Sunday, March 7, 2010

Whose Side Are You On??

For the past 7 years I have tried to pick up the slack the News Teams miss. I wanted to record and keep the information so I could write. But then people asked me, "Did you get that story? can I have a Copy of your video? Of course. I did not think of myself as a Reporter at first. I was going to do a documentary on the topics being addressed. Press was simply not covering topics comprehensively, for me. I decided to do my documentary on them. So, I buddied up with them and captured them doing their interviews. I let them have the full space and made room so that I could get them as well. This is my style and has continued in all my video's.

I want the whole story. The whole story is what get's reported and what is actually happening. This past week I was taping in Veterans Hearing in B1. Next door at 1pm B2 a Press Conference was about to take place on the Bully bill. I went in and asked the Media, " can you guys get this whole conference and put up a C Span shot so the public can see the entire thing? I felt it would only be about 15 minutes and it would be fun to know what was happening. NO Was the answer. We have COPYRIGHTS to worry about. What?? you have the copyright it is your work! So I looked at them furious shocked and went and yanked my camera from the other meeting. I taped the whole Press Conference which was 28 minutes and it is up on Blip now.,
I felt the media was wrong to not be willing to put the entire message up. You must see the facts here. I felt the media was deliberately hiding the truth and I did not want that to be hidden. I got in the line up and my little spit ball camera got the whole thing, next to their huge cameras. I love what I do I really do. It is so much fun. I want CSpan in Boston. Get on board with me.

I am labeled as being with certain groups. I am simply capturing events that only one side up to now capture. I let the public see the whole thing. It is consuming and tedious. But I do not edit. I do not even title because my program is so hard it is impossible to do it all. Blip gives me a way to upload and log my own name on the video. That is what I do to show ownership.

I want all sides to be known. I do not cover really gross things. If the public is invited I cover an event. IF not I don't. I am a Reporter who votes that is all that is needed. I am not an automoton that is worried my boss will fire me. I do not get paid. I maybe some day will be paid but not at the moment. I want to write some books. Who knows if that will ever happen.
Whose side are you on? I am a Republican, on town committee, and yes I follow Republican stories.

Repubicans in Massachusetts are a rarety.. That makes my stories worth more.. doesn't it?

I believe all should get the coverage they need to make our system work. I guess that makes me a slacker Just taking up the slack!

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