Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Bill filing time again

Well, let's say the bills are in the wind and the time to sign on is upon us. Friday Feb 4 is the deadline to sign on. That means you need to ask you Legislators to do that.

H833 is a bill filed by my Rep. Brad Hill and co signed by my Sen. Bruce Tarr. I was in to push the deal on bill filing day Jan 16 2011. Of course the pressure comes back on you when you have been sick a month. Read my last post. I could barely get in there. And the SJC was also in the wind for Rule 1:19 which I am sure most of you could care less about. I care however, as I am pushing the envelope to get all Gov under the public record law once and for all.

If you support H 833 we can get the Statehouse under that and keep the pressure on for the Courts. Do you know a Lawyer paid 50,000 dollars to get his own court records from the Court?

What are we going to pay? Maybe the cost is to keep the information tied up.

And the docket list is all that is public at the moment. I cannot find the bill online even today Feb 3 2011. What a mess we have at the State level. Can you believe the same people got back in that have been controlling this for 30 years? I can't. Brad Hill's office gave me the number not the bill copy. I am going to add DMD behind my name from here on.

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