Saturday, April 24, 2010

Two more 48 hour notice failures.

On Wednesday April 21 2010 a public Legislative Hearing Jt. Consumer Protection Commitee was scheduled. On the list of bills was a bill on S2346 a bill on automotive wholesale distributor manufacturer legislation that would increase the cost to consumer. The chairman asked both sides to talk to each other for two weeks and come back with a decision. The hearing was videotaped by Catch of the Day, Video News Freelance Reporting.

What was interesting here is S2346 was a late file bill. This was an automotive 360 line item bill . The bill never got on the public website until 3pm due to the efforts of JAldrich who called the Senate Clerks office on the matter. Of course the public notice law does not apply here so the staff have no incentive to post the matter appropriately. That was a direct violation of the 48 hour notice of any public hearing content.

The two days prior I had called the Clerk to ask where the bill was. It was not on the public site. I called the Senate office of Pacheco also and got his aide. I explained I watch the hearings the bills on the list and decide each time if I can cover the hearing. I had been sick a month now and feeling a little better decided to just make the effort. However, the aide said he would pdf the copy to me. Then the pdf would not open. A second pdf came and I was not able to get to it til after 5pm. When I tried to open it and copy it to the website it would not copy. I printed it out for myself. I then decided I was going in when I realized it was 350 items. Since that time my entire F disk has failed. Did that happen trying to work with this new system documents??

When I got there I passed through the gal at the entrance who started in with me.. do you have permission?????? I stated I had been in communication with the Committee. I just went in and set up. Then the House Aide decided to ask again. By this time my plugs were in my pole up and the camera was on top. I was getting irked. I made some comments do not mess with me today. I am not going to be harrassed for permission. I have spoken with the Senate office and will not be stopped. This is a public meeting, the press can tape. You have messed with me for 6 years. I am a disabled senior and a member of the press and you need to stop or I will go to Federal Court and file a complaint. I intend to go the AG as well. The Court Officer starts to stroll over and says you don't have to get so upset about this..we... and I say isn't that the point?? to get me upset or nervous. I want the disabled to have this information and this is a violation of my rights. I am recording you. Don't mess with me.

The members came in and I recorded. I told Pacheco about the harrassment. I also told Polito about the harrassment. The next day I went to the AG office as the hearing ended early and I had time and submitted a tape for their inspection. The intake person was very nice.

You have to understand that this harrassment has gone along for 6 years and has been relentless. This is a direct assault on my person for my right to access and record a public meeting. This was not closed to press. No notice was on the door closed to press.

They use public funds and this is a public meeting. I can go to Federal Court with this and will win. When is the question. When.

On Thursday Revenue Committee had a Public Hearing. The notice showed up on the public website on Wednesday. One of the bills was on the initiative petition process for alcolohic sales tax. I wanted to document the disparity of the issues as I have taped many other petition hearings where the Committee grilled the participants . This group stated they had collected many signatures. I did not see any pile of papers in the meeting.

This was postponed from the week before. The parties could not all make it. One had a prior committment. I have no idea how many that impacted in coming. The numbers were extremely small for Gardner Auditorium and should have filled the room. The house Chair was shocked.
This was also videotaped by Catch of the Day VideoNews.

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