Monday, December 13, 2010

Too Much to Upload!

I attended yesterday, the Tea Party Event at Fanuel Hall. The bottom floor was filled to the walls. The second floor was partially used. The entry was packed non stop. The tables of participants had books and materials and T Shirts to commemorate the Tea Party.

It was a lot of fun. I started on the second floor balcony. I can never find plugs in this place. I used up my battery and decided to go to the first floor during an intermission. In all I taped 5 hours. A lot of time to upload. 10 minutes uploading is 1 hour. You do the math.

I also covered the past month Chanuka at the Statehouse. The Judicial pick Committee Governors Council which was also 5 hours. I did a private video for a vocalist and all that and more is keeping be busy.

I also had a crash to the computer, a phone address book and yesterday I was watching the tube, and suddenly my TV went dead. I clicked back on and later realized my phone was dead. So I could not make some important calls. This morning same thing. I replugged the wi fi box and the phone came back on. We have so many power outages and now this. Comcast shot my phone is all I can say. No other electrical stuff went out. What would you think?

You can order any of the above on a dvd by sending a donation of 20.00 that would include postage.

thanks ja

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