Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Power of One

I am frustrated today. I have a hard drive problem. I was feeling very bogged down in this project and the thought came to me around 3pm. The power of one. I started to think about people who were alone but successful in some goal. I guess I got off the pity pot and back on track. I started to think about the times I walk into a meeting and the place stops a minute.
The security check glances tick away. The ones in charge want to know what I am up to.
That is the power of one. This reflection gave me new strength. I got back my zeal. I am a power to reckon with. Whether I am breaking the norm or just blogging online. I am the difference. I am a wave maker. This is not some trumpt up speech it is real.

We must feel the power of one. In this day and age the norm is to blackmail you to be the same.
You are ridiculed for an oppinion and you put yourself in great danger of being radicalized.
What I am going to concentrate on is the individual dream that must be expressed. We may have the answer to some great problem. If we can be neutered or homogenized we can be destroyed as well. America is a populace of individual genious. We must take our ideas seriously and demand the possibility of one voice for sanity. Be what you dream you are and do not let detractors have their day. I stand in opposition to the insanity of control and regulatory power and break through the facade to shine a spotlight into the issues where the power of one will change the outcome.

Will you join me on the battlefield. Day by day bringing change to the meeting room? Will you join me in the battle for truth and open government, and full disclosure? You can be doing what i am doing. Be media where you are. In the old days when I was in my twenties, you could become a reporter by submitting articles and if you got published you were on the road to recognition. Today the opportunity is immeasurable. You can invest in a camcorder, some supplies and start out, publish your works on a blog like this one, publish online video and wait for the media to find you. You can also pick a topic and selectively cover issues.

I am hoping by now you are getting the point. Take yourself seriously. You are a power to be reckoned with. Enter the battle. Be a Reporter, on the scene, in your town. Come to the Statehouse and take the ground one meeting at a time. Post the footage online on Blip and begin to see the full extent of the power that this can have.

If every time I enter the fray, I am harrassed doesn't that say something? I must be a power of one to be reckoned with. I am on the cutting edge of new media. You can be too. Please join us as we remake America in the digital age. Be the power you are and help.

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