Sunday, March 14, 2010

St. Patricks Parade

Well, a day of Rhino's along Parade Route in Southie exposes more of the true Scott Brown as Scott Brown announces his protest to march because the gays cannot march. Oh well, seems like someone is in amnesia mode. Does he think this will add to his popularity? Like the surprise jobs vote that infuriated hundreds of voters across Massachusetts??? Scott has some waking up coming his way. He will not get a re election vote which could have been a slipin like he had never seen. But his two immediate throw backs of mis-representation will come back to bite him watch and see.

Personally, I am totally frustrated by this move. I support military and the fact he will have such influence in Washington was a major reason for my support of Scott Brown. But this irratic vote/ behavior has stopped me from any further support of this person. From now on he is just like any of the rest maybe a little less dangerous but still a mole in the hole.

Frankly, the whole Parade and dinner should stop as far as I am concerned altogether. When they start the razzing the whole thing is brutally rude. I do not think the humor is humor at all and detracts from genuine Irish humor which I am familiar with. Time to disengage the disingenious and the fool who thinks they can be Irish. The Irish gift of humor is just that a gift. I have known people who have it and it is a pleasure and not a rude dig that takes a punch at enemies and calls it fun. Then plots all year to get back at them.

Romney thinks he did this he did not! He did not win a seat for Scott Brown. The people won it. And Scott can thank Romney for helping but he was very selective in letting people help and letting people be involved in order to protect his Rhino image and get the Rhino vote which is to destroy the Republican party . I am sorry if people do not understand the Republican party is a Conservative party. Anything short of that is a lie and a facade. Get over it.

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