Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Back to Business

Well, today I attempted to get off to the Statehouse but things got busy and here I am. So I decided to just start by posting my latest Statehouse News on the Daily Catch.

Today, there is a Municipalities and Regional Government Public Hearing and also a Transportation Public Hearing going on. So I decided to check in on the Mass Gov Site and see if they had posted it. Nope! Well I usually go to the phone and start calling the Senate Clerk officed and the House Clerk office but today I am doing something different. I am posting the notice here as a record that the Clerks failed to post a 48 hour public hearing notice.

This was given to the Statehouse News a subscription only News Agency but not to the public.

At any point 3 citizens need to complain to the Attorney Generals office that this was not done and a violation process can be started of the public notice law .

I will investigate my role here but I did call Fox News Desk and tell them. I want every news outlet furious with the Statehouse. This is a violence against the public trust. The bill today is very controversial on texting while driving. If you ask the Clerks offices they will tell you there are no more public hearings but that is a lie. From now until November there will be public hearings on the bills that are still being evaluated.

Each week I watchdog the public hearings on Beacon Hill. I have tried to gingerly get the schedules out of the Committee hands and watch the two windows on Mondays and Fridays. What took place a few months back shocked me to the core. I decided to complain in Galvins office about the dark corner the Senate Clerks window is in. They stated the Committees do not have to post the notices. What ???????? Two attorneys came out and explained while my blood fell to my feet that they do not have to follow the 48 hour notice and do not even have to post a notice or let the public know anything. They can have meetings up the ying yang and no one has to know. So end of story. Stop the madness. Ask you Reps and Senators if they want to be reelected in Massachusetts. Tell them to put themselves under the public record law and open transparent public meeting law. They took themselves off of in the 80's. Stop the madness.

Were all cooked if we do not react to this information. Might as well put flowers on your head your one of the walking dead in my book. It has taken me 6 years of diligence and persistance to see the light on this matter. Questions gallore this is the fact nothing but the facts.

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