Saturday, April 24, 2010

Two more 48 hour notice failures.

On Wednesday April 21 2010 a public Legislative Hearing Jt. Consumer Protection Commitee was scheduled. On the list of bills was a bill on S2346 a bill on automotive wholesale distributor manufacturer legislation that would increase the cost to consumer. The chairman asked both sides to talk to each other for two weeks and come back with a decision. The hearing was videotaped by Catch of the Day, Video News Freelance Reporting.

What was interesting here is S2346 was a late file bill. This was an automotive 360 line item bill . The bill never got on the public website until 3pm due to the efforts of JAldrich who called the Senate Clerks office on the matter. Of course the public notice law does not apply here so the staff have no incentive to post the matter appropriately. That was a direct violation of the 48 hour notice of any public hearing content.

The two days prior I had called the Clerk to ask where the bill was. It was not on the public site. I called the Senate office of Pacheco also and got his aide. I explained I watch the hearings the bills on the list and decide each time if I can cover the hearing. I had been sick a month now and feeling a little better decided to just make the effort. However, the aide said he would pdf the copy to me. Then the pdf would not open. A second pdf came and I was not able to get to it til after 5pm. When I tried to open it and copy it to the website it would not copy. I printed it out for myself. I then decided I was going in when I realized it was 350 items. Since that time my entire F disk has failed. Did that happen trying to work with this new system documents??

When I got there I passed through the gal at the entrance who started in with me.. do you have permission?????? I stated I had been in communication with the Committee. I just went in and set up. Then the House Aide decided to ask again. By this time my plugs were in my pole up and the camera was on top. I was getting irked. I made some comments do not mess with me today. I am not going to be harrassed for permission. I have spoken with the Senate office and will not be stopped. This is a public meeting, the press can tape. You have messed with me for 6 years. I am a disabled senior and a member of the press and you need to stop or I will go to Federal Court and file a complaint. I intend to go the AG as well. The Court Officer starts to stroll over and says you don't have to get so upset about this..we... and I say isn't that the point?? to get me upset or nervous. I want the disabled to have this information and this is a violation of my rights. I am recording you. Don't mess with me.

The members came in and I recorded. I told Pacheco about the harrassment. I also told Polito about the harrassment. The next day I went to the AG office as the hearing ended early and I had time and submitted a tape for their inspection. The intake person was very nice.

You have to understand that this harrassment has gone along for 6 years and has been relentless. This is a direct assault on my person for my right to access and record a public meeting. This was not closed to press. No notice was on the door closed to press.

They use public funds and this is a public meeting. I can go to Federal Court with this and will win. When is the question. When.

On Thursday Revenue Committee had a Public Hearing. The notice showed up on the public website on Wednesday. One of the bills was on the initiative petition process for alcolohic sales tax. I wanted to document the disparity of the issues as I have taped many other petition hearings where the Committee grilled the participants . This group stated they had collected many signatures. I did not see any pile of papers in the meeting.

This was postponed from the week before. The parties could not all make it. One had a prior committment. I have no idea how many that impacted in coming. The numbers were extremely small for Gardner Auditorium and should have filled the room. The house Chair was shocked.
This was also videotaped by Catch of the Day VideoNews.

Rino Dino Divide and Conquer still stands

Last Weekend I was a delagate in the Republican Convention. I was one of a few who represented Hamilton. I did not want to be a Delagate. I decided to oblige as it would be good to see what it felt like to be a Delagate in 2010. That meant I could not be press at least at the Voting day.

I asked for help with Comflm Registry News, and put out a call for coverage. After a week I had one response. A blogger who does freelance reporting. I was not going to cover the story.

I did bring my camera thinking I would cover the pre parties. But I was exhausted from the planning and travel and sat in the Hilton Garden lobby looking for some helpers to show up. After about 2 hours I realized there were shuttles and people were schlepping to each party spot and I should try. I got on a bus, loaded with cranky people steamy windows and sandwiched seating. I had a bag with my gear and it was a problem immediately. It did not fit down the isle someone said to me pick it up and hold it. I said I would not. It was raining buckets outside and my bag was soaked putting it on my lap would have drenched me.

I decided my gut feelings should lead me and got off. I went to a place called Citizens. It was loud with people and music I hated it. I said this is not going to happen. I headed out into the rain and decided to just find the Fifth Amendment. I had to walk about a block and there I was. I entered and pain ended. I found a musician on the first floor playing a Johnny Cash tune and I was hooked. It was up after that. I do not drink but after the whole thing ended I felt like I had been on a three day high the music was so great and I had so much good ole fun. Thanks Tea Party for that experience.

I later would find out to my demise the Republican Party had split into three parties. The Rinos the Assembly and the Log Cabins. I was not sure what was going on. But watching this I can say the Rinos are in charge. At least for the moment. I could feel the energy of the thing but could not discern it . I would have made my stand had I known prior to the whole charade.

I am a senior and a little slow. But so were a lot of other folk. No one knew really Senator Teisei was a Homosexual openly gay. I can tell you people are going to express this as election draws near. Necn expressed it quickly and asked Charlie Baker about his position which Charlie answered "I have never been know as a social conservative." I remember in the summer in West Newbury warning people they needed to be clear on social conscience issues and had I not heard him myself I would never have known because the word is mum.....mum...mum on these topics. It is a shunned topic at any gathering. You become the target of hate rhetoric and scorn to bring this up. Being able to identify yourself as a Republican Assembly member is a good way to avoid the problem. I am sure the elderly do not know this is the case and will be shocked to learn this over the summer. It will be a great stressor to see the Republicans have to admit they are loosing the way and the war by putting this in the face of Republican voters in November.

So make your choice and be sure you know where the person is on the other side of the Republican table. The first battle will be to gain the Republicans back to the center again and that is a very painful battle indeed.

Military Watch

This link will take you to the story of a loss we suffered in Massachsuetts of a 20 year old National Guard Member by a suicide bomb inside a base in Afganistan. This troop just left in January and we have a first hit.

This link will take you to a Ft Cambell story of rising suicides in Military

What we have here is a strong argument to stop the recycling of troops and to send fresh recruits. We will have a mess on our hands if we don't and those suicides are on our hands for not implementing change when we see trouble brewing. Our best are only human. They cannot just become hired hitmen and women. They are living breathing Americans who know what it means to live in freedom and see the impoverishment of undemocracised nations. Socialism in modern terms and poverty of the people are inseparable monsters that are only addressed in a capitalistic government. So we just have to keep addressing this in this way and cause our young people to see this as just and we will stop the bashing of our military.

The case in point of a military dad who lost his son, teaching in a school where a creep kid decides to not pay homage to the American flag should be sent back to the country they came from. Sorry that is not unamerican it is american. Please do not politicize patriotism to death and make criminals of our soldier citizens who demand respect. Trash to that Connecticut Superintendant of schools. It is important to put Americans in these positions or suffer the consequence of sedition becoming law. This is treason at its best.

God bless our troops and those who on the homeland dare to speak up for our country.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cambridge Middlesex Probate Court Rm3 4th Floor

On April 7 2010 I traveled to Boston on the Hamilton Rail, and arrived at Middlesex Probate Court with my Media gear but had no intention of taping. I had planned to tape on Beacon Hill at noon.

When I arrived I had to leave my gear with the Guard at the Scanning machine. I went to the information booth gave the number of my case to watch and was told the case was going to be heard on the 4th floor Courtroom 3. I did not know the woman I was going to watch. I did not know the Judge either. I have not been Court Watching but wanted to see what the case was that Victor Montalvo was denied access to.

Two Court Officers were assigned to this room. There was a line of people speaking with the Clerk and registering in. Soon the line was stopped and we waited to see the Judge enter. I arrived at the Court building around 845am. I had gotten on the 650 train and taken the green line to Lechmere straight from North Station. I walked a short walk to the Court with my gear in the familiar bag on wheels.

I soon decided I thought I could recognize who was the person I wanted to meet. I asked if she was the woman and she stated back she was. I stood up and greeted her introducing myself as Catch of the Day, Video News, Freelance Reporting. I did not announce myself to the Guard. I wanted to just watch and report what I saw the whole morning. This was a Marital Hearng session. Many people had similiar issues on varying levels of entry. One case was a couple who sadly touched me the most. They had decided to part but had no animosity to each other. Both were Air Force Military personnel. It was heartbreaking to see them walk out. One child was invovled and both of them were attractive and peacable. What a road they just chose.

Another case was a couple that had a child but the child had reached court majority and the father had manipulated the child to live with him. The court ordered a GAL and that both pay. They agreed but the mother was deeply hurt and broken. I was really sorry for her . I have been there. That is not a pretty place to be. There is much pain on that path to come.

Then there was a case where the money was discussed for a GAL. 8 thousand dollars?
The Judge was disturbed by the amount but did not acquiesce to any fee limit. He just ordered the GAL to be paid no matter what the cost. This was going to be a financial nightmare in the making. No GAL no justice for this case. The Judge wanted evaluations in place before the next court date.

As the morning went by it became more obvious the woman I wanted to watch was being steered to a last call. At different points I went outside to stretch my legs and had some seconds to talk to her. I gathered she had been in an accident in 2002. She had extensive back injuries that altered her life. She presupposes she will become wheelchair bound at some point. She was walking but very uncomfortable in the hard benches everyone sat in. She also had a history of celiac disease. I don't know much about that one. I finally realized I was not going to be going to the statehouse at noon. I decided to just wait.

I had a call around 930 on my cell. I had it in my pocket and was able to feel it but not hear it somehow so I decided to leave it on. A friend was coming and would be giving me a lift home. I was going to give her my placard but the Court Officer walked in looked at me with my phone in had and yelled that he would take it from me because he simply had ordered that phones be off. I am press my phone was not disruptive and I needed to have it on to read emails of stories and to contact Hector at Suffolk Court covering the other case. I got up and left and ignored this ignorant person with power.

Having been in the company of many court officers on beacon hill and about town I am aware of the pit bull tactics they use to intimidate justice in the courtroom. They are not exempt from error believe me. In fact as the time passed the Judge ordered a 10 minute break. When we came back the ac was on. In fact about 3 cases were left. And the ac was loud, so loud you could not hear the cases being heard from the public seating area. I was ticked. Soon the ac was turned down but one of the Court Officers body language jerked to the other to turn it up so that it was louder.. and the minion complied. I moved 3 times nearer to hear but my own ear infection blocks and the sound prevented me from hearing. HOWEVER, I had instructed the woman to speak up as I saw the intention of these two court scoundrels as it was happening. She did. And each time she spoke clearly the Judge leaned toward her to speak more softly. Body language denied she continued to speak boldly. The Judge threatened her with jail 160 days and gave her an Attorney as she was PRO SE upon her request then gave her a GAL to help with this process of discovery for her majority age son now 16 .. who is the object of this nightmare for her.. which she will have to pay for. All said and done this process took all of 20 minutes. 145start time. She will be odering the audio transcript of this remarkable 20 minute saga.

We exited the Court and at the door I asked if I could do a Press Conference in the downstairs lobby and was told no.. cameras allowed. I could do it outside but not on Court property??

Please let's get this straight. Is this public money that pays that place their wages and the Judges?? I think we have a problem ..

So out we went and I was able to get the following video interview in place of only 10 minutes for you to digest. This is family court in the 2000's. We are looking at the downfall of the people one case at a time in family court feeding the legal system the Judicial Jurispreponderance and the Jail birds paradise .. but wait there's more.. the courts will now be watched by

Court Watch.. a group started by the above lady and you can get a pdf of a form to watch in your town. Please consider helping on this mammoth attempt to rectify a national epidemic of miscarriage of justice. Please help. This is monumental and can be so useful to people who want to know about the court marital saga.. we all enter when we decide to de vor ce (devour) one another.

will post the links as soon as I can get my hands on them.. JAldrich

case details on the above case 4 7 10

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Comflm Registry News on the Move

Tomorrow, Wednesday April 7 2010 Comflm Registry News is on the move. In Cambridge Court there is a case I will be attending and monotoring. But Hector Montalvo of Methuen has asked to tape but was denied. Hector is a member of Comflm, Registry. Hector is interested in watchdogging Family Probate Court. He has been on their case for a year and together we have been trying to get the Court to work with us. Hector has been given permission to ask permission to tape.

The Court has allowed a member of Comflm Registry to request to tape the Courts. This may seem a little much but what is going on is the Courts are stretching their limits and giving some credibility to Independant Media in Massachusetts. I have been taking hits for 6 years on my credibility at the Legislative level and now Hector is embarking on the Court setting.

What people do not understand is that there must be a way to Identify Press other than being a paid member of a Press outlet. Ben Franklin was a Newspaper Owner and the sole employee of his paper. We are a nation of Independant thinkers and shakers. We must remain that way.

So my efforts are not to see the Press Regulated but the opportunities that are American in nature preserved in their integrity. As long as someone is willing to be screened for safety precautions they should not be hindered from operating in a Professional manner. But the Id system is not up to the level it needs to be either. Some have an outdated seal from the State Police on their badges. Independant Media do not. This puts unnecessary unconstitutional barriers in place to impede Independant Media at entry. We are working on this to help develop a new way of Identification so that we can be treated respectfully as the Press we are.

So watch tomorrow for there are two cases .. one in Cambridge Probate and one in Suffolk that were requests by Hector Montalvo to the Magistrates. Only one was willing to be videotaped.

Please stand by for tomorrows post on this one. And come in and find us and watch the case.
978 388 2457 for details tomorrow on the location.

Back to Business

Well, today I attempted to get off to the Statehouse but things got busy and here I am. So I decided to just start by posting my latest Statehouse News on the Daily Catch.

Today, there is a Municipalities and Regional Government Public Hearing and also a Transportation Public Hearing going on. So I decided to check in on the Mass Gov Site and see if they had posted it. Nope! Well I usually go to the phone and start calling the Senate Clerk officed and the House Clerk office but today I am doing something different. I am posting the notice here as a record that the Clerks failed to post a 48 hour public hearing notice.

This was given to the Statehouse News a subscription only News Agency but not to the public.

At any point 3 citizens need to complain to the Attorney Generals office that this was not done and a violation process can be started of the public notice law .

I will investigate my role here but I did call Fox News Desk and tell them. I want every news outlet furious with the Statehouse. This is a violence against the public trust. The bill today is very controversial on texting while driving. If you ask the Clerks offices they will tell you there are no more public hearings but that is a lie. From now until November there will be public hearings on the bills that are still being evaluated.

Each week I watchdog the public hearings on Beacon Hill. I have tried to gingerly get the schedules out of the Committee hands and watch the two windows on Mondays and Fridays. What took place a few months back shocked me to the core. I decided to complain in Galvins office about the dark corner the Senate Clerks window is in. They stated the Committees do not have to post the notices. What ???????? Two attorneys came out and explained while my blood fell to my feet that they do not have to follow the 48 hour notice and do not even have to post a notice or let the public know anything. They can have meetings up the ying yang and no one has to know. So end of story. Stop the madness. Ask you Reps and Senators if they want to be reelected in Massachusetts. Tell them to put themselves under the public record law and open transparent public meeting law. They took themselves off of in the 80's. Stop the madness.

Were all cooked if we do not react to this information. Might as well put flowers on your head your one of the walking dead in my book. It has taken me 6 years of diligence and persistance to see the light on this matter. Questions gallore this is the fact nothing but the facts.