Sunday, May 30, 2010

Pro Se Litigant Citizen

Why Bother! Why Enter! Why Cry at All! Why!

Speak out. Free speech is very important to the American System for without it we cannot conduct business affairs.

Of course it is up to man to watch itself, to police itself but when free speech dies,
America will have finally numbed itself into powerlessness. This is so important to society at large that on a miniscule scale, acting out is the result of suppression of free speech. The active suppression of truth in unrighteousness scripture defines it. Discerned and defined by the world experts as suppression and passive aggressive behavior.

How to defend, is the issue here. Defend your point! your child! your job! How to
defend? In matters of Judicial and Political consequences, Economic and Psycological consequences with free speech in place while understanding all implications free speech entails is of utmost necessity.

When anything is allowed, it is hard to speak into ones understanding absolutes. Liberal philosophies simply reject consequential rigidity and absolutes. Yet, how patient is truth. I believe the true patience of truth is endless persuasion and relentless ultimate passion, Fixated on itself, truth needs no defense, has no conditions, no pleading, it remembers fact, and factual conclusion. A meditation on truth is well deserved and preliminary to any wise practice.

One Country under God, means fear God and enter Wisdom. The fool hath said in his heart there is no God. A foolish person, a foolish process, a foolish country, a foolish nation, is a nation that says in it’s heart, there is no God. No God, no Wisdom, no Righteous leaders and NO BLESSING!


That my friends, is consequential persuasion!

How many years will it take to reveal that too many people have died? Too many mouths have been shut? Too many dreams have been crushed? Too many hopes have been lost??

Oh man, remember thy Creator and open thy mouth and acknowledge the True Benefactor and FEAR GOD! not man, and truth will emerge again, little by little, relentless truth will emerge as the Blade of Grass.

Be not afraid of man who fades as the grass, Fear Him, who made Heaven and Earth and has the power to grant eternal life. Faith is the ultimate consequence of achieving truth. For the Truth shall make you Free, for without Truth freedom is suppressed and no government is really governable. The consequence of this suppression causes deep seeds of anarchy to emerge in order to allow the relentless Blade of Grass to fulfill itself and conquer.

May God cause Truth to undermine the workers of iniquity that continually work in every generation to enslave mankind in darkness and pain. May He empower His Righteous brood to defeat this present danger now. May He begin His great beginning, and conquer! Come quickly Holy Peace! Please Come Reclaim Your Land! Please God!

written in 1991, by JC-SAldrich Wellesley Square

Pro Se Litigant Citizen!

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