Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tea Party Candidates

Today, Saturday, August 21 in Salisbury, I attended and videotaped the T Party Rally on Elm and Route 1. Around 50 people showed up and held signs and listened to several speakers.

It was the first day back on the job since July as I have been traveling all summer. I found the event stimulating. I plan only to cover T Party events from now on. I simply do not have the patience with the party lines. I want to see new blood and new comments. If your out there and you do not like the reputation of being with the T Party and what they are about you should just stay away. I will capture you and put you on the net. If it is public and your there and I am there you will be videotaped. Get used to it.

I am not playing around anymore. We need people who have guts not washouts everytime there is a rain storm. I need people to work with me until elections. You can drive help with set ups and videotape monitor a camera. All sorts of help needed. Please apply. No pay intended.
Just raw guts and patriot preservation.

978 388 2457

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