Sunday, November 11, 2012

November 11 2012 Post Election

I just spent 3 hours trying to retrieve my google password.  They like to have an email.  However, if you forget the password you then can't get the email in the gmail account. Duh.  And then they wanted to text me but there is no real way to just send a sentence.  I don't text.  So around we went until a friend called and getting over the frustration while pawing through tons of notes to myself and a good solid prayer I found it. 

It is now 1131pm.  I am a little tired and sore from being on the computer a lot.  I get really sore from the sitting.  I miss the route to the statehouse.  Tomorrow I will be heading to the Dr so will spend the day traveling.  On the bus the travel is tripple time and so my whole day will be one Dr appt.

Well, does it seem we went under somewhere?  Like underwater and we are swimming with our nose pinched?  I have not felt any air since Nov 6 election day.  Instead I have been watching the sky and the earthquake reports which seem to be sending a lot of signals.  It was suppose to be blue skies and 50 today.  I walked to Church at 10am and it was cold and cloudy sky filled with chemtrails and you could hear the planes above all night like tonight. 

I read my last report here and I was routing for Santorum.  It feels like a century.  I am in shell shock.  I never felt Romney would be able to pull it off.  The sting of the past 4 years of Republicans fighting over how much ground to give up was just too much for the Conservative backbone of the Party.  I got some feedback tonight that people just would not even hold signs for Romney. So we got what they stuffed down our throats.  After seeing him in campaign mode and at the Convention I sort of thought it might work.  But people are not sure of who he is.  I do think he was better than Obama and would not engage in the palestinian side of the middle east politics as Obama has.  That would have been comforting.  To instead be steadily giving aid and comfort to the enemy has not been easy to watch. 

However, 90percent black vote and 60percent latino for Obama shows exactly what I was able to film in 8 years on the polar shift on social issues .  The blacks just never showed up.  Like they just voted as a group Obama.  It was a vote by default for all the mandates their guy Obama has pushed through.  It is all sickening and openly a white hate attack in retro.  Even when he will pull them down with all in America the down fact just doesn't sink in as they seem to think they are down anyway. 

I have grown up in so many social changes it is amazing I can live through it.  I evolved from Democrat to Republican, Catholic to Protestant to Catholic et al.  I was LWV pro environment pro abortion in case of rape, to pro gun low taxes anti abortion noway nogay, anti military to promilitary, it just goes on and on and on.  I have seen slavery go come and go.  I have seen stories of what happened in my Dads time to 'colored" people to loving my Black friends and feeding off the Gospel teachings on the Holy Ghost.

I can never tell you however, I have ever seen the Church pray that their teachings would be allowed to be taught as I did today in the Catholic Mass. It was a disgusting revelation of how ignorant and hateful of religion this generation has become.  It made me sick and know that religion will be the strength and undoing of this great nation built by people of faith.  This is the generation that was prophesied about in Revelations.  They will not stand sound doctrine.  They will not be able to understand the significance to their own detriment and judgement.  It will permeate the earth in denial and persecution.  It is coming and it is here.  God save the Commonwealth of the United States.

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