Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Connecting the Dots

What do you think about the New York plot?

I am going to tell you that I have been watching on many fronts. I search the internet for stories, watch the tube, and always have my eyes and ears open for the story within the story.

I get emails from a Reporter in Jerusalem. I will say that I believe him but have seen the truth that he is not regarded with any certainty as other Conservative Reporters are. He stated in January that the Terrorists are planning a lot of activity in the USA this spring. I think it has been happening. From the Army attack in Texas to the incident in New York, the clock is ticking on the wall. We are asleep. We have been protected in some respect but we must wake up to the reality this is happening. They have nothing to loose. We are the loosers.

I posted his reports and who knows if any of these reports got to the right people. I noticed that same morning there was a building blown up in Philadelphia. I think that was part of this. I don't know it for sure but it seems like a tactic that could have been used to distract people from a New York incident the same day. No one was caught and the details were not released.

Today another plane incident in Texas was reported as well. Wake up America! Wake up!
www.comflm.com, I have posted links to the story front page.

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