Sunday, November 11, 2012

November 11 2012 Post Election

I just spent 3 hours trying to retrieve my google password.  They like to have an email.  However, if you forget the password you then can't get the email in the gmail account. Duh.  And then they wanted to text me but there is no real way to just send a sentence.  I don't text.  So around we went until a friend called and getting over the frustration while pawing through tons of notes to myself and a good solid prayer I found it. 

It is now 1131pm.  I am a little tired and sore from being on the computer a lot.  I get really sore from the sitting.  I miss the route to the statehouse.  Tomorrow I will be heading to the Dr so will spend the day traveling.  On the bus the travel is tripple time and so my whole day will be one Dr appt.

Well, does it seem we went under somewhere?  Like underwater and we are swimming with our nose pinched?  I have not felt any air since Nov 6 election day.  Instead I have been watching the sky and the earthquake reports which seem to be sending a lot of signals.  It was suppose to be blue skies and 50 today.  I walked to Church at 10am and it was cold and cloudy sky filled with chemtrails and you could hear the planes above all night like tonight. 

I read my last report here and I was routing for Santorum.  It feels like a century.  I am in shell shock.  I never felt Romney would be able to pull it off.  The sting of the past 4 years of Republicans fighting over how much ground to give up was just too much for the Conservative backbone of the Party.  I got some feedback tonight that people just would not even hold signs for Romney. So we got what they stuffed down our throats.  After seeing him in campaign mode and at the Convention I sort of thought it might work.  But people are not sure of who he is.  I do think he was better than Obama and would not engage in the palestinian side of the middle east politics as Obama has.  That would have been comforting.  To instead be steadily giving aid and comfort to the enemy has not been easy to watch. 

However, 90percent black vote and 60percent latino for Obama shows exactly what I was able to film in 8 years on the polar shift on social issues .  The blacks just never showed up.  Like they just voted as a group Obama.  It was a vote by default for all the mandates their guy Obama has pushed through.  It is all sickening and openly a white hate attack in retro.  Even when he will pull them down with all in America the down fact just doesn't sink in as they seem to think they are down anyway. 

I have grown up in so many social changes it is amazing I can live through it.  I evolved from Democrat to Republican, Catholic to Protestant to Catholic et al.  I was LWV pro environment pro abortion in case of rape, to pro gun low taxes anti abortion noway nogay, anti military to promilitary, it just goes on and on and on.  I have seen slavery go come and go.  I have seen stories of what happened in my Dads time to 'colored" people to loving my Black friends and feeding off the Gospel teachings on the Holy Ghost.

I can never tell you however, I have ever seen the Church pray that their teachings would be allowed to be taught as I did today in the Catholic Mass. It was a disgusting revelation of how ignorant and hateful of religion this generation has become.  It made me sick and know that religion will be the strength and undoing of this great nation built by people of faith.  This is the generation that was prophesied about in Revelations.  They will not stand sound doctrine.  They will not be able to understand the significance to their own detriment and judgement.  It will permeate the earth in denial and persecution.  It is coming and it is here.  God save the Commonwealth of the United States.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It is a new day in America isn't it!

We are on the cusp of something big. We have finally a Presidential Candidate that is a mature Christian and lives like one. This will take the media by storm. Let's see what our God can do.
We had John Kennedy. A Catholic who took the world by storm very young. Then his brothers tried to come up in the rear but they were no match for the enemy at large. I am sorry, but we see what sexual sin does now don't we.

Still, the country did not see what happened as they should have. A son was lost. A huge loss for everyone. We were on a new path and we are now on the other side. I was in my 20's when JFK was elected. Not old enough to vote but almost. I was in Copley Square when the news came down. It was so black that night. Newspaper guys still stood on corners yelling. I was in shock. The whole nation reeled.

I was just home from delivering my first child when the news came out that Bobby had been killed. I was in Sioux City Iowa on an airforce base. I was an officers wife. I was shocked again. I guess my own displaced suspicions started then with the Military and with the Democrats. I started hating them. But it was a different hate. I was a proud Democrat. I got involved in local Politics through a great lady who lived next door to me. She was my boss my mentor and my friend. I could see some things brewing in the Democratic party but it didn't hit me it was very widespread.

This person was a Socialist Democrat. I didn't think it was dangerous just stupid. I was surprised at her boldness to admit it. I was not a Socialist. I was raised Catholic in Catholic Schools. I attended public but hated them. I moved several times so had to relocate and when there was no Catholic school I had to attend the public schools. I had very conservative values.
But in 10 years I was in a divorce over religion really. I realized too late that religion was too much to sacrifice for money security or companionship. I wanted out.

Scripture states that if the unbelieving partner wants to stay so be it, but if they want out, let them go. He wanted out and left. I was not going to stop him. It was over.

So at this point , I had to give up any chance of Politics as the Democrats were moving left and I had to exit. It was not until 2003 that I had opportunity to return to the political scene. Life had tons of experiences to bring to the front and I had a new focus. I was going to report on this adventure. I had done some News stuff during my 10 years before the divorce. I headed to the Statehouse when I heard the talk on Gay Marriage was having some rallies. That put me dead center in the middle of the huge battle. I began my journey to discover that in Boston the Legislature is not under public record law. That one fact would trepardize me purposefully the next 8 years when I wanted to record the public hearings. I ignored them. I just taped and got over 500 public hearings under my belt. This was a nightmare and I was going to take them on.

Romney was Governor and then Patrick came later. I got them both on the hill. I know what Democrats are about and Rino Republicans. I watched them closely as they trepardized the public the Tea Party the Conservatives. I was shocked again daily. I could not believe we could have evolved so much that we now had Socialists in charge and Republicans who were not Conservatives. I could not understand what was going on. But I do now.

People you are going to have to recognize and have a few strokes falling over to grasp what the problem has become. We have not followed the Hill as we should. Public Record law must be back. Until that happens the Romneys of the world will continue to erase the emails and take all the records with them and who can stop them from stealing the public record? Wake up.

Rino's hate being called Rino's. Too bad. Democrats are now comfortable with being called Socialists. No shame just ok. Obama can admit he is a muslim and that will be ok too expecially when he brings 50 mil muslims in as legal immigrants. How many votes does he need?

He is a horrible example of why you need a 2nd generation American as President. Not a set up by an enemy country that can birth the leader and pay his way through Harvard to take us down.

This is a script that Orson Wells would love to put on screen. It's coming if we can survive.

So my advice? Vote Santorum. He is the man of the hour. His johnny come lately sneak attack on the Rino machine is all we need. Vote by helping on the phones. Don't wait until September. Help now. Show him you believe in him. Show God you believe he has given the USA a Candidate that will change the Socialist Adgenda to reck the constitution. That is the plan and now you have yours.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Letter to John Mc Cain in response to the comment on theTeaPartyHobbits

Thank You!Your comment has been submitted. You can
review and print a copy of your message below.
34B Rust
Dear Senator Mc Cain Please stop harrassing
the Tea Party Santorum and any normal person who supports life. Women who have
lost their sense of the purpose of life bearers and have decided to murder their
offspring are confused unhappy women. They need therapy and the hate monger
distracting women's libbers such as Hillary Clinton need no more explanations.
Stop harrassing the Conservative movers and shakers that are now rumbling in the
camp. Your abuse of power will not help. The Republican platform needs a new
fresh air to blow the doubleminded left wingers off the ramps. If they are so
independant then go to an Independant Platform. Stop including these rogue
Democrats Independants and empowering their destruction of America. This is not
going to help you in your reelection either. Your influence helped Scott Brown
and now look what is happening. He has no sense to stop his drag no pun intended
influence to the left and will find this comes back to bite him appropriately in
the ass. Wake up. Shut up. Let the Republicans have the clout they need to wipe
Obama out. He will laugh himself silly just as the old statement you cannot put
out a fire with fire. You are not fighting Obama you are fighting the takedown
of thee American Constitution. Wake up or shut up both need immediate
consideration. I consider your rubble conversation on the Tea Party the same as
my old Doctor calling the La Leche League the Utter Club. Get over it. Romney is
scared and rightfully so. There is an anthology of complaints on the bottom on
him., and you cannot go against the tide that is being
constructed to rebirth the American way. Please join the honest Republicans or
be removed by national nuisance grass root deployments. Fight the right thing
and get the guys or whatevers kicked out of the Army that put a gay flag up in
Afganistan in a country that will use that as a symbol of the Satan crowd
polluting the land. They have no right to put any flag on a military mission
that does damage to the cause and confuses the enemy over on principles of which
we stand and of which is Gods flag not the homosexuals as they stole the very
symbol that God judged them for in Noah's flood and claim it is their own. For
even the children had become corrupted and God had to wipe them out. This is
against nature and nature hates it. Get over it. You have lost your way and
publicly you are showing your true stripes which were the red white and blue. Do
you see how this has been a bug in the eye situation which aids the enemy? Get
over it and get back to the truth. The truth sets us free. The truth hung on the
TREE for you as well. Get over it. Stop harrassing true believers in
Christianity and get on the right side or you will be a ballotgonner next
election. I am waving bye bye now. Santorum is a true Republican Gingrich is not
and Paul is a Liberal who needs his own party. Romney hates press and will
disregard the Constitution he already proved it by allowing the Judicial system
to impound it in Boston. Wake up Shut up CatchoftheDay,VideoNews,
FreelanceReporting I do documentary footage for Press to use if they wish to
expound. I include myself in that. Support Transparency. Where are Romneys
emails? Support open meeting public record law! Get on the right page for this
generation. Janet Aldrich President Comflm Registry News a registry of
independant press whose influence helped the SJC to include new media in the
Court.July2012 this year. RINO's begone! A Rino will never beat Obama. You will
see this if you continue to block the people. LET THE PEOPLE VOTE comes back to
haunt Romney! I approve this message I want a real response not a computer
generated spy ware tap.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Solar Collection Obsession with the Sun

Well, it is hard to believe I have not posted since April 2011. I guess that is why I am updating. I went through a big year of personal medical issues. I am almost back on track. During that time of rest and recovery, I have gotten off track to follow the sun and moon.

I guess that is because I almost checked out off the planet and the things that we take for granted got much bigger. So bear with me here and let me explain the obsession part.

I have always been obsessed with earthquakes. When I moved to Vermont in the 60's one of the reasons I hated it was the mountains. I studied earthquakes enough to know if there would be an earthquake it would be in those mountains as the earth resized itself and drove out buggers from the planet. I did not want to be in that category. We moved to the flatlands.

What causes earthquakes is the fault line of my new obsession with the sun and moon. I have never believed the moon quack theories of the poor lunar cycle maniacs. I just don't buy it. But when the moon and sun become the magnetic pull string of the planetary cycles I take note. Just to think that all magnetic pulls positive and negative keep us from falling off the planet is enough to raise a few eyebrows when a new planet gets in the middle and creates havoc. This we will call the nibiru factor.

I was triggered into this new facination in September as a newbee when Solar Flares were in the news. I was only 3 months post op and my endurance to sit at the computer was just returning. I forgot my pain and pushed myself into the new slow moving story while trying to just gain my old mobility back. So the full dose of photo documentation is more than 2000 photos the ones here are a sort of summary to show the actual planets I am getting next to the sun and the steady buildup of deep red and the size factor that seems to be increasing.

I have just established an RSS feed. I will put all the pics up to identify certain facts in short time. I have gotten the YU55 as it passed through Hamilton and West Newbury, on the 8th and 9th of November 2011. You will be seeing a camera shot on very ordinary camcorders and my cell phone. So don't be shy to upload your own shots. It is going to be the wider conversation that will eventually, bring the truth to this picture.,

You can order prints through picassa, but I ask that you donate to the cppr archive project instead.