Saturday, April 24, 2010

Military Watch

This link will take you to the story of a loss we suffered in Massachsuetts of a 20 year old National Guard Member by a suicide bomb inside a base in Afganistan. This troop just left in January and we have a first hit.

This link will take you to a Ft Cambell story of rising suicides in Military

What we have here is a strong argument to stop the recycling of troops and to send fresh recruits. We will have a mess on our hands if we don't and those suicides are on our hands for not implementing change when we see trouble brewing. Our best are only human. They cannot just become hired hitmen and women. They are living breathing Americans who know what it means to live in freedom and see the impoverishment of undemocracised nations. Socialism in modern terms and poverty of the people are inseparable monsters that are only addressed in a capitalistic government. So we just have to keep addressing this in this way and cause our young people to see this as just and we will stop the bashing of our military.

The case in point of a military dad who lost his son, teaching in a school where a creep kid decides to not pay homage to the American flag should be sent back to the country they came from. Sorry that is not unamerican it is american. Please do not politicize patriotism to death and make criminals of our soldier citizens who demand respect. Trash to that Connecticut Superintendant of schools. It is important to put Americans in these positions or suffer the consequence of sedition becoming law. This is treason at its best.

God bless our troops and those who on the homeland dare to speak up for our country.

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