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May 27, 2010

Contact: Larry Carpman
Lauren Malone

Massachusetts Democratic Party State Convention 2010
Press Information

The Massachusetts Democratic Party will host its annual convention on Friday, June 4th through Saturday, June 5th in Worcester.

The following is an outline of the schedule. More details will follow.


Pre-registration is required to receive media credentials. Requests should be sent to:
Anne Roach (anne@massdems.org) by Wednesday, June 2nd at 11am. Requests should include name and outlet for each credential.

Members of the press will not be admitted without credentials.

Media Check-in

Friday, June 4th- Doors open at 5pm
Convention convenes at 7pm
Press check-in opens at 5pm
closes at 7pm

Saturday, June 5th- Doors open at 8am
Convention convenes at 10am
Press check-in opens at 7:30am
closes at noon

Press entrance is located at Door 28 on Martin Luther King Boulevard.

Press Locations
Inside Arena
A press riser will be located on the floor of arena. The throw to the stage is 90 feet.
An audio feed of the productions will be available.
Area above section 122 is available for cutaways.
Cameras may also roam the floor within the arena.

Press Box
Press will have access to the luxury box located above section 122. There will be tables set up in section 231 to accommodate radio and lap tops. Wi-fi and video feed of the convention will be provided. A hard internet line may be purchased from the DCU Center. Light refreshments will be available.

Candidate Availability
Candidates will be available at scheduled times in Room F.

The press room will have wi-fi and a video feed. A hard internet line may be purchased from the DCU Center.

No backstage access will be allowed.

Internet and Other Operations
All electrical, internet and production needs must be submitted to George Sedares, DCU Center’s Director of Operations at gsedares@dcucenter.com. Required forms are attached.

-- Anne RoachCoordinated Campaign ManagerMassachusetts Democratic Party56 Roland Street, Suite 203Charlestown, MA 02129Phone: 617-776-2676Fax: 617-776-2579

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