Sunday, January 12, 2014

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014 Let's start with a poem!

As a writer, videographer, I have an ongoing poetry book I have also been trying to publish for years.  I find poems along my file purges and here is one I wrote in 2008.
I hope you will comment if you like this.  I am not in the mood for those who don't. Sorry!


Trying to understand my deep reactions to some dis communication strata, a poem fell into place ..we are a ball of inter action some coming in,  some coming out.. all are part of the game called communication.  some verbal.. some non verbal ..all has a sting.. every tiny piece of each of us tied up in language ..visual non verbal body language.. have you ever been there??? misunderstood again??? feeling perceptive discerning wounded and bleeding??  raw forsaken confused??? That is what the world calls love.. I call it lying.. cheating.. deceiving.. and most of all duplistic.. Lord deliver me until I really get it.. take the self deception mode  imbedded under lying under pinning  my soul and lead me home.. I am woman flesh ..I was meant to care.. that is all..
maybe women are more sensitive to this stuff than men ...but being a prophet (ess) also makes it harder to ignore the gut stuff..friendship is total honesty.. friend, a friend loveth at all times, your not fooling anyone .. got your their numbers.. thought I would see if I could be wrong....just once, I could say  imagination is willy, it makes my world willy nilly,   too bad..
 never been blond ..never mind the dumb blond stuff.. won't exchange my integrity..
don't like games.. don't like bad jokes.. don't like phonies..I like clear running water.. see through souls and mystical goals.. sorry no soaps.. sensitive dope.. just being real is my greatest deal.. take it from me.. truth is not hurts to love it, live it , keep it,
speak it and see it.. but it has great advantage.. you don't get illusive butterflies, you don't get treated unwisely, you have respect for the pure and pity for the liars.. you can smell a phony and feel an enchanter.. you can inspect the duplistic and respect the mystic.. you know when to start and when you can one has to tell you hits like a brick..your face is a beacon.. your heart isn't leavin.. your just a poor prophet who endures one more  beatin.. until the One sees from Heaven and He finishes.. fixes  frustrates the meanin..confuses the enemy and says to you when your leavin.. take a hint..
 guts are real.. some have them.. some use them.. some abuse them.. some loose them.. if you have them?   guts are real... test your metal.. guts are steel.. when the fire hits,  better watch.. guts are steel ..bent steel doesn't bend straight once it's cools crooked..
When we find ourselves in our own fire.. meltdown is bound to come.. we can smell the smoke burnin and it isn't long the flesh is screamin..
When we find ourselves in the Refiners Fire ...we're in a whole diferent pot of brew.. betta watch it, were cookin and the fires stewin. were up in our Father's kitchen rubbin  elbows with the best.. but don't think the back stabbing turn on us thing,  isn't workin..  as we'll sure find out if we miss our cuein.. we are on the wheel... the potters wheel and we flying fast  in a broth of cast.. so one better think when the fire starts.. who made the earth and the King of Hearts.. we will not be long on the path to Glory.. if our testimony isn't Heavens story.. So the saying goes,  if you can't take heat stay out of the kitchen and out of the way of the Glory burn.. For when He turns up the heat were soon gonna  learn.. we didn't start the fi ah..  Be careful what you pray for.. God sees it all.. and He doesn't like winkin at stinkin sinnin..He is a fuller's soap and a Refiners careful what you pray for.. today is the day of the Lord.. harden not your heart..
Come Holy Spirit, with your Holy Ghost Fire.. we need the Pentecost of Your Desire..
let truth come in and reign supreme.. we lay down the crowns,  earthly kings and queens.
Come Lord Jesus, King of Kings.. Let your strange act begin.. overturn, overturn again.. Use us..
JAldrich Poetry 2008 copyrights

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