Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Comflm Registry News on the Move

Tomorrow, Wednesday April 7 2010 Comflm Registry News is on the move. In Cambridge Court there is a case I will be attending and monotoring. But Hector Montalvo of Methuen has asked to tape but was denied. Hector is a member of Comflm, Registry. Hector is interested in watchdogging Family Probate Court. He has been on their case for a year and together we have been trying to get the Court to work with us. Hector has been given permission to ask permission to tape.

The Court has allowed a member of Comflm Registry to request to tape the Courts. This may seem a little much but what is going on is the Courts are stretching their limits and giving some credibility to Independant Media in Massachusetts. I have been taking hits for 6 years on my credibility at the Legislative level and now Hector is embarking on the Court setting.

What people do not understand is that there must be a way to Identify Press other than being a paid member of a Press outlet. Ben Franklin was a Newspaper Owner and the sole employee of his paper. We are a nation of Independant thinkers and shakers. We must remain that way.

So my efforts are not to see the Press Regulated but the opportunities that are American in nature preserved in their integrity. As long as someone is willing to be screened for safety precautions they should not be hindered from operating in a Professional manner. But the Id system is not up to the level it needs to be either. Some have an outdated seal from the State Police on their badges. Independant Media do not. This puts unnecessary unconstitutional barriers in place to impede Independant Media at entry. We are working on this to help develop a new way of Identification so that we can be treated respectfully as the Press we are.

So watch tomorrow for there are two cases .. one in Cambridge Probate and one in Suffolk that were requests by Hector Montalvo to the Magistrates. Only one was willing to be videotaped.

Please stand by for tomorrows post on this one. And come in and find us and watch the case.
978 388 2457 for details tomorrow on the location.

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