Friday, November 12, 2010


As I sit here in my home/office I am beseiged with complications. My yahoo has been compromised. My Google was also but it is fixed. I am in the process of trying to get Comcast to work sufficiently, my phone is being upgraded and I am suffering from Technical eye strain.

I was restricted from posting to Blip from June until last week. My camera suddenly absorbed 30 gigs of footage. My hard drive went blank, and three notable techies could not fix it. Then suddenly a Geek Desk at Best Buy in Worcester Geeky guy found my data and explained I may have a faulty cord. Oh well, 6 months of freeze my brain cells and I am back in business.

A shot of cortisone to my shoulder three weeks of R&R and my left arm is back like old days. 6 months of slumbering agony past, fears of home health aides messing up my place while recovery took place which would have been on many levels one ptsd of them gone like the morning mist and I am tired but eager to swing back into my media madness and post away.

My battle with cyber creeps continues and my job which I manufactured is before me like a mighty tundra of swallowing beasts. No I am not bored, just broke, using all my meager mentalities to stretch my supplies and genious to make something out of nothing happen. Not withstanding the 600 films on Blip now and the 13,000 views or the 3000 per month accumulating visitors to my comflm site and the poetry book that excites me with realities I lived. I press on and in and make press a story that has to be written on this TGIF in November.

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