Friday, June 11, 2010

June 10 2010 Scooter News, one Senior on Three Wheels!

J Aldrich, Catch of the Day, Video News, Freelance Reporting, Comflm Registry News, President, Reporter, Videographer, has a new Scooter.. Let's call it Citizen Journalism Scooter News!

From now on when there is some notice and planning the Scooter will assist J Aldrich capture events about town. She will be able to get to Town Meetings as well maybe in Hamilton along with food shopping and personal stuff like picking up heavy supplies at Staples.

J Aldrich has up to now been on foot using a pull bag on wheels. However, the seriousness of the osteo problem has been a great deficit in predicting whether she can physically operate on any given day.

On Thursday, she took a subway to Braintree to check out a Craigs list post for a scooter. YES! that will do fine, and was transported with scooter in truck to the Braintree T stop to take it home. Yes, it got her home all the way to Hamilton.

Yes, she scared a few people with the new driving, and herself, getting used to the thing. Pretty much the worst scarry thing I have done since the day of my wedding.. but much better outcome for sure. This morning a friend called worried sick that I was the one who had been injured on the trains tipping into the track. No it was not me, but I will be venturing out today to cover a story on the common and so please do not worry. I am very happy I made that choice to pick the thing up and get it home. I have been charging it all night and today after a quick jaunt to the store for coffee. This is a great surprise and welcome addition to my day.

I do not plan to use it every minute. I want to see how it operates as it is used and could have a major problem I have not seen. Safety is the issue here. But I love my new adventure a senior on three wheels.. Have a great day!

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