Sunday, March 14, 2010

What is Court to You????

I have been pondering on Court. Court is a symbol of our law. As a citizen we see court as a place we do not want to end up in. But in life we find we are in Court at times. Things happen, like a drivers ticket we need to fight to an Accident or maybe a bill we cannot pay or a landlord we file reports on. We can be on either side of the fence but Court is a symbol of our law that can get up inour faces when we look really close.

I have a beef with the Cori System. That system is running lots of people into serious trouble. Employers can see the Cori Report and they look for weird stuff that has no relevance to them but it can look bad for you if you want to get a job. So I have a beef with the Cori system.

However, with the television Court room as an option for people to rag on themselves and get some popularity perks they are making a mockery of the Court System. Some people never see Court and that is the only way they can see a Court room. That is a bogus Court Room and makes the system look really bad.

There are even Mediation Lawyers who Mediate with cases like a Judge. That is not Court either but they help to reach agreement without going to Court. I di d that once. It worked.

But the Court System is very important. It is the last straw when people fail to solve a problem. As a Reporter the Court System needs to know you are going to record represent them accurately. The Court System can be sued also. They need to protect their own turf. But the Court System in Massachusetts is not under open meeting law. So the people need Lawyers to get the records. And if you submit things yourself in Pro Se Litigation you always keep a copy and you get the records as both parties are entitled to records. My point here is that Courts have a prestige and a respect. Even if they are corrupt the System is isolated from the corruption unless the laws become corrupted and Judges allow that corruption to sneak in to the case. To remedy this delemna it would be a wise thing to discuss this openly with invested people.

As a Reporter who wishes that all Courts allow Reporters to cover the cases I am concerned the decorum of Court is understood by Reporters wishing to record. And also Court Reporters have a vested interest in the Court Decorum Process as well. It would be a good thing that both News Reporters and Court Reporters have some meetings together. What would the standards be that should be set in order to have a protocol that is universally understood by both and accepted by the Court Magistrates in a given situation. One that would help predict ahead that the case involved would be a certain case that would be allowed taping and one that would be considered private. This is a big discussion and I am attempting to make this happen as a Registry in Massachusetts wishings to develop a pass for all Media that is accepted by the Legislature and the Courts and all State Buildings. I am attempting to build that bridge and it will take time but this is a goal I am working on.

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