Saturday, March 27, 2010

Time out for Family

The next week is Passover, and then Easter.. I will be trying to catch up on backlog of my footage, put my business presentation together of costs for the past 3 years. I apologize to anyone that is expecting more from this site. I am uploading a lot of coverage on on the Health Care Progress to oblivion. For the past month I have been under continuous physical stress. I have an osteo disablility and spring is not my best time of year. I have vertigo today if anyone understands that phenomenum. It happens every year in spring and fall. I duck going in and outside if you can imagine. I am a very cultured pearl of a girl and need a lot of special care.

This is usually misunderstood by many as my appearance is fine for my age I just suffer non stop stuff that is only hard when I cannot get relief quick. All fall I had vertigo and it left for the Christmas season and then came back this week.

So please watch my sites and see what I post but this one may be ignored.

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