Sunday, May 30, 2010

Is America a Christian Nation?

A poem to call the Politicians to Prayer..

Prophetic Political Poetic Word to Massachusetts! 2007 JC-SAldrich

Arise oh mighty warriors,
assemble at the bench.
the Lord is coming soon,
to judge the wicked.

Oh, won’t you make your mind up,
Saddle up the horses,
Gird your loins,
and join the forces.

Arm yourselves in prayer,
weapons for our warfare.
Make your choices,
see the vision is nearer than the voices.

Pestilence hearses, carrying the wounded,
fallen from deaths arrows.
It’s time to pick our places,
saving souls, familiar faces.

Have we fallen in paralysis?
Wake up, it is not the time to stricture Graces.

Prayer warriors, Levites, lean on His Mercy Gates.
Politicians heed the Prophet,
Bend in submission, to the
eternal mandates.

God save the Commonwealth of Massachusetts!

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