Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Membership Reminder Notes to COMFLM,Rsm

I have a Membership to Beverly Access TV. Comflm Registry News, has 5 memberships to offer new members. You take the class at Beverly Access for the first year. After that you get your own membership.

Please consider joining Comflm Registry News Team in Massachusetts. This is a huge endeavor. You are Independant Contractors and can control your own Coverage. You control the Copyrights and the Membership is a group of Independant Reporters. No one is controlled by Comflm, Registry. However, COMFLM can limit membership if you are unwilling to have a CORI Criminal Backround Check done and kept up.

By Joining Zipcar, they get the CORI done by the Registry of Motor Vehicles. You get a rental care membership to rent a car for 10.00 per hour all inclusive, and cover some stories you don't want someone to follow you home with. They notify me if you join as well under Comflm.

This gets confusing to manage at my end, but it is simple to follow if you join and keep up the membership with Zipcar and Comflm, Registry .

You will get a Press Pass and be part of a new Membership in a Media Group in Massachusetts. We can lobby for bills as a group or petition and keep up with Media Laws being denied under First Amendment Protections.

I am hoping we can purchase Insurance as a group at sometime as well. This is not a Union.
email comflm@yahoo.com to join

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