Sunday, March 7, 2010

March Winds of Change on Beacon Hill

Well, it is March already, and we have seen the winds of change blowing hard on Beacon Hill. This week of March 7, we will see the battle for the Bully on the Senate Floor. Tuesday and Thursday will be the important days to watch. Please visit my site to find out lots of links to our Statehouse and to Washington DC Statehouse.

I am personally, conscerned for Free Speech. In the bill being presented the corrected speech will be directly affected in writings on line and also at school. This will be the first time we will see an active effort to dampen normal talk. Talk that is tough from kids will be seen as inappropriate. Some think this will bring kids to feel like woosies. Radicalize courage and promote wimps. If you want a little scripture lesson here I say the proverbs state.. and to those who ordereth their conversation aright I will show the Salvation of God. We have abandoned Scripture and yet the law shall force those who know not scriptures to shut up?? We will see!
Make room for many in the prisons.. strange bedfolk coming!

I have seen the problem for years in the public school arena. They simply put up with everything and now it is coming back to haunt them. We are living in the age of consequence.
We get truth or consequence. This is consequence. Ignore a problem long enough and you will have to legislate it. Public school bullies have existed since time. I do not see a correctness of judgement here, but we will all feel their pain for sure. But more than everything we are all in the arena of what is going on in the schools. And it is all about the homosexual student. They want to be gay in school. They don't care whom they hurt in bathrooms or whereever.. they have now become the norm. Please check out, their blog.. much to do about everything here spoken!

And if you have an oppinion this week is the week to make it known.. like the wedding.. if not you shall forever hold your peace!

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