Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rino Dino Divide and Conquer still stands

Last Weekend I was a delagate in the Republican Convention. I was one of a few who represented Hamilton. I did not want to be a Delagate. I decided to oblige as it would be good to see what it felt like to be a Delagate in 2010. That meant I could not be press at least at the Voting day.

I asked for help with Comflm Registry News, and put out a call for coverage. After a week I had one response. A blogger who does freelance reporting. I was not going to cover the story.

I did bring my camera thinking I would cover the pre parties. But I was exhausted from the planning and travel and sat in the Hilton Garden lobby looking for some helpers to show up. After about 2 hours I realized there were shuttles and people were schlepping to each party spot and I should try. I got on a bus, loaded with cranky people steamy windows and sandwiched seating. I had a bag with my gear and it was a problem immediately. It did not fit down the isle someone said to me pick it up and hold it. I said I would not. It was raining buckets outside and my bag was soaked putting it on my lap would have drenched me.

I decided my gut feelings should lead me and got off. I went to a place called Citizens. It was loud with people and music I hated it. I said this is not going to happen. I headed out into the rain and decided to just find the Fifth Amendment. I had to walk about a block and there I was. I entered and pain ended. I found a musician on the first floor playing a Johnny Cash tune and I was hooked. It was up after that. I do not drink but after the whole thing ended I felt like I had been on a three day high the music was so great and I had so much good ole fun. Thanks Tea Party for that experience.

I later would find out to my demise the Republican Party had split into three parties. The Rinos the Assembly and the Log Cabins. I was not sure what was going on. But watching this I can say the Rinos are in charge. At least for the moment. I could feel the energy of the thing but could not discern it . I would have made my stand had I known prior to the whole charade.

I am a senior and a little slow. But so were a lot of other folk. No one knew really Senator Teisei was a Homosexual openly gay. I can tell you people are going to express this as election draws near. Necn expressed it quickly and asked Charlie Baker about his position which Charlie answered "I have never been know as a social conservative." I remember in the summer in West Newbury warning people they needed to be clear on social conscience issues and had I not heard him myself I would never have known because the word is mum.....mum...mum on these topics. It is a shunned topic at any gathering. You become the target of hate rhetoric and scorn to bring this up. Being able to identify yourself as a Republican Assembly member is a good way to avoid the problem. I am sure the elderly do not know this is the case and will be shocked to learn this over the summer. It will be a great stressor to see the Republicans have to admit they are loosing the way and the war by putting this in the face of Republican voters in November.

So make your choice and be sure you know where the person is on the other side of the Republican table. The first battle will be to gain the Republicans back to the center again and that is a very painful battle indeed.

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