Monday, December 8, 2014


Hi everyone, 

I have not been on this site in awhile due to the confusion Google puts in place.  Yes I will blame them.  I have multiple sites and when one gets messy it affects the rest like the proverbial domino. 

I am now working on my office issues clearing up things that piled up and fell over.  I am just doing what I needed 3 office support people to help me with the past 10 years. 

It is almost 2015 and my year of resting is upon me.  I will be working in office to recruit 350 Massachusetts Reporters.  Please consider joining the Independent Press Registry. I know your out there.  I just want you to consider how important it is to be recognized as legitimate Press to a dumb world.  Yes it is about defining to the unlearned the fact that any person who disseminates information to the public is a Press.  Starting with Benjamin Franklin a one man band.  Please don't let me stay a one woman band.  Join us.  Now up to 30?  Some not really with new Passes so bear with me.

As I stated originally, this site is for stories of my excursions to Beacon Hill and about town.  I am still devoting this site to that.  However, due to a new year approaching I want to update you on some essential items brewing in my corner.

I recently was in contact with a Publisher.  I stumbled on the site while surfing the net and they called back.  I had stated I was not sure I was material for their reputable site but when the guy called back he was shocked that someone had done such a remarkable feat as I have to have covered 500 public hearings alone and still was alive.  Oh well, I added that.  Almost alive.

So in the process I realized the best package was 6000 and 20percent off would bring that down to 4800 so I am asking for a donation of 10.00 from 500 people who have seen my work and know I am a woman of integrity and will spend my next year putting that together along with my office needs.

If you interested please donate to the cpprarchiveproject as proceeds from the book will be used to pay back my expenses to make this a reality for the past 10 years.  I have offered my car up when I realized that was going to be necessary.  I then unexpectedly found myself being operated on for cancer.  That took 2 years of my life in recovery mode and stalled this work though I still proceeded as I could daily to maintain a continuous flow of effort. 

That effort was achieved in being able to access the SJC under rule 119 changes and now even this past week was able to be included in the Press Release for Moakley Court to cover an important case.  So we are marching on and the march is going to be a great sell.  Please consider blessing me this Christmas with a donation for this book to be written. 

As a Senior with a big vision and a lot of mettle I wish you all a wonderful Holiday Season and time with family.  The most important thing on earth is your family and being able to be safe in a Country that exceeds them all in Liberty.  Please help secure this liberty of the Press and Freedom of Speech by donating to the efforts I attain to.

Thank you sincerely,  Janet Aldrich , Founder of CRNewsTeam Massachusetts and the CPPR ARCHIVE Project.