Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Letter to John Mc Cain in response to the comment on theTeaPartyHobbits

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34B Rust
Dear Senator Mc Cain Please stop harrassing
the Tea Party Santorum and any normal person who supports life. Women who have
lost their sense of the purpose of life bearers and have decided to murder their
offspring are confused unhappy women. They need therapy and the hate monger
distracting women's libbers such as Hillary Clinton need no more explanations.
Stop harrassing the Conservative movers and shakers that are now rumbling in the
camp. Your abuse of power will not help. The Republican platform needs a new
fresh air to blow the doubleminded left wingers off the ramps. If they are so
independant then go to an Independant Platform. Stop including these rogue
Democrats Independants and empowering their destruction of America. This is not
going to help you in your reelection either. Your influence helped Scott Brown
and now look what is happening. He has no sense to stop his drag no pun intended
influence to the left and will find this comes back to bite him appropriately in
the ass. Wake up. Shut up. Let the Republicans have the clout they need to wipe
Obama out. He will laugh himself silly just as the old statement you cannot put
out a fire with fire. You are not fighting Obama you are fighting the takedown
of thee American Constitution. Wake up or shut up both need immediate
consideration. I consider your rubble conversation on the Tea Party the same as
my old Doctor calling the La Leche League the Utter Club. Get over it. Romney is
scared and rightfully so. There is an anthology of complaints on the bottom on
him. www.amycontrada.com, and you cannot go against the tide that is being
constructed to rebirth the American way. Please join the honest Republicans or
be removed by national nuisance grass root deployments. Fight the right thing
and get the guys or whatevers kicked out of the Army that put a gay flag up in
Afganistan in a country that will use that as a symbol of the Satan crowd
polluting the land. They have no right to put any flag on a military mission
that does damage to the cause and confuses the enemy over on principles of which
we stand and of which is Gods flag not the homosexuals as they stole the very
symbol that God judged them for in Noah's flood and claim it is their own. For
even the children had become corrupted and God had to wipe them out. This is
against nature and nature hates it. Get over it. You have lost your way and
publicly you are showing your true stripes which were the red white and blue. Do
you see how this has been a bug in the eye situation which aids the enemy? Get
over it and get back to the truth. The truth sets us free. The truth hung on the
TREE for you as well. Get over it. Stop harrassing true believers in
Christianity and get on the right side or you will be a ballotgonner next
election. I am waving bye bye now. Santorum is a true Republican Gingrich is not
and Paul is a Liberal who needs his own party. Romney hates press and will
disregard the Constitution he already proved it by allowing the Judicial system
to impound it in Boston. Wake up Shut up CatchoftheDay,VideoNews,
FreelanceReporting I do documentary footage for Press to use if they wish to
expound. I include myself in that. Support Transparency. Where are Romneys
emails? Support open meeting public record law! Get on the right page for this
generation. Janet Aldrich President Comflm Registry News a registry of
independant press whose influence helped the SJC to include new media in the
Court.July2012 this year. RINO's begone! A Rino will never beat Obama. You will
see this if you continue to block the people. LET THE PEOPLE VOTE comes back to
haunt Romney! I approve this message I want a real response not a computer
generated spy ware tap.

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