Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Last Stop in My Senators Office 20711

Each time I am at the Statehouse, I try to keep up with some office on some subject I am interested in. Last week it was the bill co signers project. This week it is the full printout
of the bills filed this session.

Senator Bruce Tarr, has been promoted to Senate Minority Leader. He is a great hard working guy. However, he loves to stay a good distance to me. I think it is because I definitely talk too much. But I have a lot to say. Oh well, I need someone who can talk join this cause. I can but I am a little much I say even myself. Just getting my Constitution.

I was wanting a copy of all the bills he has filed. I want a hard copy. I tried to get the SJC ruling of just the rule 119 and hp decided to print out 200 pages of all the rules before I was able to catch it. That is enough. The system the new system at the statehouse has been being implemented since last year. None of the dockets are with the full bill. Only the titles are posting. You cannot even hit a link in the title to get the wording. No one is happy, trust me.

Staff told me Sen Tarr has all his bills with him. So he does not have a copy at the office? Why would he walk around with the only copy? Something is fishy here, says Catch of the Day.

I then say he only filed 8 bills. What? He has filed a hundred bills at least. They are not on the docket page I say. Well, they probably don't have them up yet? Ok, now we are talking, this is where the public record law hits the fan. They have no protocol, no obligations, no 48 hour rules, no rules apply and no citizens catch on except me. I am on their case.

Please stay tuned. Have I got your ears buzzing yet?

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