Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cell Phones Go Public

In one week all Cell phones go public. This will open the door to get unsolicited calls. Please call 888 382 1222 from each phone you own to register that phone for 5 years protection. If you do not you will be charged by your phone company on some plans.

Happy New Year! from CRNews Team

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Membership Reminder Notes to COMFLM,Rsm

I have a Membership to Beverly Access TV. Comflm Registry News, has 5 memberships to offer new members. You take the class at Beverly Access for the first year. After that you get your own membership.

Please consider joining Comflm Registry News Team in Massachusetts. This is a huge endeavor. You are Independant Contractors and can control your own Coverage. You control the Copyrights and the Membership is a group of Independant Reporters. No one is controlled by Comflm, Registry. However, COMFLM can limit membership if you are unwilling to have a CORI Criminal Backround Check done and kept up.

By Joining Zipcar, they get the CORI done by the Registry of Motor Vehicles. You get a rental care membership to rent a car for 10.00 per hour all inclusive, and cover some stories you don't want someone to follow you home with. They notify me if you join as well under Comflm.

This gets confusing to manage at my end, but it is simple to follow if you join and keep up the membership with Zipcar and Comflm, Registry .

You will get a Press Pass and be part of a new Membership in a Media Group in Massachusetts. We can lobby for bills as a group or petition and keep up with Media Laws being denied under First Amendment Protections.

I am hoping we can purchase Insurance as a group at sometime as well. This is not a Union.
email to join

My Business Card Connect etc update finds

Sir Speedy, downtown Boston, is now my official Business Card Store. Although, small it is super warm and friendly and patient with your demands.

At Staples, when I enter the store I am greeted with spy sales. I feel like I am being scanned for stealing packages. I don't like that. I have a bag on wheels because of my disablility to lift. I think they imagine I am dumping stuff in my bag. I also have a metal plate in my wrist which can set off alarms falsely, at airports and the Ashburton Place Building even.

I also, get the same spy sales approach in CVS. I have stopped shopping in there because of it. I also get it in Hamilton at the Grocery Store. I think it is my redlined customer problem there. I am a Senior, who shops slowly, deliberately, and need to really see the jammed packed shelves to find good deals. This is the just cause to harrass me psycologically as I shop. Christmas is worse. So keep your eyes out for spy sales clerks who are scanning you for stealing signs of crook malware.

Staples Government Center is the best, but they must have a protocol they teach sales clerks so they are not good customer service clerks. Kind of like the Nursing home approach to Medical Staff that you don't get too close to patients it is not good practice. As a super friendly person who loves people I hate that wherever I find it. It smells of cold to me. I like warm approachable people.

I am setting up the plans to have Sir Speedy officially do cards for members, and all Business Attraction PR Materials and the Press Pass.

They can offer deals, when the demand is greater and I want to give this local business my business. I like personal interactions with Businesses. Please stop by and check them out.
They are on Milk Street near Borders.

FedexKinkos is not Kinkos. They silently smothered the customer service of Kinkos. I do not ship much and liked the open 24hour feature of Kinkos and their special paper promotion if you do it yourself. They were so helpful to everyone all the time. I am sorry they were deleted. Thank you Kinkos for your superb interactions. We all miss you very much. Hello, Sir Speedy!

I have found some great Restaurants (Borders, Brueggers, Downtown) to start the meetups. I just need to get a better sense on my own committment to locations and timing to push this. Two weeks of late just doesn't cut it.

I had my address book in Blackberry white out this week. I had more than 300 addresses in there. I used it as my address book. I have found a new address book download on the web for free. I am planning to use that from now on. I can then download it to a flash drive to carry with me.

I stopped by T Mobile my favorite phone company and a customer explained the ebook device to me. I now can compute that it is a computer. I don't like the fact you do all on the screen. I would want a key pad to use. I have a lot of questions still. T Mobile has a small laptop and will be getting a larger one soon. Large is not my thing. I like the ebook size and down. I am not happy with the blackberry bold, it is too small. The screen is smaller than my old blackberry.

I ordered a second one to replace my first one because I was afraid I would not like the next designs. I was right. I just need web connect to get the wi fi feature. I ordered that and that is now my T Mobile web connect stick to use on the road or if someone has a laptop with me, we can use it to access the web and upload my footage.

I really like the TMobile G2 which is like a computer and a phone mini. That is awesome. It is also heavy so that I will not drop it. With my arthritis I can have sudden jerks in my fingers so that it can mis send delete whatever and I am furious.

Thank your T Mobile Customer Service Person today. They spend a lot of time servicing the clients and making you understand. Even the stores are super helpful and will work with you to fix a situation. Some stores are more helpful. But mostly, if you find a store that will help you, stick with them, and you will find that they get used to you and bend over backward to help you.

If you do T Mobile, you can call other T Mobile customers and you will not be charged. I hope to encourage many Reporters to get on board with Comflm and T Mobile and Zipcar and make this a happening.

Don't forget to put Doyle's Cafe Jamaica Plain on your Calendar for December. The meetup is at 10AM and is a great feed and a great Media experience., a new media online happening. You can work for money if you give your soul to the company store. So check it out and make your choice carefully.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Meeting Updates for November

Monday, November 22, 2010 I went to Boston. I could not move at 6AM, at 7AM, at 830AM, and finally at 1030AM I could get up. 8AM Mondays is going to be hard to do. Please get back to me if you can do later on Mondays for a Meetup.

I spent the weekend in my files. I need to do year end stuff. Like post the last years coverage on my website. I was not as energetic on Monday. I got news of the meeting at Suffolk Law late Sunday night. I posted it on my site. I went. I was not able to videograph the meeting. Suffolk Law was not videographing the meeting. However, I spoke to some people in charge, who now know what I do, and hopefully, they will ask me to cover next time.

I attended the Suffolk debate for State Treasurer. That was awesome. Lot's of cameras were there but I did not set up. I decided to just listen and take notes. Suffolk was taping on that one and it is on their site if you want to hunt it down. The Rappaport Center is part of Suffolk and I did not know that. I am going to speak to them soon about the CPPR Archive Project. It was a very important connect.

I attended the Bar Association vs DA offices. I was given Press Materials for them. I would love to attend Suffolk Law School. Of course that will not happen. I would love to attend Emerson as well. But maybe I can have some Students help. That would be a great happening if you ask me.

I have spent many years in school attending classes with no degrees. That is heartbreaking but reality. I just had too many obstacles get in the way. If they have a PSAT to pass a test, I might be able to do that and get a degree, but who knows. I don't know, but have been told, I am pretty smart as some Doctors. Hearsay is like perfume sometimes. I am not allergic to that kind of perfume yet.

Anyway, the meeting notes will come up on my website. I took lots of notes and an audio but my audio is only good for a cd not publishing. I will be checking on that sometime soon. It was awesome. The room at Suffolk on Tremont Street was packed. It had at least 250 Lawyers and some. Justice Greanery Moderated. He was great. I had not heard him before yesterday.
It was a heated exchange of accusatory rhetoric with explanations of why the Bar Association monies was not doing as much as the DA office vice versa. No Press attended that I saw other than reporters with pens I did not see. No interviews were held after.

I had just gotten my news business cards and so could pass a few out.

Please stay tuned for more description of this event on

Friday, November 12, 2010

Weekly Meetups

I have found a new site to meetup in Boston. Bruegger's on Summer St. Right after Wendy's and Staples. Monday mornings between 8am and 9am I am planning to be there. I will go over the schedule at the Statehouse for the week. It will also be posted on the website.

Membership is the first item on the adgenda. Sir Speedy, around the corner is doing my business cards. I will be inquiring on having them do Press Passes. I will be able to connect new members at that time. Please come and bring Media to sign up with COMFLM for the new Legislative Session in January. We needs lot's of boots on the ground in Massachusetts.

I bought a machine to do the passes but technology is not my friend and so a year and I still can't use it. I give up. It will become a weekly meeting to inform and gather helpers for jobs. Hopefully, it will give some people real gigs to get paid on.

I will be posting the footage for Doyles Cafe, it froze when I tried to post it. I will do that today. We will not be like Doyles for awhile, but Brueggers has a great upstairs seating area that should be great to gather. See you soon! 978 388 2457 to call me for details.


As I sit here in my home/office I am beseiged with complications. My yahoo has been compromised. My Google was also but it is fixed. I am in the process of trying to get Comcast to work sufficiently, my phone is being upgraded and I am suffering from Technical eye strain.

I was restricted from posting to Blip from June until last week. My camera suddenly absorbed 30 gigs of footage. My hard drive went blank, and three notable techies could not fix it. Then suddenly a Geek Desk at Best Buy in Worcester Geeky guy found my data and explained I may have a faulty cord. Oh well, 6 months of freeze my brain cells and I am back in business.

A shot of cortisone to my shoulder three weeks of R&R and my left arm is back like old days. 6 months of slumbering agony past, fears of home health aides messing up my place while recovery took place which would have been on many levels one ptsd of them gone like the morning mist and I am tired but eager to swing back into my media madness and post away.

My battle with cyber creeps continues and my job which I manufactured is before me like a mighty tundra of swallowing beasts. No I am not bored, just broke, using all my meager mentalities to stretch my supplies and genious to make something out of nothing happen. Not withstanding the 600 films on Blip now and the 13,000 views or the 3000 per month accumulating visitors to my comflm site and the poetry book that excites me with realities I lived. I press on and in and make press a story that has to be written on this TGIF in November.