Saturday, December 11, 2010

Shopping for Stories!

Yesterday, I spoke with a gentleman, that had gone shopping at Walmart. He shops Seabrook, NH and Portsmouth, all the time. He said two things. First, the two stores price the same object with different prices. So, beware if you return an item and the price is lower. Return to the store you purchased it from.
Second, he was shopping in the mens department. They had a display for Christmas. According to his statement, the display was a reindeer with a red nose in the shape of a penis. Did you see that?
I say let's all do ourselves a favor. Take a camera. Use your phone cameras. You can snap a picture anywhere the public goes. Yes, in a store it is ok. In this case no permission needed it is a display. In case, you offend someone, be careful.
I am on the look-out all the time. I watch everything. Get used to looking for stuff, when your out. Not that we are not being programmed by the MBTA or anything. But this is a quick story, the TV news would love to see.

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