camcorder, some supplies and start out, publish your works on a blog like this one, publish online video and wait for the media to find you. You can also pick a topic and selectively cover issues.

I am hoping by now you are getting the point. Take yourself seriously. You are a power to be reckoned with. Enter the battle. Be a Reporter, on the scene, in your town. Come to the Statehouse and take the ground one meeting at a time. Post the footage online on Blip and begin to see the full extent of the power that this can have.

If every time I enter the fray, I am harrassed doesn't that say something? I must be a power of one to be reckoned with. I am on the cutting edge of new media. You can be too. Please join us as we remake America in the digital age. Be the power you are and help.