Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Transit Watch Security Check points

On February 7 2011 I returned from Boston via subway to exit at North Station. At the terminals was a Security Check. I passed on the right where an officer in yellow and a second individual were standing with a table in front of them. I asked what they were doing?
We are doing Security bag checks. I said do you want to check mine? No the officer stated,
that man over there is in charge, to which I turned and saw another Officer in yellow with others stopping certain people. Apparantly, it was on a set number he determined.

I do not have time to scan the small card he gave me but will try to post it at some time.

It states:

Due to concerns raised by the Department of Homeland Security and other law enforcement agencies, the MBTA is taking steps to make the transit system safer and more secure.

For the protection and the security of the riding public, all persons choosing to use the MBTA transit system will be subject to security inspections of their handbags, briefcases and/or
other carry on items.

Any person refusing to allow a security inspection will be either denied entry or requested to leave MBTA property.

Any person refusing to leave when requested to do so, will be subject to arrest for trespass persuant to M.G.L. 266 & 120.

All unattended bags or packages will be searched and removed by the MBTA.

Additionally, all persons entering the transit system, should be advised that their transportation may be delayed in order to carry out other security measures.

Working together, transit employees and customers can provide a highly effective first line of defense against terrorism.

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

Last Stop in My Senators Office 20711

Each time I am at the Statehouse, I try to keep up with some office on some subject I am interested in. Last week it was the bill co signers project. This week it is the full printout
of the bills filed this session.

Senator Bruce Tarr, has been promoted to Senate Minority Leader. He is a great hard working guy. However, he loves to stay a good distance to me. I think it is because I definitely talk too much. But I have a lot to say. Oh well, I need someone who can talk join this cause. I can but I am a little much I say even myself. Just getting my Constitution.

I was wanting a copy of all the bills he has filed. I want a hard copy. I tried to get the SJC ruling of just the rule 119 and hp decided to print out 200 pages of all the rules before I was able to catch it. That is enough. The system the new system at the statehouse has been being implemented since last year. None of the dockets are with the full bill. Only the titles are posting. You cannot even hit a link in the title to get the wording. No one is happy, trust me.

Staff told me Sen Tarr has all his bills with him. So he does not have a copy at the office? Why would he walk around with the only copy? Something is fishy here, says Catch of the Day.

I then say he only filed 8 bills. What? He has filed a hundred bills at least. They are not on the docket page I say. Well, they probably don't have them up yet? Ok, now we are talking, this is where the public record law hits the fan. They have no protocol, no obligations, no 48 hour rules, no rules apply and no citizens catch on except me. I am on their case.

Please stay tuned. Have I got your ears buzzing yet?

More Tidbits on Beacon Hill Beat 2011

I forgot to mention my last thing which I like to do before leaving the building. I went to the 3rd floor and checked the Senate Clerks window. That is where any public hearings are posted. If under the open meeting law requirements 48 hour notice is proper to post a meeting coming up. Just to my thinking the window had some December notices up. It is February isn't it.

I have a new computer, a Lenovo. I like it very much except for the location of the pad. It sits right under your thumb joint and is frequently hit and either threatens to erase my whole work or adds something else to the story. I am working on my own solution.

I have verisign also which I hate. So I made a flap for the face recognition and can put it up if I want to use the webcam. I may tote my other webcam attachment and have video both ways, but I only have my view on this computer.

I can use the laptop while I am uploading on the desktop. I am watching a film and typing this post. You can order any video I do for around 20.00 dollars plus postage and sometimes incl.

I have set up so many websites I found a blog today I set up for the CPPR Archive Project. Please stay tuned and donate to this effort to get Boston Beacon Hill back under the Public Record Law.

Beacon Hill Beat Starts Up

On February 7 2011 I went to the Statehouse to capture two public events. I took the train in at 1125am and arrived around 1215pm at North Station. I decided to walk to the Statehouse as the weather was about 40 degrees and the sun was out. I have been couped us since Dec when I fell, and the fresh air was inviting. I was not sure how I would hold up but I made it with one sit down on the SJC hill. I needed to stop at the Citizens bank on Cambridge Street and get some cash. When I arrived and went through the scanner the guards were chuckling as I looked back. I went to the 4th floor and picked up a Statehouse News sheet, in case there was a surprise event added to the list in one 24 hour period. I looked at my time and it was too close to ignore a 1pm event. Act Fresh Campaign, where the US Sec for Health and our Sec of Human Services were attending and speaking. Sen Fargo, Lincoln, was absent. Rep Sanchez Co Chairs on Public Health and Sen Mc Gee would also speak. I was entering a room already full to the hall way near the Senators Balcony. A Guard was at the door monitoring the straglers to not enter. We eye spoke and I entered going to the far side to set up. I was not going to be able to leave if this went over 330 my next assignment. I was looking for the metal plate to plug in and went to the center where another News outlet was standing set up on battery. They did not know anything, of course and were the usual unhelpful or sympathetic to my request. I did not want to drag a wire across sitting folk and so went back to find the plugs.
Up against the wall under bags was the plug.

I set up quickly, as I was afraid this would start and I would be late. I like to have the whole thing when I tape. Of course I had some trouble with the camera. The date would not disappear and was the wrong time. I could not fix it at all. It was on the film the whole time.
Did I say I hate technology yet?

The film always is different from what is on the window. I did not get stressed. I just got the information and that was that. It was roasting in this room. In winter we roast, and in summer we either roast or freeze. I think all flues start on Beacon Hill.

The event was over in about an hour and I was able to stop at the coffee shop. After listening to healthy foods and not wanting to spend money in that wicked coffee shop I asked for a peanut butter sandwich. I did not notice the stuff being thrown into a bag. I got to my table outside and was appauled. They had thrown the bread in plastic the peanut butter in cup and jelly was the cheapest brand of jelly, two packs. I went back in and asked if they would just make it with jar jelly. They had none. I showed them my wrist brace and still that had no effect. I went back out and struggled with the crappy white bread which I asked for from cotton land and the hard as nails peanut butter stored in frig and made my sandwich with about 6 jelly packs. It was almost good and held me over to get home along with some chips and mint candies I got as well and some fruit juice.

It was now time to go to Rm 437 330pm where I ran into the House Broadcast team setting up a new miked setup for the meeting Feb 8. I set up and waited for the meeting to start. A great difference from the first meeting which was packed. This one had about 25 people if that.
This meeting was over in an hour the most. The Executive Office of Administration and Finance was holding the Public Hearing on the amount of money the State is allowed to loan to private developers for projects that benefit public purposes, mainly housing, on this day.

For the record, when I tape I give a pro bono copy to the Chair of the Hearing and they are allowed to duplicate it for their use. I also when able post to http://www.comflmregistrynews.blip.tv/,
and will be using the tags CRNews from now on to reference COMFLM (Commonwealth of Massachusetts Freelance Media ) Registry News.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Typo errors of 2011

Just a short note to all the English majors of this generation. Think about the level of education most people graduate with when leaving HS. Now add the web. What we have is a new level of writing skills that will have to be educated online proof reading techies needed.

I have a problem with dyslexia. I have only noticed the problem as I have been working so hard to publish tons of websites. I get going so fast and it is necessary to post and get going sometimes. I do not have the time to back track and fix them. I don't like spell check as it does not have a great vocabulary level. It superimposes a language and selection that drives me nuts.

So we are all watching a visible witness of our educational skills being flashed to the world. So be patient. If we can come up with so much technology soon there will be a software to ease your sentence struck eyes and we all will look poifect.

Bill filing time again

Well, let's say the bills are in the wind and the time to sign on is upon us. Friday Feb 4 is the deadline to sign on. That means you need to ask you Legislators to do that.

H833 is a bill filed by my Rep. Brad Hill and co signed by my Sen. Bruce Tarr. I was in to push the deal on bill filing day Jan 16 2011. Of course the pressure comes back on you when you have been sick a month. Read my last post. I could barely get in there. And the SJC was also in the wind for Rule 1:19 which I am sure most of you could care less about. I care however, as I am pushing the envelope to get all Gov under the public record law once and for all.

If you support H 833 we can get the Statehouse under that and keep the pressure on for the Courts. Do you know a Lawyer paid 50,000 dollars to get his own court records from the Court?

What are we going to pay? Maybe the cost is to keep the information tied up.

And the docket list is all that is public at the moment. I cannot find the bill online even today Feb 3 2011. What a mess we have at the State level. Can you believe the same people got back in that have been controlling this for 30 years? I can't. Brad Hill's office gave me the number not the bill copy. I am going to add DMD behind my name from here on.

Time to catch up!

Well, December 21 I fell in Peabody, in front of District Court. I sustained a head eye injury that lasted until Jan 21 when I found that my Cousin had passed away. Today is Feb 2 2011 and I am finally feeling a little better to post some on my sites. I attended his funeral in Haverhill at the All Saints Church on Saturday. 6 Priests Con celebrated the Mass and one Brother gave a Eulogy after the Mass. The Burial was on Monday but by that time I was well into a Vertigo episode I get during the winter months.

I guess the stress was a little much and the news which I follow daily is getting a little much.

My Cousin was a Doctor of Music and played the Organ at many churches. The Winchester Congregational Choir sang and the Holy Cross Conductor led the music at the High Mass. It was wonderful. I recorded the music but did not want to offend my family and tape the event. I will put a special dvd together of the event. That will be a total learning curve event for me to do as I am not expert in Production Editing.

He was a very special guy and kept in touch with me during my sons tour in Iraq and Afganistan. He would show up and take me out to dinner on his way home from work. I miss him and called him in December, and he never let on he was sick. Can you believe that? He passed from pancreatic cancer in one month. His own life was impacted by a terrible tragedy when his oldest son a freshmen at Georgetown University was struck by a drunk driver on his first week home from school. He had a few friends over and was driving them home and returning to be hit and killed. This was a total mess and the Court Case is still being battered in the systemic mess of trying to let the kid off free. I think that paid it's toll on my Cousin and that he is with his dear son now and leaves 4 children in this passing.

This is a family of strong faith and conviction and I am sure they will survive this and be strong witnesses of the faith of their father in this generation. Well done Cousin, I wish you great peace and a covering prayer over your dear family.