Sunday, May 30, 2010

Hack Attacks a Month Already

Every year, I sustain relentless attacks on my computer. I have been getting better at the offense and so this year it was a little more than I could stand when it started. First the Hard Drive an external drive, then the web site, then the email and it is still going on but I am almost there. It is just never ending.

I hope you understand if you are called to be a reporter like me you will be attacked. Never think for a moment you are safe. If you are relentless at reporting the hackers will be relentless with you. Thank God has been safe. But the hackers have found a way to get into the site to prevent me from posting.

Are you getting emails that are from Yahoo?? saying you need to give them your birth date??
Well, that is a hack attack.

In fact a hack attack is like a case of cyber hiccups when it starts. Please email your remedys to the problem and we can share off line and build a network arsenal to take em down.


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