Saturday, March 27, 2010

Time out for Family

The next week is Passover, and then Easter.. I will be trying to catch up on backlog of my footage, put my business presentation together of costs for the past 3 years. I apologize to anyone that is expecting more from this site. I am uploading a lot of coverage on on the Health Care Progress to oblivion. For the past month I have been under continuous physical stress. I have an osteo disablility and spring is not my best time of year. I have vertigo today if anyone understands that phenomenum. It happens every year in spring and fall. I duck going in and outside if you can imagine. I am a very cultured pearl of a girl and need a lot of special care.

This is usually misunderstood by many as my appearance is fine for my age I just suffer non stop stuff that is only hard when I cannot get relief quick. All fall I had vertigo and it left for the Christmas season and then came back this week.

So please watch my sites and see what I post but this one may be ignored.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Monday on Beacon Hill

Well, I am so tired after a long weekend of being News in Hamilton that I will not be posting anything here until tomorrow. I am also having some technical difficulties with my Blip account tonight. So please stand by tomorrow is another day.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Demon Vote on Capital Health Care

It is 129am and I am not sleeping. I have had my sleep upset for a week now since the rain started to fall like a waterfall. I wonder sometimes if we are not really more connected to nature than we want to admit. Tonight the news shows homes businesses rivers all flooding worse than most have ever seen in a lifetime. But on the Hill in both Boston and Washington the Demons are working hard to make our lives miserable. Isn't it just allegorical, that the vote on Friday Pelosi wants to take is going to be called the demon vote?? Why?? How do we have such a thing on our books?? So right in the middle of Catholic Lent, Pelosi is willing to do this?? what kind of karma is that??

Cahill finally came out storming, that the vote is dangerous to the economy. A Democrat turned Independant is running for Governor. He is really going to be up against his boss and the next few months will play out pretty rough if you ask me as they backstab behind the scenes and on scene. It is March 2010 and not too soon to start campaigning for Hart. Why not when the vote is cast on Friday and when it all comes down he will be looking pretty sweet in November. This is being posted April 2011 and we all know the end of that story.

I see this battle much deeper and wider than one candidate. As I was listening to the Press Club in Washington on C Span last night the speaker who has been researching the T Party has found that this Wave is not the usual wave but bigger deeper and wider than the media are willing to admit. You can only derail a narrow train but a big rail that is running straight at you will need a lot more to stop. So for those in Washington and in Boston who think they sit sweet in their Legislative jobs beware. They will be on the dole with the rest they are pushing to accept health care communist style in November. Trust me this is very serious. Will they get it before Friday??

So if your reading my blog and you want to know the suggestion of my legal analyst jk then you might want to think about this. The whole Constitutional issues that have been harrangatanged the past 5 years and subjected to assault and destroy are what is at stake here. From the President and his birth certificate to the present health care legislation that will be passed by a demon reconciliation vote needs to be objected to by 1/3 of the Republicans and a roll call vote needs to be enacted. Then if they will not listen you bang them into Supreme Court and demand the vote be deemed illegal. Then you demand that Obama show his birth certificate and bang every vote he has acted on to be illegal and you throw the bums out in hand cuffs in necessary.

They are traitors and need to be in prison. This is not a game, this is the fate of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA . The people are aware of the problem, that is why they have left their plows and jobs and come in to protest. This will not go away until Washington get's it.

Or we are being taken over subvertly and the battle will rage on the streets. This will not be a passive acceptance. I am very concerned for our government to govern, if they subject the people to this harrassment of their rights. People have not broken out, because they have some hope left that reasonable process will be served. But Friday America's black Friday will determine whether the demons are in control or the free people.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Cameraman assaulted more links

Member of Ahmed Bedier's Muslim Brotherhood group Assaults FSC Cameraman & reporter.
FSC=Florida Security Council

Reporter is Assaulted in Florida

This story posted on ACT.. sent to comflm sunday 8 44pm 3 14 10

CONTACT: TOM TRENTO - 561-319-5533 (Tallahassee, FL) Investigative journalist and Chairman of Americans Against Hate Joe Kaufman and Florida Security Council cameraman J. Mark Campbell were assaulted, on Thursday March 11, by a member of United Voices for America (UVA), a Florida Muslim lobby group.UVA was in Tallahassee for its second annual event, entitled Muslim Capitol Day.According to the lieutenant in charge of the Capitol Police, the perpetrator of the attacks, Professor Bassem Alhalabi, was charged with simple battery for each incident. The two assaults happened on two separate occasions, both on the same day.Alhalabi is a professor at Florida Atlantic University (FAU), a director and co-founder of the Islamic Center of Boca Raton (ICBR), and a former associate of convicted terrorist Sami al-Arian.In June 2003, Alhalabi was found guilty of illegally shipping a $13,000 military-grade thermal imaging device to Syria.United Voices for America (UVA) is headed by Ahmed Bedier, the former Executive Director of CAIR-Tampa and the former unofficial spokesman for Sami al-Arian. Bedier was present, during the attack on Campbell.In May 2007, Rafiq Sabir, a member of Alhalabis Islamic center was convicted of material support for al-Qaeda
A more detailed investigation of these assaults and who the real Professor Alhalabi is will follow shortly.

What is Court to You????

I have been pondering on Court. Court is a symbol of our law. As a citizen we see court as a place we do not want to end up in. But in life we find we are in Court at times. Things happen, like a drivers ticket we need to fight to an Accident or maybe a bill we cannot pay or a landlord we file reports on. We can be on either side of the fence but Court is a symbol of our law that can get up inour faces when we look really close.

I have a beef with the Cori System. That system is running lots of people into serious trouble. Employers can see the Cori Report and they look for weird stuff that has no relevance to them but it can look bad for you if you want to get a job. So I have a beef with the Cori system.

However, with the television Court room as an option for people to rag on themselves and get some popularity perks they are making a mockery of the Court System. Some people never see Court and that is the only way they can see a Court room. That is a bogus Court Room and makes the system look really bad.

There are even Mediation Lawyers who Mediate with cases like a Judge. That is not Court either but they help to reach agreement without going to Court. I di d that once. It worked.

But the Court System is very important. It is the last straw when people fail to solve a problem. As a Reporter the Court System needs to know you are going to record represent them accurately. The Court System can be sued also. They need to protect their own turf. But the Court System in Massachusetts is not under open meeting law. So the people need Lawyers to get the records. And if you submit things yourself in Pro Se Litigation you always keep a copy and you get the records as both parties are entitled to records. My point here is that Courts have a prestige and a respect. Even if they are corrupt the System is isolated from the corruption unless the laws become corrupted and Judges allow that corruption to sneak in to the case. To remedy this delemna it would be a wise thing to discuss this openly with invested people.

As a Reporter who wishes that all Courts allow Reporters to cover the cases I am concerned the decorum of Court is understood by Reporters wishing to record. And also Court Reporters have a vested interest in the Court Decorum Process as well. It would be a good thing that both News Reporters and Court Reporters have some meetings together. What would the standards be that should be set in order to have a protocol that is universally understood by both and accepted by the Court Magistrates in a given situation. One that would help predict ahead that the case involved would be a certain case that would be allowed taping and one that would be considered private. This is a big discussion and I am attempting to make this happen as a Registry in Massachusetts wishings to develop a pass for all Media that is accepted by the Legislature and the Courts and all State Buildings. I am attempting to build that bridge and it will take time but this is a goal I am working on.

St. Patricks Parade

Well, a day of Rhino's along Parade Route in Southie exposes more of the true Scott Brown as Scott Brown announces his protest to march because the gays cannot march. Oh well, seems like someone is in amnesia mode. Does he think this will add to his popularity? Like the surprise jobs vote that infuriated hundreds of voters across Massachusetts??? Scott has some waking up coming his way. He will not get a re election vote which could have been a slipin like he had never seen. But his two immediate throw backs of mis-representation will come back to bite him watch and see.

Personally, I am totally frustrated by this move. I support military and the fact he will have such influence in Washington was a major reason for my support of Scott Brown. But this irratic vote/ behavior has stopped me from any further support of this person. From now on he is just like any of the rest maybe a little less dangerous but still a mole in the hole.

Frankly, the whole Parade and dinner should stop as far as I am concerned altogether. When they start the razzing the whole thing is brutally rude. I do not think the humor is humor at all and detracts from genuine Irish humor which I am familiar with. Time to disengage the disingenious and the fool who thinks they can be Irish. The Irish gift of humor is just that a gift. I have known people who have it and it is a pleasure and not a rude dig that takes a punch at enemies and calls it fun. Then plots all year to get back at them.

Romney thinks he did this he did not! He did not win a seat for Scott Brown. The people won it. And Scott can thank Romney for helping but he was very selective in letting people help and letting people be involved in order to protect his Rhino image and get the Rhino vote which is to destroy the Republican party . I am sorry if people do not understand the Republican party is a Conservative party. Anything short of that is a lie and a facade. Get over it.


This week will be packed full of stuff that must be watchdoged. There will be multiple executive Sessions before Wednesday, and Wednesday is Rule 10 day which means all bills need to be voted on. Then there can be another hearing on some if necessary but most will be then put to rest in study or debated on the floor. So please if your watching plan to spend Monday and Tuesday at the Statehouse. You can even pick up a Statehouse News Bulletin both days outside their office that will give you the room numbers of Executive Sessions.

I have a very serious bill S1458 that I have no idea if it was exec'd out yet. If you would like to call the State Administration and Regulatory Oversight Committee and ask that they decide favorable to that one I would be so grateful. Also, that bill will be a way to support my cause which is to have Independant Media Identified equally with the National Press outlets.

The Transgender bill will be exec'd out also on Tuesday and the Health Care bill will be acted on soon in Washington so if you are going to comment you need to call now. This week is critical.
Easter, Passover are almost upon us and the decisions in the Heavenlies are going to be watching our reactions to these bills you can be sure. Although America has a dream to save the world America is forcing it's will on the world in many ways. America the horny teenager is out of control and with the power of money has attempted to control the norm which has been a norm for hundreds of years. Our money pit has been tinkered with however, and we cannot keep meddling in the world of other dreams and not find ourselves provoking a long over due spank.

This situation is becoming a national problem if we do not act now. Last night I had a dream of the teens in this generation. They were shocking me in their clothes their cross gender shock immoral behavior at school at parties and whatever on the streets. I do not support the situation that is evolving at all. I am a Mom a Grandmother and a lover of kids in general. I abhore the schools getting on the front page with all this. They have been turning a deaf ear blind eye for years to all the immoralities with no consequence and now we have this nightmare on our hands. Selah.

Call and express your opinion. That is what our Republic is about . Free Speech, and freedom to be involved in the decision at the Statehouse or at the polls. It is up to you now. My opinion is known by all. I do my work relentlessly to help the Citizens of Massachusetts have a way to know what is happening on our Capital Hill Beacon Hill. If you do not know about my work you should check my website., on that site I make an attempt with a Reporters Blotter. It is all in chronicle order by dates. Each year has a monthly report and a year end report. This year I attempted to make a full 6 year report that can be copied and pasted for your records. The State is also taping and saving the work on, which can be seen on the Webcast for House. The Senate is taped by WGBH and is not preserved as a record. That should be stopped and my work is shining the light on the subject as I discover the problems I make you know what is happening. You can watch the Session as it is happening but not for a public record. You would need to copy each session to your own vcr or dvd copy.

If you are out there and want to start that on your own let comflm know.,

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Priorities of Coverage! How to Choose!

March 9, 2010

It is 739pm and I am still at the computer. I have been trying to clean up the last few weeks of work. What got me behind was the 4 day power outage in Hamilton. It started at 3am on Friday and lasted until Sunday about 3pm. Fortunately, I had a place to go to vedge out. But my idea of vedging is taping so of course I brought my camera, only to find myself taping a kids event. What fun I had doing that. But, it did not help my backlog of work. I came home got busy and found myself with piles of work that I could not get at. I had to run to the next important event.

So today, I prioritized and stayed home. I feel like I am making a dent, but it is so overwhelming to be this busy week to week. What did I cover that was so interesting?

It started out with the Judiciary Hearings two weeks one on banning Circumcision, and regulating medical marijuana, Press Shield laws, regulating Court Reporters, and then last week Veterans Committee listened to every 501c3 that donates to Veterans, plus the Bully Press Conference, finding out about Gas Leaks in Telecommunications and Energy, all over Boston, and so many other issues that I just kept running until Sunday I went to sleep like Sleeping Ugly and slept and slept and woke up for Church then slept and slept staying home Monday and today I got up early but around 3ish layed down while a downloading a camera and konked out again for 3 hours. So I'm back in case anyone cares and starting to feel like I have my life back.

Tomorrow, I will go in to the Statehouse and tape again, and at night I have been invited to visit a Show I may be on and then Thursday I have a gig set up with someone to interview them.

So this is a world that turns very fast and days just are consumed by my project. Yes, I am busy and love this but someone else should join me. I am sure there are people who are bored stiff and this is not boring. I put together a Presentation that tells about the project and who I need in the future to make the public affairs network happen. I will be also putting a Money Presentation together this month and that will be used to get bids on the start up costs to launch the Public Affairs Network in Massachusetts.

So if you think you are alone and nothing is happening you need to think about what I am doing with nothing. Something will come of this. You just watch.

Yes it is a priority problem and daily I have to choose what to do that will simplify the day.


The Brown campaign gave the Shawmut Group a venue to test 2010 and 2012 campaign themes. Heading one state south to run against Ted Kennedy's son was a natural first stop. Cole functioned as Shawmut's point man there the day Loughlin announced his candidacy. Cole's adherence to the Shawmut Group's belief in message discipline was evident when he twice (my point here) tried to cut off reporters after a handful of questions following Loughlin's announcement speech -- an unusual pivot for a candidate who provides his cell phone number on his campaign Web site and who makes it a point of pride to be accessible for questions. Loughlin ended up staying until the last question was answered. ------ Johnson reported from Boston.

This story was on Eyeblast today. I was struck by the Reporter bashing they gave. Yes the Romney crowd does not like Reporters. I saw that tirelessly while he was in office in Massachusetts. So if you think his crowd will support Free Speech when he illusionary that he is somehow is elected, your wrong!

I saw this again this year. I have yet to hear from the campaign that did it. I like elephants because they do not forget. Somethings are not forgetable. Watch out for Romney and this crowd now taking all the kudos for Scott Brown's election.

What actually, happened in my estimation was not their super imposing of a strategy but the lack thereof. People actually came up like a surge of spring water level and just hung out for Scott. This was not a Romney act. But if he wants to get in on the action well take it away! The PEOPLE RUN THIS SHOW not the Hackacrats.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Whose Side Are You On??

For the past 7 years I have tried to pick up the slack the News Teams miss. I wanted to record and keep the information so I could write. But then people asked me, "Did you get that story? can I have a Copy of your video? Of course. I did not think of myself as a Reporter at first. I was going to do a documentary on the topics being addressed. Press was simply not covering topics comprehensively, for me. I decided to do my documentary on them. So, I buddied up with them and captured them doing their interviews. I let them have the full space and made room so that I could get them as well. This is my style and has continued in all my video's.

I want the whole story. The whole story is what get's reported and what is actually happening. This past week I was taping in Veterans Hearing in B1. Next door at 1pm B2 a Press Conference was about to take place on the Bully bill. I went in and asked the Media, " can you guys get this whole conference and put up a C Span shot so the public can see the entire thing? I felt it would only be about 15 minutes and it would be fun to know what was happening. NO Was the answer. We have COPYRIGHTS to worry about. What?? you have the copyright it is your work! So I looked at them furious shocked and went and yanked my camera from the other meeting. I taped the whole Press Conference which was 28 minutes and it is up on Blip now.,
I felt the media was wrong to not be willing to put the entire message up. You must see the facts here. I felt the media was deliberately hiding the truth and I did not want that to be hidden. I got in the line up and my little spit ball camera got the whole thing, next to their huge cameras. I love what I do I really do. It is so much fun. I want CSpan in Boston. Get on board with me.

I am labeled as being with certain groups. I am simply capturing events that only one side up to now capture. I let the public see the whole thing. It is consuming and tedious. But I do not edit. I do not even title because my program is so hard it is impossible to do it all. Blip gives me a way to upload and log my own name on the video. That is what I do to show ownership.

I want all sides to be known. I do not cover really gross things. If the public is invited I cover an event. IF not I don't. I am a Reporter who votes that is all that is needed. I am not an automoton that is worried my boss will fire me. I do not get paid. I maybe some day will be paid but not at the moment. I want to write some books. Who knows if that will ever happen.
Whose side are you on? I am a Republican, on town committee, and yes I follow Republican stories.

Repubicans in Massachusetts are a rarety.. That makes my stories worth more.. doesn't it?

I believe all should get the coverage they need to make our system work. I guess that makes me a slacker Just taking up the slack!

What is a Reporter and What makes them Legal?

That question is not that hard. But for our generation the question is very troubling. The information disseminating is now a general issue. We can all disseminate information to the public. So that makes us a reporter??

That question was heard in Committee last week. Rep O Flaherty Judiciary Co Chair wanted to know and grilled Susan Warnick on the fact. Do we have to recognize a blogger as Press and the Press Shield applies to them?? The Chair was baffled by this point. But it is much bigger. They are considering ways to stop the Press and it is being muffed by the Laws they are trying to tweek through. But we see the truth.. the fog is clearing isn't it.

The next week they were at it again with trying to require Court Reporters to be licensed. That caused a mighty stir in the Court Reporter Industry. They are Independant Contractors who take pride in their work and to see themselves pushed under the rug like that was infuriating. But not to me who has been seeing this coming for the past 7 years. That is why transparency is so important. They need to come on board with me and demand the Legislature be video recorded as well as the courts. They need to wake up as a group and put the skids on the Legal Mania Crowd on Beacon Hill and force the slack to the people to see this .

So what is a Reporter? Well, in my day, and I am proudly 67 I could just write an article and if it got accepted over and over I got myself known as a Reporter. In fact, that happened and I was offered a job to cover three towns. I caught on fast that the need to be legally savy was going to be an issue so I gave it up. I could see the handwriting on the wall of court cases for libel. It was not a bad decision. If I had started video recording they would have had some fits but that would have been a good decision. Frankly, in the 70's they were not there yet on the impact TV could have even though it was around for 30 years. Now it is around for 70 years and we are just catching on to the fact TV can play a great role in Reporting.

I have taped more than 450 events. Does that make me a Reporter?? Not on Beacon Hill! They have it in their heads that only working press are real. But Susan Warnick set them straight. I am legal. And so is a Blogger. It would have to be scrutinized more closely but you can be sure my case would prove me a Reporter. I am a Reporter. I am a videographer a VideoJournalist and a legal Reporter. Take that Statehouse. I will succeed in making this point, I will succeed in making a Registry of competent Independant Reporters and put the record straight.

If you are a rogue reporter and you want to wreck this plan. Don't join Comflm, Registry. We are going to be a class act. We are not Spiderman and Spiderwoman, hanging off buildings to get a story. We will go in the door and get legal recognition. We are not the enemy. Anyone, can join Comflm, Registry, as long as you are not a what ?? sex offender.. you cannot photo journal and be a sex offender. If you can get a Cori and that is not on it.. you can join. I will see you get some training unpaid training. If you want it. We will succeed in becoming respected and recognized. So if you think you can do it some other way.. good luck. I will work with the Courts and the Legislature and get this done right. Not any other way. I don't have time for party crashers.

And if your a Politician and you want to succeed you better recognize Independant Media. That is all I have to say. What are you up to is all I can say on that one!

The Battle for Open Meetings Public Record Law

Do you know that our Legislature is not under the Open Meeting Law? They removed themselves from this in the 80's. If you doubt me, then call Galvin's office and ask them. Then ask if he supports this and why he has never made it a cause on Beacon Hill. This one transgression against transparency has allowed much to creep in and take over. There simply is no track record. We have seen mistrust and undercover back stabbing secret goings on for 30 years.

I have made it my point to study what is going on for 7 years now. I have made an attempt to keep a record of the public events, public hearings, and public press conferences to try to understand this problem. I have run into every kind of resistence on the Hill. I have the support of my Representative and Senator, but to say they are pushing my cause is slightly a tricky point. They simply stop a fire by getting in the middle of me and the Statehouse, but they cannot stop what needs to be done on the whole. WE the people need to understand that this is a nightmare situation. I understand this but do you??

I cannot get even the crowds I mingle with to grasp this. There seems to be a blindspot on the subject. Instead of seeing the problem they see my equipment, my age, my lack of money, what ever comes into their heads, but they miss the problem. I am explaining the situation and it get's lost. Well, I am going to harp on this until it becomes a song that we are all singing.

The Legislature has to be back under the open meeting law now. It is not healthy for America. We need transparency now. Not next year, or ten years, we need it now. This has to be the mantra of every politician during the election season. We must elect people who understand this. It is a must people. If you do not see this and I am willing to explain it ad nauseum, you are on the wrong team. I don't like you. I don't want you near me. You are not American. Your a usurper. You do not understand accountablility and you are a thief.

Sorry, I will not vote for you. I don't care if you are the lessor of two evils. You need to resign thinking you can run and resign if you are a Politician. Your done in my book. Get over it. Good Bye! Sionara! Talk to me about transparency and I will listen.

In the Spring of last year a petition initiative went around called Fix Beacon Hill. That was a good thing but the wording was too complicated. People agreed but to speak to them on the street and get them to sign was like trying to catch someone on a ski slope passing by. They simply did not want to engage that long. A ballot question needs to be brief , to the point and have a wide spectrum. The narrowing can take place in debate but the issue needs to be stealth enough to effect a conscious grasp of the point. That petition was not clear. It boggled my head but I supported it. I wanted the point on the ballot to see people talk about the subject. They did not get the numbers. I was not aware of the thing in time or I would have helped more. But then I tape and that is a full time effort I do weekly. I wish I was more involved when that was in the planning stages.

Another petition initiative fell through also on the 1913 law overturning. I did not get involved until the end on that one. It takes so much mental strength to do something like that and the harrangatang that went on over the marriage petition put a lot of people on the defeatest plank so it had an effect when another petition was in the works. So again, consequence is real and the lack of tranparency will play out in these ways if We the people do not see the problem is daily transparency on Beacon Hill. Let's make this a cause people. Make accountability an issue in 2010.

March Winds of Change on Beacon Hill

Well, it is March already, and we have seen the winds of change blowing hard on Beacon Hill. This week of March 7, we will see the battle for the Bully on the Senate Floor. Tuesday and Thursday will be the important days to watch. Please visit my site to find out lots of links to our Statehouse and to Washington DC Statehouse.

I am personally, conscerned for Free Speech. In the bill being presented the corrected speech will be directly affected in writings on line and also at school. This will be the first time we will see an active effort to dampen normal talk. Talk that is tough from kids will be seen as inappropriate. Some think this will bring kids to feel like woosies. Radicalize courage and promote wimps. If you want a little scripture lesson here I say the proverbs state.. and to those who ordereth their conversation aright I will show the Salvation of God. We have abandoned Scripture and yet the law shall force those who know not scriptures to shut up?? We will see!
Make room for many in the prisons.. strange bedfolk coming!

I have seen the problem for years in the public school arena. They simply put up with everything and now it is coming back to haunt them. We are living in the age of consequence.
We get truth or consequence. This is consequence. Ignore a problem long enough and you will have to legislate it. Public school bullies have existed since time. I do not see a correctness of judgement here, but we will all feel their pain for sure. But more than everything we are all in the arena of what is going on in the schools. And it is all about the homosexual student. They want to be gay in school. They don't care whom they hurt in bathrooms or whereever.. they have now become the norm. Please check out, their blog.. much to do about everything here spoken!

And if you have an oppinion this week is the week to make it known.. like the wedding.. if not you shall forever hold your peace!

Monday, March 1, 2010

Transportation on the Subway as a Senior

I have been relearning the Subway for 3 years. I was very scarred when I started. I have some serious memory problems. I can remember as long as I know the correct way. But learning again at 60 is different than learning at 21. The extra steps it takes to find the correct way can be a killer. I spent many a day in transition trying to find the elevators up and the elevators down and trying to avoid the Stations that had only one.

The MBTA has a book out now that has every detail for examination. I propose each town in the Commonwealth request one and purchase it for the Library System. I propose that that book be put online for a PDF to download. I found it last fall at the Statehouse on exhibit for a Disability Day where they had a set up to renew your MBTA Disablity Senior Cards.

I find the pass for Seniors only allows you to purchase 10 rail rides at once and does not make it easy to budget. I have lost a 10 ride card. I only buy 2 at a time now. I think they should give everyone a card that rides and let them purchase a week at a time. Or that they build turnstyles for the Rail like the T. The Subway gives a monthly pass and that is great. However, I have no idea how that works. I have been getting a pass through when I thought I needed a new one.

So overall the T is the most confusing. They are best at travel times. But very crazy at entrance points. I absolutely hate the long walkthrough at Downtown Crossing and will do anything to avoid it. I get upset thinking about it.

The T Stations are cold and windy. The Subway doors open and close so much that one day delivering a dvd to Newton and returning on the Subway to North Station gave me a sinus infection. I now either block my face like an Arab or take the Rail as far as I can. I hate them for the germs they seem to innoculate you with. I hate the stale air and the obnoxious piss everywhere . I hold my breath most of the time underground. Why would anyone want to work in that scene where one has to go through that maze of germwarfare every day to make a living?

So incase you have not rode the Rail or the Subway in a few years, you can now catch up on what is the accurate description. Walk, take a cab, drive, but when you decide to give that up, this is where you will be at. And if time is money to you, then the chances of your saving money are nil.

Transportation on the Rail

At least three years have passed since I had my car. I found that being a Senior, in Senior Housing, on a set income, was a deterrant to publishing my public works documents. So I made a decision to learn to ride the Rail again. I live in Hamilton, Massachusetts and the Rail is literally two large blocks away. But that walk can be fast or slow depending on my feet which don't like walking. But I make myself do this. I walk from home to the Depot in Hamilton and then up the Hill to the Statehouse to videotape the Public Hearings. It takes me a good 15 minutes to walk 2 blocks. And another 20 minutes to walk up the Hill. I travel on the trains a good hour and so one way is almost 2 hours in travel time. So I leaving on the 812 AM train get to Boston and to the Hill around 930 to 945 AM.

What is a good point about the train is that you can read, make calls, and finish up detail work on the DVD's which I deliver to the Committees. I never stop once I leave home. I traipse around the Statehouse picking up dates for new events. Checking on what I may have missed tracking down and stopping for coffee once in my day. Sometimes the hearings start at 11 AM and that is when I take some time to visit the Shoeshop and chat with the Preacher who owns it in North Station. Talk about eating humble pie. That is a definite visible witness to humility.

What is a bad part of the train connection is the wait time. If I happen to miss the AM train it is another 1 hour and 40 minutes to the next. If I miss the night train I am waiting in food friendly zones but the seats are so hard I hate them. I do not eat real food until around 8PM at night.

Sometimes I make a trip downtown and pick up supplies on the way home. But that is a weight problem and so I have to plan that specifically. I cannot just pick it all up because I cannot get it home. Even with my bag and wheels that I pull I am really loaded down. What becomes a problem is the escalators. Going up they are narrow and the bag gets caught. Going down at Government Center terrifies me. I can be trying to see the floor, pull a bag and get it by the rubber that prevents steel scraping but actually is hazardous. So, I wait for the right time. Sometimes I just give up and struggle walking to the North Station bogged down. It all depends on the day.

Anyway, what is the most interesting is the feeling of freedom. I could only explain it when it was new. I was like a kid in High School. I thought I remember being this dependant when I was a student. I was so looking forward to a vehicle and I was a girl that had one in College. An old 57 Chevrolet. It was huge. I felt like a fly in that thing. I had standard shift and that drove me nuts so much that when I finally got automatic I said I would never go back. But then the never thing happened and I bought my own first car in 88 a Nisson and yes it was a standard shift again. But that car owed me no favors it was a dream. It was a mini German Tank I used to think. I did everything but plow with it. I went 178, 000 miles on that car and no brakes.. just brake pads. Finally, I sold it and fixed the brakes. That was because I truly lubed it every 3k miles. After that, I had multi cars that never did it until my day to forget them in the dust and go on foot.

But the biggest problem with the rail is the disconnect on human kindness. The system is brutal on your emotions. They see me as a Hamilton lady and not a Senior. They do not see a disabled Senior with severe walking restrictions because I push myself and make myself do it. They do not even help to lift my heavy bag across the 12 inch gaping hole that they do not recognize as a problem getting on. Last year I fell on a weekend and ended up with a plate and 7 screws in my wrist. I cannot lift with my right hand anymore. I can do a lot but cannot lift. So I am in need of help.

I frequently, find my footing slows down instead of speeding up when hurrying like the old Carol Burnett Show. I just can't run anymore. I could fall on my face and become a real smashup.
This weekend my son tried to get me to the Newburyport train. All of us a little stretched with the power failures we arrived and the train was still parked. I made a mistake and thought the train was leaving at one pm. It was around 1245PM. I had two bags of gear with me and my son was taking them out of the car when the train decides to leave. They had very good visibility of me and my son arriving. They only blew the horn and left us standing there. The next train was in 2 hours. The wind was a little heavy and my extra gear made it a problem for me to wait in Dunkin Donuts at least 10 walking blocks away. My son had plans but decided to just drive me home. For him round trip that was 2 hours. For the train to get me there it was 20 minutes.

So my complaint is real and frazzeling. It is just not the best solution to be on the Rail, or any other public transportation. They are brutal to the customers. And the Customers send the same rippling vibes to each other. Who is the blame??? Humanity. We live and die in a lesser state of Grace.