Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Meeting Updates for November

Monday, November 22, 2010 I went to Boston. I could not move at 6AM, at 7AM, at 830AM, and finally at 1030AM I could get up. 8AM Mondays is going to be hard to do. Please get back to me if you can do later on Mondays for a Meetup.

I spent the weekend in my files. I need to do year end stuff. Like post the last years coverage on my website. I was not as energetic on Monday. I got news of the meeting at Suffolk Law late Sunday night. I posted it on my site. I went. I was not able to videograph the meeting. Suffolk Law was not videographing the meeting. However, I spoke to some people in charge, who now know what I do, and hopefully, they will ask me to cover next time.

I attended the Suffolk debate for State Treasurer. That was awesome. Lot's of cameras were there but I did not set up. I decided to just listen and take notes. Suffolk was taping on that one and it is on their site if you want to hunt it down. The Rappaport Center is part of Suffolk and I did not know that. I am going to speak to them soon about the CPPR Archive Project. It was a very important connect.

I attended the Bar Association vs DA offices. I was given Press Materials for them. I would love to attend Suffolk Law School. Of course that will not happen. I would love to attend Emerson as well. But maybe I can have some Students help. That would be a great happening if you ask me.

I have spent many years in school attending classes with no degrees. That is heartbreaking but reality. I just had too many obstacles get in the way. If they have a PSAT to pass a test, I might be able to do that and get a degree, but who knows. I don't know, but have been told, I am pretty smart as some Doctors. Hearsay is like perfume sometimes. I am not allergic to that kind of perfume yet.

Anyway, the meeting notes will come up on my website. I took lots of notes and an audio but my audio is only good for a cd not publishing. I will be checking on that sometime soon. It was awesome. The room at Suffolk on Tremont Street was packed. It had at least 250 Lawyers and some. Justice Greanery Moderated. He was great. I had not heard him before yesterday.
It was a heated exchange of accusatory rhetoric with explanations of why the Bar Association monies was not doing as much as the DA office vice versa. No Press attended that I saw other than reporters with pens I did not see. No interviews were held after.

I had just gotten my news business cards and so could pass a few out.

Please stay tuned for more description of this event on www.comflm.com

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