Wednesday, April 4, 2012

It is a new day in America isn't it!

We are on the cusp of something big. We have finally a Presidential Candidate that is a mature Christian and lives like one. This will take the media by storm. Let's see what our God can do.
We had John Kennedy. A Catholic who took the world by storm very young. Then his brothers tried to come up in the rear but they were no match for the enemy at large. I am sorry, but we see what sexual sin does now don't we.

Still, the country did not see what happened as they should have. A son was lost. A huge loss for everyone. We were on a new path and we are now on the other side. I was in my 20's when JFK was elected. Not old enough to vote but almost. I was in Copley Square when the news came down. It was so black that night. Newspaper guys still stood on corners yelling. I was in shock. The whole nation reeled.

I was just home from delivering my first child when the news came out that Bobby had been killed. I was in Sioux City Iowa on an airforce base. I was an officers wife. I was shocked again. I guess my own displaced suspicions started then with the Military and with the Democrats. I started hating them. But it was a different hate. I was a proud Democrat. I got involved in local Politics through a great lady who lived next door to me. She was my boss my mentor and my friend. I could see some things brewing in the Democratic party but it didn't hit me it was very widespread.

This person was a Socialist Democrat. I didn't think it was dangerous just stupid. I was surprised at her boldness to admit it. I was not a Socialist. I was raised Catholic in Catholic Schools. I attended public but hated them. I moved several times so had to relocate and when there was no Catholic school I had to attend the public schools. I had very conservative values.
But in 10 years I was in a divorce over religion really. I realized too late that religion was too much to sacrifice for money security or companionship. I wanted out.

Scripture states that if the unbelieving partner wants to stay so be it, but if they want out, let them go. He wanted out and left. I was not going to stop him. It was over.

So at this point , I had to give up any chance of Politics as the Democrats were moving left and I had to exit. It was not until 2003 that I had opportunity to return to the political scene. Life had tons of experiences to bring to the front and I had a new focus. I was going to report on this adventure. I had done some News stuff during my 10 years before the divorce. I headed to the Statehouse when I heard the talk on Gay Marriage was having some rallies. That put me dead center in the middle of the huge battle. I began my journey to discover that in Boston the Legislature is not under public record law. That one fact would trepardize me purposefully the next 8 years when I wanted to record the public hearings. I ignored them. I just taped and got over 500 public hearings under my belt. This was a nightmare and I was going to take them on.

Romney was Governor and then Patrick came later. I got them both on the hill. I know what Democrats are about and Rino Republicans. I watched them closely as they trepardized the public the Tea Party the Conservatives. I was shocked again daily. I could not believe we could have evolved so much that we now had Socialists in charge and Republicans who were not Conservatives. I could not understand what was going on. But I do now.

People you are going to have to recognize and have a few strokes falling over to grasp what the problem has become. We have not followed the Hill as we should. Public Record law must be back. Until that happens the Romneys of the world will continue to erase the emails and take all the records with them and who can stop them from stealing the public record? Wake up.

Rino's hate being called Rino's. Too bad. Democrats are now comfortable with being called Socialists. No shame just ok. Obama can admit he is a muslim and that will be ok too expecially when he brings 50 mil muslims in as legal immigrants. How many votes does he need?

He is a horrible example of why you need a 2nd generation American as President. Not a set up by an enemy country that can birth the leader and pay his way through Harvard to take us down.

This is a script that Orson Wells would love to put on screen. It's coming if we can survive.

So my advice? Vote Santorum. He is the man of the hour. His johnny come lately sneak attack on the Rino machine is all we need. Vote by helping on the phones. Don't wait until September. Help now. Show him you believe in him. Show God you believe he has given the USA a Candidate that will change the Socialist Adgenda to reck the constitution. That is the plan and now you have yours.

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