Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day 2010

Today I am catching up on work not completed. I will be attending Michael Graham in Andover on the 9th Thursday night which I am excited about. I found out about this at the last Merrimac Tea Party Candidates meeting. I taped a ton of Candidates for your use. You can find them on August 25 2010 on my blip site., Hope to see you all there. That is also Rosh Ashana so maybe some will be missing.. sweet New Year to you!

On Sunday September 5 2010 at Doyles Cafe in Jamaica Plain, there was the monthly Media meeting. You can order a huge breakfast for 7.00 free coffee and enjoy a ton of folks talking about their work in Media. I guess I will be a 4 times a year person max. I find the meeting fun exhilarating and a good way to just relax with like minded people. I actually taped some of the meeting. You will find that up at some point on Blip as well. I got to mention the open meeting situation of which after a gent stated he would like every word taped the elected officials speak.
Thinking that a little much I laughed and mentioned what I was talking of was public meetings.
Public is where the public is invited to join in, attend and given notice of.

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