Sunday, February 28, 2010

Respecting Our Veterans!

One of the things I like to cover is Veterans Events at the Statehouse. This day I was mortified to find the gateway to the event was the Bouden Street entrance where two Security Guards scan in my gear. This day one of the Guards was especially rude. The comment to me was "Where are you going? To the event for Veterans on second floor. Well I think that is all over , what I answer?? Just at that minute the music was heard on the entrance floor from the upstairs . I said, I think there is a few minutes left. The following videos are what I got. So you never know who will insult you or the Veterans in the Statehouse on the Hill. It never fails to amaze me how that goes. Who are these people that think they can harrass a mother of two veterans and a senior and a disabled senior who dedicates her time to taping the public record for free. I wanna tell you.

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