Tuesday, February 8, 2011

More Tidbits on Beacon Hill Beat 2011

I forgot to mention my last thing which I like to do before leaving the building. I went to the 3rd floor and checked the Senate Clerks window. That is where any public hearings are posted. If under the open meeting law requirements 48 hour notice is proper to post a meeting coming up. Just to my thinking the window had some December notices up. It is February isn't it.

I have a new computer, a Lenovo. I like it very much except for the location of the pad. It sits right under your thumb joint and is frequently hit and either threatens to erase my whole work or adds something else to the story. I am working on my own solution.

I have verisign also which I hate. So I made a flap for the face recognition and can put it up if I want to use the webcam. I may tote my other webcam attachment and have video both ways, but I only have my view on this computer.

I can use the laptop while I am uploading on the desktop. I am watching a film and typing this post. You can order any video I do for around 20.00 dollars plus postage and sometimes incl.

I have set up so many websites I found a blog today I set up for the CPPR Archive Project. Please stay tuned and donate to this effort to get Boston Beacon Hill back under the Public Record Law.

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