Thursday, August 13, 2009


The photos you are seeing are really movies. I am trying to upload a ton of work. If the name is duplicated it should be one event. Thank you.

The photos of Youth Pride 2009 are to give a setting of the event. Youth Pride have no clue of what free speech means. They also have a strong distaste of being videotaped by Catch of the Day which they align with Mass Resistance. This year my camera sustained a blow when a youth suddenly threw her sweatshirt at it. Yes, it affected the camera. Yes it was an assault. But the organizers are in agreement with the action to throw stuff block cameras and do whatever they think is humorous and idiotic. I will proove my point here and in the accumulation of photos and video I will be uploading in the near future that will depict a pattern the past 6 years of deliberate free speech violations to the Constitution First Amendment for the Press and for any citizen in public places. Stay tuned.

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