Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Typo errors of 2011

Just a short note to all the English majors of this generation. Think about the level of education most people graduate with when leaving HS. Now add the web. What we have is a new level of writing skills that will have to be educated online proof reading techies needed.

I have a problem with dyslexia. I have only noticed the problem as I have been working so hard to publish tons of websites. I get going so fast and it is necessary to post and get going sometimes. I do not have the time to back track and fix them. I don't like spell check as it does not have a great vocabulary level. It superimposes a language and selection that drives me nuts.

So we are all watching a visible witness of our educational skills being flashed to the world. So be patient. If we can come up with so much technology soon there will be a software to ease your sentence struck eyes and we all will look poifect.

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