Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Time to catch up!

Well, December 21 I fell in Peabody, in front of District Court. I sustained a head eye injury that lasted until Jan 21 when I found that my Cousin had passed away. Today is Feb 2 2011 and I am finally feeling a little better to post some on my sites. I attended his funeral in Haverhill at the All Saints Church on Saturday. 6 Priests Con celebrated the Mass and one Brother gave a Eulogy after the Mass. The Burial was on Monday but by that time I was well into a Vertigo episode I get during the winter months.

I guess the stress was a little much and the news which I follow daily is getting a little much.

My Cousin was a Doctor of Music and played the Organ at many churches. The Winchester Congregational Choir sang and the Holy Cross Conductor led the music at the High Mass. It was wonderful. I recorded the music but did not want to offend my family and tape the event. I will put a special dvd together of the event. That will be a total learning curve event for me to do as I am not expert in Production Editing.

He was a very special guy and kept in touch with me during my sons tour in Iraq and Afganistan. He would show up and take me out to dinner on his way home from work. I miss him and called him in December, and he never let on he was sick. Can you believe that? He passed from pancreatic cancer in one month. His own life was impacted by a terrible tragedy when his oldest son a freshmen at Georgetown University was struck by a drunk driver on his first week home from school. He had a few friends over and was driving them home and returning to be hit and killed. This was a total mess and the Court Case is still being battered in the systemic mess of trying to let the kid off free. I think that paid it's toll on my Cousin and that he is with his dear son now and leaves 4 children in this passing.

This is a family of strong faith and conviction and I am sure they will survive this and be strong witnesses of the faith of their father in this generation. Well done Cousin, I wish you great peace and a covering prayer over your dear family.

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