Saturday, March 31, 2012

Solar Collection Obsession with the Sun

Well, it is hard to believe I have not posted since April 2011. I guess that is why I am updating. I went through a big year of personal medical issues. I am almost back on track. During that time of rest and recovery, I have gotten off track to follow the sun and moon.

I guess that is because I almost checked out off the planet and the things that we take for granted got much bigger. So bear with me here and let me explain the obsession part.

I have always been obsessed with earthquakes. When I moved to Vermont in the 60's one of the reasons I hated it was the mountains. I studied earthquakes enough to know if there would be an earthquake it would be in those mountains as the earth resized itself and drove out buggers from the planet. I did not want to be in that category. We moved to the flatlands.

What causes earthquakes is the fault line of my new obsession with the sun and moon. I have never believed the moon quack theories of the poor lunar cycle maniacs. I just don't buy it. But when the moon and sun become the magnetic pull string of the planetary cycles I take note. Just to think that all magnetic pulls positive and negative keep us from falling off the planet is enough to raise a few eyebrows when a new planet gets in the middle and creates havoc. This we will call the nibiru factor.

I was triggered into this new facination in September as a newbee when Solar Flares were in the news. I was only 3 months post op and my endurance to sit at the computer was just returning. I forgot my pain and pushed myself into the new slow moving story while trying to just gain my old mobility back. So the full dose of photo documentation is more than 2000 photos the ones here are a sort of summary to show the actual planets I am getting next to the sun and the steady buildup of deep red and the size factor that seems to be increasing.

I have just established an RSS feed. I will put all the pics up to identify certain facts in short time. I have gotten the YU55 as it passed through Hamilton and West Newbury, on the 8th and 9th of November 2011. You will be seeing a camera shot on very ordinary camcorders and my cell phone. So don't be shy to upload your own shots. It is going to be the wider conversation that will eventually, bring the truth to this picture.,

You can order prints through picassa, but I ask that you donate to the cppr archive project instead.