Friday, July 5, 2013

Freedom Works has Glenn Beck on,  If your up click this and get on ,,

Glenn talking about Singularity a time when machine and man merge.  We are being watched flagged and stored at this event tonight. 

Internet going off quite a bit.. I think it is bigger than weather.  I think we have an extra planet in the mix giving us grief.  We have a lot of slow moving stories going on.

When do we say enough?  The line is the Constitution of the US.  That is my right it keeps me free and others free and to speak our minds openly without being on  a list.

Guaranteed by God himself.  Yeah Beck.  Gotcha on that one.  Will we push back that is the point in this gathering.  Secret Courts, decisions being made Supreme Court decisions and we don't know anything about them.  Time to draw a land in the sand.

How do we do this?

I say we demand public record laws be established in every state.  We put the Gov under  their own inspections. 

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