Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Exhibitor at Convention Rates

50 Foster Street - Exhibitor Services
Worcester, MA 01608
P: (508) 929-0517 - F: (508) 929-0787 - dsaavedra@dcucenter.com
Mail/Fax/E-mail available up until 2 days before first move in day
All other orders must be hand delivered to the service desk on-site
Telephone Service Order Form
Event Name & Date Booth #
Firm Name Contact
Address Phone #
City, State Zip Email
Payment Notice - Advance Rates apply only to orders paid in full and received 15 days prior to the first scheduled move-in day. Standard Rates must be
paid on orders received less than 15 days prior to the first scheduled move-in day. Only credit cards, cashier checks, or certified checks will be accepted
with mail-in standard orders. Cash or credit card accepted with standard move-in orders. Make checks payable to: DCU Center
Payment Info - Payment must be in U.S. Funds (Please Check One)
Cash/Check # Visa MC Discover Amex
Credit / Debit Card # Exp. Date
Name on Card V-Code
Cardholder Billing Address
Authorized Signature
Locations and special instructions: (attach layout drawing if necessary):
Description Qty.
MA Sales
Tax 6.25%
Rate Total Qty.
MA Sales
Tax 6.25%
Rate Total Subtotal
A) Telephone Service
Dial 9 for outside service is in effect, including credit card service
Single Line Service $155.29 $9.71 $165.00 $186.35 $11.65 $198.00 $ -
Multi Line Service $155.29 $9.71 $165.00 $186.35 $11.65 $198.00 $ -
Single Line with Speakerphone $175.06 $10.94 $186.00 $203.29 $12.71 $216.00 $ - A) $ -
B) Telephone Rental
Telephone sets must be picked up at Service Desk.
Telephone Set Rental $23.53 $1.47 $25.00 $23.53 $1.47 $25.00 $ - B) $ -
C) Special Telephone Line Services
For installation charges of special lines, such as ISDN or other data lines, please contact Exhibitor Services for availability and charges. Rate
$ - C) $ -
D) Telephone Technician Labor - Above prices include bringing lines to the booth in the most convenient manner,
for wiring repairs, special cable runs, etc., please contact Exhibitor Services for labor charges and availability. Rate
$ - D) $ -
Revised August 2009
Please read attached important conditions and regulations.
Service Provided
Service Provided
Long Distance Service:
50 Foster Street, Worcester, MA 01608
1. ADVANCE ORDERS: To receive advance rate, orders must be received a minimum of 15 days prior to first scheduled move-in day.
d. No service will be installed until full payment is received.
a. Payment IN FULL, IN U.S. FUNDS must accompany service order form.
b. Date payment is received by the DCU Center will determine applicable rate.
c. All order form information must be completed in full for order to be processed. Incomplete order forms could result in processing
delay resulting in slow service installation.
(4) Standard connection is RJ-11C plug. (5) Dial 9 For Outside Service is in effect, including credit card service.
2. Single Line - Basic service includes one touch tone line installed in booth. Unlimited local calls within area calling zone are included.
3. Multi-Line Telephone Requirements - A multi-button, touch tone telephone set provides up to two individual lines. Individual line rates apply.
4. Specialized Data Services - If you require special conditioning, data jacks, (i.e., RJ 45S), or high speed dedicated circuits, you must contact Exhibitor
Services 15 days prior to installation date.
4. The exhibitor is responsible for all telephone equipment while in his/her possession. Equipment not returned or returned damaged will result in
forfeiture of deposit and/or increased charges to exhibitor.
Type of Service:
1. Please Note: (1) Telephone services PBX based. Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, and Speed Dialing are not available.
(2) Lines are suitable for dial up data transmission (3) We do not guarantee higher transmission speeds.
Service Installation And Equipment Use
2. Deposits for telephone sets and long distance service must be paid prior to issuance of telephone and activation of long distance service. Deposits for
telephone sets may be included with order but a completely processed and signed credit card form is required for long distance service.
3. The exhibitor is responsible for all telephone calls charged to their line.
e. Cancellations: Refunds will be computed as follows:
1. After service- NO REFUND
2. Before installation, but 6 days or less prior to first scheduled move-in day - 85% REFUND
3. Before installation and more than 6 days prior to first scheduled move-in day - FULL REFUND
3. 'Rates quoted for all connections cover only bringing of service to the booth in the most convenient manner as determined by the DCU Center and DO
NOT include connecting equipment to provided services. Special placement or relocation of service will result in a labor charge. Payment IN FULL
must be rendered for such services before the opening of event day.
Telephone Sets Supplied By Exhibitors Must be Touch Tone and meet FCC Regualtions.
2. Payment for Long Distance calls will be subtracted from credit card deposit. If additional money is owed, it must be paid prior to show close.
3. Exhibitors are responsible for all calls made on their assigned lines.
1. Direct Dial Long Distance calls billed on a per minute basis.
4. Long Distance calls and other services will be billed at the prevailing rate.
5. Phones are restricted from all 900 exchange calling.
5. All materials and equipment furnished by the DCU Center for this service order shall remain the property of the DCU Center and shall not be removed
from the DCU Center.
6. Claims will not be considered unless filed in writing by exhibitor prior to close of show.
7. Under no circumstances shall anyone other than DCU Center Technical Personnel make service connections.
8. Unless otherwise directed, DCU Center Technical Personnel are authorized to cut floor coverings to permit installation of service.
9. A labor charge will be assessed for relocating service after initial installation has been completed.

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