Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Beacon Hill Beat Starts Up

On February 7 2011 I went to the Statehouse to capture two public events. I took the train in at 1125am and arrived around 1215pm at North Station. I decided to walk to the Statehouse as the weather was about 40 degrees and the sun was out. I have been couped us since Dec when I fell, and the fresh air was inviting. I was not sure how I would hold up but I made it with one sit down on the SJC hill. I needed to stop at the Citizens bank on Cambridge Street and get some cash. When I arrived and went through the scanner the guards were chuckling as I looked back. I went to the 4th floor and picked up a Statehouse News sheet, in case there was a surprise event added to the list in one 24 hour period. I looked at my time and it was too close to ignore a 1pm event. Act Fresh Campaign, where the US Sec for Health and our Sec of Human Services were attending and speaking. Sen Fargo, Lincoln, was absent. Rep Sanchez Co Chairs on Public Health and Sen Mc Gee would also speak. I was entering a room already full to the hall way near the Senators Balcony. A Guard was at the door monitoring the straglers to not enter. We eye spoke and I entered going to the far side to set up. I was not going to be able to leave if this went over 330 my next assignment. I was looking for the metal plate to plug in and went to the center where another News outlet was standing set up on battery. They did not know anything, of course and were the usual unhelpful or sympathetic to my request. I did not want to drag a wire across sitting folk and so went back to find the plugs.
Up against the wall under bags was the plug.

I set up quickly, as I was afraid this would start and I would be late. I like to have the whole thing when I tape. Of course I had some trouble with the camera. The date would not disappear and was the wrong time. I could not fix it at all. It was on the film the whole time.
Did I say I hate technology yet?

The film always is different from what is on the window. I did not get stressed. I just got the information and that was that. It was roasting in this room. In winter we roast, and in summer we either roast or freeze. I think all flues start on Beacon Hill.

The event was over in about an hour and I was able to stop at the coffee shop. After listening to healthy foods and not wanting to spend money in that wicked coffee shop I asked for a peanut butter sandwich. I did not notice the stuff being thrown into a bag. I got to my table outside and was appauled. They had thrown the bread in plastic the peanut butter in cup and jelly was the cheapest brand of jelly, two packs. I went back in and asked if they would just make it with jar jelly. They had none. I showed them my wrist brace and still that had no effect. I went back out and struggled with the crappy white bread which I asked for from cotton land and the hard as nails peanut butter stored in frig and made my sandwich with about 6 jelly packs. It was almost good and held me over to get home along with some chips and mint candies I got as well and some fruit juice.

It was now time to go to Rm 437 330pm where I ran into the House Broadcast team setting up a new miked setup for the meeting Feb 8. I set up and waited for the meeting to start. A great difference from the first meeting which was packed. This one had about 25 people if that.
This meeting was over in an hour the most. The Executive Office of Administration and Finance was holding the Public Hearing on the amount of money the State is allowed to loan to private developers for projects that benefit public purposes, mainly housing, on this day.

For the record, when I tape I give a pro bono copy to the Chair of the Hearing and they are allowed to duplicate it for their use. I also when able post to http://www.comflmregistrynews.blip.tv/,
and will be using the tags CRNews from now on to reference COMFLM (Commonwealth of Massachusetts Freelance Media ) Registry News.

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