Wednesday, June 9, 2010

National Pride?? Month

Did you know President Obama has made June National Pride Month? That is a reference to the Gay Lesbian Straight Alliance, Don't Ask Don't Tell, Defense of Marriage Act DOMA Repeal he wants to take place, Youth Pride Week Boston this week. Parades are taking place this weekend on Saturday at noon. There is a schedule you can find on, June events to cover for exact times. Mostly, the Pride Brigade is a flaunting misrepresentation of the dislexic definition of pride versus shame. At one time in our history, this representation of pride was considered shameless behavior. So if you say shame less then they get it right.. but pride??

American pride is a long long long word. It is attained by the red streak through history. It is proclaimed on every Memorial Day, by thousands who visit graves and place a flag on a soldiers grave who died and added his blood to the long red streak through history. God Bless them for the pride they know and I believe in. They are our pride and joy, our true citizens of a higher order. The true politicians of Heavenly global surveilance and peace . They put their necks on the line for our great safety. Our borders protected by the great sea and the Sailors who spend their days defending our necks. They are our pride and joy. But Obama wants to replace the red white and blue with the Rainbow colored flag. He has to get unamimous consent of the army the navy and the airforce. And he thinks he can bypass that unity. I don't think so President Obama. You have got to be kidding.

Besides the Rainbow is a reference point to the wrath of God on a people that were messed up and gave no respect to the Jewish Noah. For a year he reminded them to come aboard and not be stubborn hearted and respect his personal faith and the messenger. They of course did not do that and we have the remarkable story of Noah and the remnant of the great boat on Mt Arafat to prove the truth. What was God mad at??

God decided he would not flood the world again. However, in Hebrews 12 of the New Testament there is a reference to the next rebuke. It will be a fire. So the wrath of God is real and the temptation to test Him is a foolish desire of the fool. Do not tempt the Lord of Hosts to rebuke you with a firey trial.

Sodom and Ghomorrah was burned, by the fire from heaven.. Lots wife turned to salt we still can visit. For the sins of Pride they were killed in a day. Do not tempt the Lord with this defiant ignorant flaunting of the very symbol of God resting from his anger .. and stir Him up. This is a great mockery of history. History wins. History always wins.

We the people do not support this mockery of morality and innocence. We do not respect the dyslexic defiance of double talk. We protect children we do not expose them to error confusion and lies. We put the Blood of the Lamb on our hearts and the angel of Death will pass by us. Will he pass by you?? That is the question. It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the Living God. For our God is a Consuming Fire.

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